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Dead Target Mod Apk is a free action game with RPG features, in which you'll be fighting to survive the zombie apocalypse. With unlimited money and gold, you can purchase all of the best weapons available on the marketplace! Your goal is to defeat as many zombies as possible so that your character will rank up.

About Dead Target

Dead Target Mod Apk is an action game with RPG features. The zombie apocalypse has wiped out the entire human population, and now you are fighting to survive. Dead Target is a free app for Android devices that offers plenty of excitement from all areas of gaming - this includes tons of levels, loads of weapons, and lots more! Your goal in Dead Target will be to defeat as many zombies as possible so your character can rank up by getting experience points (XP). When you kill enough enemies, your XP total increases which allow you earn new ranks or prestige levels. At higher levels, challenges become more difficult; however since there's always unlimited money/gold available on the marketplace to purchase better weapons at any time it doesn't At higher levels, challenges become more difficult; however, since there's always unlimited money/gold available on the marketplace to purchase better weapons at any time it does.

unlimited money gold and diamond

Dead Target is a zombie-themed first-person shooter game. It was developed by MADFINGER Games and released in 2013 under the name Dead Trigger for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Amazon Appstore. In 2016 it got renamed to Dead Target because of copyright issues with Activision's "Call of Duty: Black Ops". The protagonist has been left stranded on an island where zombies have invaded from all sides. He needs to do his best just to stay alive as he tries to find out what caused this catastrophe, who are responsible for its origins but not without meeting new people that will help him along the way or jeopardize his chances of ever getting back home again.

Gameplay Dead Target

The gameplay consists mainly of missions where you need to finish in order to progress through the story but as you advance there are more missions and they become increasingly difficult. The gameplay is pretty much divided into two parts: shooting down zombies with guns and melee combat that requires specific weapons, such as a baseball bat or an ax. Achievements Dead TargetYou can unlock achievements by doing stuff like finishing all levels of campaign mode without dying or buying every weapon on offer. The achievement list is not limited only to this game, it also includes some Steam games.

dead target mod apk unlimited money and gold

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Dead Target Weapon System

Ammunition Dead Target is finite and you will need to scavenge for bullets, making every shot count. Weapons can be upgraded by earning money from completing missions or finding it in levels

Dead Target Strategy Guide

In the game's tutorial mode we learn that zombies are attracted to sound so running around makes them follow us but if we're still they won't notice us at all. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses - melee weapons like axes make quick work of close-range zombies but guns offer more range without requiring a lot of ammo.

Dead Target Gameplay Tips

When playing on higher difficulty modes, players should have a good strategy before moving out into an open area because there is no way back once you step outside.

Dead Target Tips and Tricks

We've learned that Dead Targets are a good source of money to buy new weapons, but there's also the chance for rarer items like health syringes or gold bars. If you're low on ammo then try climbing up an object in order to get onto a rooftop where zombies can't climb and throw grenades so they'll stop following us (or) we could use our melee weapon if it has enough power left to break through their armor. If we want more supplies, then go back down from the roof before continuing on with fighting them off at ground level.

dead target mod apk all guns unlocked


The graphics are excellent and the game has a high-quality feel, although it can be slow in some areas. It's quite easy to play Dead Target on Android devices because unlike many other games of this type we don't need any external device or emulator.

dead target mod apk all guns

Download Dead Target Mod Apk For Android

In this article, we will look at Dead Target Mod Apk which is a game that has many features such as the zombie apocalypse. This also includes weapons like melee and guns when ammunition runs low. There are plenty of different tips players can take from playing this game with their own personal experience so they don't miss anything or skip over any details while playing Dead Target Mod Apk for free download on android devices. I hope you enjoy your time with dead target and these helpful tips!

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