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DiskDigger MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 1.0-pro-2021-09-15



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Have you accidentally deleted important photos, videos, or documents on your Android device? You want to recover your photos, videos, music, documents, DiskDigger Pro APK can do that. This is a recovery tool that helps you find and restore lost or misplaced files. You can use this app on both rooted and non-rooted devices to recover deleted files from the internal or external memory of your device.

Introducing to Diskdigger Pro APK

Diskdigger Pro is a useful application for Android devices that allows you to find and recover deleted files, was created by Defiant Technologies. Because, sometimes, we mistakenly delete a commemorative photo or an important file, and we can’t do anything to recover them.
Diskdigger Pro APK 1.0-pro-2020-10-31 Download For Android
The app can give you a lot of choices for scanning your storage and recovering any lost files. So, you will find this interesting mobile application of recovery being a great tool to have on your devices.

What does Diskdigger Pro APK can do?

· Recover multiple file types DiskDigger Pro is an excellent mobile app helping recover and protect your files, app data. The tool provides a number of useful options that will enable you to search for deleted and lost files on your Android devices. You can choose whatever files you want to restore and have them available on your phone.
Diskdigger Pro APK 1.0-pro-2020-10-31 Free Download For Android
The app has compatibility with most file types, so you are ready to scan your system for images, movies, documents, music, and a variety of other file types to be recovered with DiskDigger Pro file recovery. The app now can handle over 40 distinct file types and is still growing. · Scans your systems To use this app, you only need to run a full system scan, and the app will scan your whole hard disk. Then, the app can search for hidden and recoverable files on your devices. The app will offer different scanning options, you'll receive a lot of results with a lot of system files, garbage files, and so on. The application allows you to specify the file type and minimum file size to assist you find the file you're looking for quickly.
Diskdigger Pro APK 1.0-pro-2020-10-31 Free Download
· Clean up and completely wipe the storage The app has useful feature to entirely erase files from the system, making them unrecoverable. To make room for more editing, delete any thumbnail caches, any recently created log files that you don't need.
Diskdigger Pro APK Free Download
Besides, if you want to entirely delete the data and not have them restored, DiskDigger Pro's Wipe Free Space option will help you completely remove all potential backup options for any of your lost files. · Backup your files With this app, you can back up your files by using online drives or local storage of DiskDigger Pro file recovery. You can save your recovered data to any Google Drive or Dropbox folder, or send them via messages and emails. Besides, you can save it on an FTP server, but you need to log in to sync your data on Cloud first.
Diskdigger Pro APK 1.0-pro-2020-10-31 For Android

What is special about Diskdigger Pro APK?

Diskdigger Pro is a great tool that helps you find and recover your lost file on your Android devices. The application allows you to organize, clean up excess space on your hard drive, allowing your device to have more memory and run more smoothly. You will need to pay $ 2.99 to download this app on Google Play, and you need to root your phone before using this app. But with Diskdigger Pro Apk from our website, you can download it for free and using without rooting your phone.

FAQs about Diskdigger Pro APK?

Question 1: What types of files can be recovered by this app? You can use this app to recover many types of files such as OBML16, OGG, OGA, OGV, DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, MP4/3GP/MOV, M4A, and many more. Question 2: Where is the file saved after recovery? You will have 3 ways to save your recovered files including saving in the application, saving on local storage and saving on an FTP server. Besides you can save data quickly on apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail. DiskDigger Pro Apk is a useful application that provides powerful data recovery tools that can help you find and restore lost or misplaced files. You can easily recover photographs, movies, documents, music, and other files that you deleted. You can use the app on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. You will find a lot of utilities in this application. Download and experience.

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