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Angry Birds Journey Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins, Heart)

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Angry Birds Journey MOD APK, the latest game from Rovio! This time, your mission is to help the angry birds rescue the Hatchlings birds from escaping from the pigs. Angry Birds Journey Mod Apk is finally available for download. It is the latest release in the Angry Birds series, created by Rovio. This time, join the angry birds to participate in the rescue of the cute Hatchlings birds! When I heard that Angry Birds Journey was launching, I was excited. Angry Birds is back with their eleventh game, but this time they're using slingshot gameplay.


Introducing Angry Birds Journey

Angry Birds Journey is a slingshot game. In this game, you have to drag the rubber piece with birds on it to aim at your target. For example, in the first part, players are tasked to get rid of all pigs in each level by using birds that are launched towards them. These birds will have special abilities which can break glass, explode, or even fly backward.

  • Chapter 1: Ancient Ruins
  • Chapter 2: Crystal Mountains
  • Chapter 3: Gaia’s Challenge

But wait, there's more! The publisher will also launch a new part with more challenging challenges.

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Discover the difference between Angry Birds Journey

Angry Birds Journey is a little different than the other games in the series. For starters, you can't replay the levels. In addition, the visuals are from Angry Birds Dream Blast, another match-3 puzzle game in the series. This promises new experiences for players, as the slingshot mechanics have been swapped for match-3 puzzles. In Angry Birds Stella, the birds have a new look and a new way to activate their power. When they touch the Piglets’ fortress, their powers automatically activate. So instead of pressing the screen like in Angry Birds 2, players can simply touch the Piglets’ fortress to activate their powers.

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Use the power of each bird

Anger Birds Journey is a new app from the team that brought you Angry Birds. You can still meet the same cute birds and characters you know and love. However, there's a new model. Every turn, your energy bar will fill up a little more. When it's full, you'll have access to a special power-up. This is good info for all the different kinds of birds.

  • Chuck: After crashing into an object, Chuck will clone and fly another segment, dealing damage to every structure it passes through.
  • Bomb: After coming into contact with any object, the Bomb will explode and cause damage around it.
  • With Stella, you can create bubbles that lift and move objects.
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If you've ever played Angry Birds before, you're probably aware that the enemies are always little pigs. However, this time around, the pigs are in their more childlike versions. There are 2 types of Piglets in the game with different looks including circles and squares. It's important to know these pigs are not cute! They're very mischievous and destructive!

Attractive sharp graphics

Angry Birds Journey has amazing graphics that really deliver on the image of a more elaborate game. The characters are cuter and more relatable, using the style of the previous game, Angry Birds Blast.

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Angry Birds Journey does not disappoint players with its more elaborate image and the use of Angry Birds Blast's graphics. The design of the characters is also changed to be more like those in Angry Birds Blast, which makes them appear cuter and closer to the player.