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Download Crowd City MOD APK (Skins Unlocked). Do you want to be the most popular person in Crowd City? Travel through different crowd levels by running into others

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Crowd City


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Download Crowd City MOD APK (Skins Unlocked). Do you want to be the most popular person in Crowd City? Travel through different crowd levels by running into others

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Do you want to be the most popular person in Crowd City? Download Crowd City Mod APK for Android and experience the unique gameplay. Travel through different crowd levels by running into others, but make sure it's not your own crowd! The more people you have following you, the better. This is a fun game that will keep you entertained for hours on end!

About Crowd City

Make the biggest crowd

The city you call home is a bustling metropolis with many people moving in. All of them are preoccupied with their jobs. Your duty is to lead a group of individuals and urge them to join by approaching them for a time.


crowd city game is a competitive game similar to Crowd City. In a match, you and nine other players lead a group of people (each having their own distinct hues). Each match lasts two minutes, at which time the group with the higher amount of members wins. People who are not interested in any groups are on the road in white colored clothes, so start by attracting these individuals instead of attacking other groups.

Wait! I didn't say attack, did I? In Crowd City, attacking wasn't a fight or anything violent. Approach other team members and you might be able to attract them. However, be cautious because if they have bigger members than you, they could “swallow” your people and your game will come to an end. If you move carefully enough, you may “steal” some of their members; but I don't think this is a good idea.

Simple control

The control of Voodoo games is uncomplicated and typically straightforward, as is the case with Crowd City. Players frequently describe their game as simple to play, appealing, and intriguing. In this game, you must maneuver the crowd in a clever manner to attract as many people as possible. If other players are quicker, they will draw individuals from the street away from you; thus, your crowd cannot grow.


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The greatest method to capture all of the other groups' members is to isolate them so that they are hard-pressed to do so. Keep in mind that you are the undisputed champion when your numbers increase.

Get top 1 and earn stars

This game is played all over the world. Each time you dominate all of your opponents and top the rankings, you will earn a lot of stars. When you begin the game, there will be a star for you to purchase more participants. The greater the number of people, the better positioned you are against your rivals.


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Simple graphics

Cities in Crowd City are created with 3D graphics. The resemblance between reality and the game is striking, especially when it comes to trees, houses, and other features. Humans in the game, on the other hand, seem quite different from humans in reality. Everyone appears to be identical; only their colors differ. Furthermore, the music adds to the excitement of the game.

How to play Crowd City

There are just a few basic rules to follow while playing this game in order for your crowd to trampling, not be trampled. Here are some helpful hints and tactics to guarantee that you win in this game.

In the beginning, avoid large crowds

There are other gamers waiting in the wings who will already have huge groups of people milling about the city – stay away from them! You'll only have one individual in your crowd when you begin the game. The aim is to attract more individuals to join you as you run around town. But be careful not to flee from larger crowds, or players will likely pursue you and break up your group, making you easier to take out.

Hunt the small crowds

After you've built up some momentum, you'll want to start eating into other crowds. Around 35 people should be enough. There may not be much immediate advantage to eliminating other players now, but you'll thank yourself later when those players can't compete against you for the top position because they won't be able to compete with you for the top position.

Just tap

In most .io games, you must keep your finger on the screen in order to move. Fortunately, this isn't the case with Crowd City; while many players don't realize it until much later. Simply touch the screen to cause your crowd to move in a desired direction, and then swipe in any other direction you want to go.

No need to kill them all

When you join the crowd of someone else, you take their players, thus your crowd will grow. The goal of the game is to have the largest crowd after two minutes, so you don't need to finish off other gamers in later stages; instead, make sure that you have the most people to win.

Download Crowd City MOD APK latest version for Android

Do you want to have a lot more people join your event? Install the Crowd City MOD APK to play the game for longer than two minutes and create a huge crowd. There's lots of enjoyment to be had, so go ahead and try it out now!

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