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Download DINO HUNTER MOD APK (Unlimited Money). Hunt dinosaurs, encounter jurassic monsters thought to be extinct long ago in DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES.
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August 28, 2021
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In DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES MOD APK you can explore the different prehistoric creatures that lived millions of years ago, hunting them for real. Along the way there are many weapons and animals to discover which will help shape your hunt! The graphics are high quality as well so this game is sure to keep you hooked on it’s fun gameplay mechanics.

dino hunter deadly shores mod apk


Dino Hunter is a 3D game where players will come to face real dinosaurs. One of the animals you’ll need to look out for in this game are T-Rexes, which can be found on some unspoiled Jurassic islands and they’re not as innocent as once believed – these beasts have been known to hunt humans too! In order avoid getting eaten alive by them or any other dangerous creature that may lurk indoors waiting for prey, make sure your surroundings stay sharp. Remember: Hunt or Be Hunted!

dino hunter deadly shores download

In order to keep up with the pace of this game, make sure you equip yourself with a decent arsenal. You’ll need it in order to hunt down your prey and survive long enough without getting eaten alive by one! All sorts of weapons can be found as you progress through the game – from guns that shoot arrows, assault rifles or even grenades for more powerful attacks. For those who like things simple there are also bows too which come in handy when hiding around corners and shooting at unsuspecting targets. There’s no telling what might happen if they got their hands on one of these bows though so make sure not let them get close enough while carrying any sort of weapon.

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The gameplay is very simple

dino hunter deadly shores spinosaurus

All you need is a single button for firing different types of weapons and another one for jumping, as well as a few other buttons found in the bottom right hand corner that allow you to select your weapon type or check out your inventory at any time during the game – which comes in handy when deciding on what will help deal with whatever enemy creature might be coming up next.

Hunting tremendous Dinosaure with many unique items

dino hunter deadly shores game wepons

When you are stranded in the wilderness of Dinoland, your only hope for survival is to hunt down dinosaurs and survive. The game Dino Hunter provides a detailed guide on its control scheme so that you can get up close with these ferocious creatures without fear or hesitation. You will also learn about important points like what distance to shoot from, how much ammo each bullet has before it needs reloading – even tips on which weapon best suits any given situation. There’s no time to waste because an entire army of animals awaits!

Furthermore, you will be able to visit different locations in the Jurassic period and kill dinosaurs. You can go all out or use stealth depending on your playstyle! Different weapons are required for specific areas of Dino Hunter- starting with a rifle which is handy when hunting smaller prey such as raptors but may not work so well against larger dinos like T-Rexs who come running at high speeds when they spot their next meal; it’s also important to note that the gun only holds one bullet at a time – reloading takes precious seconds off screen meaning players needn’t concern themselves over accuracy until later levels whereas other weaponry including grenades require precision aiming from long distances/high vantage points where if missed could mean death by being thrown into chaos by a rampaging Titanosaur; and finally the shotgun which is also used to take down smaller prey but packs enough power to kill with one blast from close range.

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Excellent graphics

The 3D graphics in DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES are excellent, with a good level of detail and an added sense of depth. The creatures are rendered in dark shades to suit the game’s moody atmosphere but they still manage to look realistic- especially when you compare them against your own character which is adorned head-to-toe in green camo gear.

Dramatic sound effects

The sound effects are also dramatic and atmospheric, helping create a feel that you’re being stalked through the jungle by giant dinosaurs. It’s not just the soundtrack which has this effect either- everything from big stomping footsteps to your character’s laboured breathing sounds as though it is echoing around in an empty cavernous space like some kind of prehistoric cathedral.

Excellent control system

There are no problems with the controls for DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES- they’ve been designed well enough that both newcomers or more experienced players should be able to play without issues when trying out different weapons. The only thing worth pointing out is how sensitive movement can sometimes feel on screen but even then if you take time whilst playing (which may be difficult if you’re as hooked on the game as me) to adjust how much of a swipe is needed in order to move your character.


There are lots of different animals that can be killed throughout DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES including many types of dinosaurs (including some giant beasts) as well as other dangerous predators like lions and bears! Of course it wouldn’t feel right if there were no prey either so expect plenty more animal surprises along the way.

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Dinosaurs in the game sometimes look very pitiful, even when you know if you don’t shoot it, it will kill you with just one bite. Download this top dinosaur shooting game to play now for an extremely memorable hunting experience!


Can I play offline?

Yes, you can! We are excited to announce that DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES (MOD) is playable without an internet connection. You will need an active data plan or Wi-Fi for downloading and installing the game, but after that it’s smooth hunting at your own pace.

What kind of weapons do you get in the game?

Great question! There are a lot of options available in DINO HUNTER MOD APK – from pistols and rifles all the way up to powerful shotguns, crossbows and even tranquilizer darts so there’s always something appropriate for every situation. And if what you have isn’t enough then feel free to upgrade your arsenal to any of the weaponry you find in-game.

What about wild animals?

You’re in luck! The game features a vast selection of different wildlife, from herd harmless herbivores to terrifying predators. With DINO HUNTER MOD APK you can hunt with so many species and subspecies it’s impossible to list them all here – but I will say that the variety is astounding.


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