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Blood Moon Calling MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

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Blood Moon Calling MOD APK is an Otome romance game where you play as a human girl who's turned into a vampire and has to find her way into the new world of vampires. You'll be able to create your own character, customize her appearance, choose from different clans, and more! There are secret passages that will lead you to new areas on the map or help with finding hidden items. Spiders may drop down out of nowhere at any moment so watch your step!

blood moon calling mod apk

Description about Blood Moon Calling MOD APK

Do you love vampires? Do they scare you? What if one day, while walking through the woods or sitting on your porch, a vampire comes up to greet and engage with you. Will it be too late for them to turn around before their teeth sink into the side of your neck? Or will this simple conversation change everything about how we view these beings - even when playing video games like Blood Moon Calling! In this magical game where our hero is thrust into an unfamiliar world devoid of sunlight; what kind of encounters are in store as night falls upon us again doesn't matter...

blood moon calling vampire otome romance game

Enter a World of Vampires

Blood Moon Calling is a game that immerses you in the world of vampires. You play as an immortal noble who can travel through time to investigate mysteries, discover secrets about your companions and learn more about yourself! There are plenty of other things worth exploring too like hunting for artifacts or meeting new people at parties around town. In this game, you’ll meet 3 beautiful characters. These include Cassius the town doctor; Raoul your childhood friend and a well-known priest around the city who is kindhearted and optimistic; Virgil from another planet as mysterious as his own words with an air of mystery surrounding them which he speaks in riddles. You will have to make choices for all three out of these!

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Explore character

- Cassius the town doctor: You will have to make choices for both of these characters. He is kindhearted and optimistic but he’s not your typical hero, so pay attention to how you handle him! - Raoul your childhood friend: This character knows more about you than anyone else in the game even though they haven't seen each other since they were children. You do want them as a companion because it's just good sense right? - Virgil is from another planet as mysterious as his own words with an air of mystery surrounding them which he speaks in riddles: The only thing we know for sure about this guy is that there are some really weird things going on with him. But does that mean anything?

Attractive gameplay

- Choose your love interest in a vampire romance game - Explore the moonlit streets of Montpellier at night to find out what secrets lie beneath its cobbled stones. - Soak up some cinematic dialogues with multiple options for responses and remember that you are not playing just as yourself, but also Raoul or Virgil who will react differently based on your choices!

Make your choices

- Choose your favorite guy to woo and see him interact with his friends - Cast a spell, make potions or cook up new concoctions in the kitchen - Use an item from the inventory of blood moon calling mod apk games for what it is worth: find out if we are all pawns in someone else's game.

Effective graphics and sound

Vampires have always been a popular subject for books, movies, and now even video games. To stand out from the crowd in this competitive market it's important to make your game unique with excellent graphics as well as sound effects. Blood Moon Calling has you covered on both these aspects but still manages to be terrifyingly realistic thanks to its attention to detail which makes all characters come alive right before your eyes! You'll feel like they're standing just inches away from you because of how detailed everything is: not only does every angle look perfect but also the light reflects off their skin realistically making them seem almost real! This immersive experience is made complete by haunting background music that will get under your skin until there are goosebumps up and down your arms...not forgetting the voice acting that will keep you on the edge of your seat as it's so realistic, making this game a must-have for anyone who loves vampires and an immersive experience.


Blood Moon Calling MOD APK games don't know how it feels like, living on an eternal hunt. But these vampires seem happy enough about it. Join them tonight in their chase - prepare yourself for adventure and magic around every corner of this awaited city full of secrets. It's time to follow your heart's desire!

FAQs about Blood Moon calling MOD APK

What is Blood Moon Calling? It's a new vampire simulation game with an immersive experience. You'll have to do your best not to get into the eternal hunt of vampires and enjoy this city full of secrets! Where can I download Blood Moon Calling? You'll be able to download it on our website - or the Play Store! Is there a storyline and how long is it? Yes, you'll have an immersive experience while playing this game as if you were really there. It's not too long but has enough content for players to enjoy their time with vampires of different ages from teen-elderly adults. There are also some surprising twists along the way that will keep your interest piqued! Can I play this on my tablet? Blood Moon Calling can be played on any device as long as it has Android OS.