Doofus Drop Mod Apk (Unlimited Stars) Download for Android



Doofus Drop Mod Apk is a funny puzzle solving game for you. The game is a black and white mess in which you only have to run, jump, fall, fall and more.

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Doofus Drop Mod Apk (Unlimited Stars) Download for Android



Doofus Drop Mod Apk is a funny puzzle solving game for you. The game is a black and white mess in which you only have to run, jump, fall, fall and more.

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If you are looking for an absolutely basic and accessible game to entertain, we will recommend you Doofus Drop Mod Apk. This game is so enjoyable for you to enjoy on your Android devices. Have fun overcoming the frightening downhill mountain paths with numerous obstacles in your way and difficult drops to execute. You can experience free-falling and create amazing drops with tremendous lengths in the game.

Introducing Doofus Drop Mod Apk

What is Doofus Drop Mod Apk?

Doofus Drop is a funny puzzle-solving game that will fascinate and weird you out at the same time. It is a goofy masterpiece of addictive gaming mayhem, unique and captivating art, and top-notch farting.

Doofus Drop is a funny puzzle-solving game

You will send Doofus plunging down treacherous mountain slopes by farting your way. There are hillside hazards you can face like trash swirls, giant forks, wormholes, and the occasional monstrous head. Experience this game in a black and white mess and many interesting features.

Why download Doofus Drop Mod Apk?

To have great experiences in the game, you will need to collect many stars to upgrade bikes and ramps when you learn to jump further while falling, launching, farting, and going far. You can have to buy upgrades and power up your Doofus gravity rider's launcher with the stars. But with this Doofus Drop Mod Apk on our website, you can get the unlimited stars feature. You can also access all in-game features, unlimited money, and, most importantly, no adverts to distract you. Download this mod apk from our website to enjoy many features of the game.

Highligh features of Doofus Drop Mod Apk


To play the game, you will control Doofus who is an alien. You will be given a bicycle at first, but as soon as you start doing a few loops, you'll tumble over and trip over something, sometimes garbage can, sometimes a rock.

This game has fascinating and entertaining gameplay

You will take Doofus down treacherous mountain slopes on his bicycle, conquering obstacles like rubbish dumps, gigantic forks, wormholes, and some unusual monster skulls. Enjoy Doofus Drop's fascinating and entertaining gameplay while utilizing the fantastic fart mechanics.

Upgrade your characters

You can also complete the game's dropping challenges and gather the game's valuable stars. You need to make your character slicker, raise his farting abilities, and increase the spectacular jumps in whatever way you choose.

You need to make your character slicker

In the game, the amusing boosters, as well as the manner they were named, will undoubtedly impress you. You will be immersed in Doofus Drop's engaging mobile gameplay.

Get rewards

When you complete numerous objectives and achievements, you can get many rewards. The game also has many attractive achievements and objectives that you may complete while playing. Enjoy the game to exciting achievements and unlock your own rewards. Most importantly, you'll have access to unique badges that is so special and you can't see at other games.

The game also has many attractive achievements

Graphics and sound

Doofus Drop has simple graphics with a distinct style of monochrome visuals that uses only two colors: black and white. The graphics have a high aesthetic that is weirdly appealing and incredibly effective. Besides, the game also offers basic yet incredibly engaging music experiences for you. You can enjoy the thrilling game of free-falling while listening to exotic and amusing sound effects. That makes the jumps a lot more enjoyable and interesting.

FAQs about Doofus Drop Mod Apk

Can I compete against my friends and other online players in Doofus Drop Mod Apk?

Yes. You can easily participate in thrilling online free-falling events. Compete with other gamers by uploading your scores to the internet, and trying to get the highest score.

Can I enjoy the game when I have no internet connection?

You are welcome to participate in fascinating offline adventures to make the game more interesting. You can free to play your favorite mobile game even if you are not connected to the internet.


Download Doofus Drop Mod Apk and experience a strangely addictive game created by strange individuals for strange people. This game will offer humorous and spectacular farts that you can utilize to make the game more engaging. Feel free to let out some steam as you enhance your doofus drops to their maximum potential and increase the distance you can go.

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