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Brave Dungeon MOD Apk 1.0.7 Download for Android (Unlimited Money)

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Are you an RPG fan? Do you want video games like Final Fantasy, Skyrim, and Diablo? If so, then Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend is the sport for you! This cell RPG recreation capabilities lovely artwork and a charming storyline of thrillers and adventure. Download Brave Dungeon Mod Apk: Immortal Legend on your Android telecall smartphone today! For greater statistics approximately this recreation or to download it for free, see this article.

Brave Dungeon Immortal Legend Logo

What is the story behind Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend?

Immortal Legend is a fantasy RPG game created by independent game developers Angel Crow Games and published by Inti Creates. To begin your journey, you should first acquire the spirit stone, Ancient Lemon, from the Grotto of Lost Souls within the Prison of Fools. If you manage to collect all the lost souls within Balamb Garden, a new character Hazel will join your team. Hazel has the same special ability as a golden pig that you can summon using the dive hook. Using the spirit stone, you will travel to various dungeons to defeat bosses and receive new characters. Each character has different special abilities that make them able to handle different kinds of enemies. Although you can play through the story on your own, you’re also able to join together with your friends to complete objectives and obtain new characters. However, what makes the game addictive is the strategic element involved with team building and team strategies. Although each character in the game has their own unique abilities, there’s a finite amount of them, meaning that you need to use your switches creatively and make use of your teammates’ abilities at all times to survive!

Brave Dungeon Immortal Legend - Countless Legendary Heroes

Features of Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend

In Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend, you can level up your characters and upgrade their skills to increase their battle potential. Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend also features a unique Brave Burst attack. When the Brave Burst gauge is full, you can initiate a special attack by tapping on the character. Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend also features special attacks called Soul Skills. These Soul Skills instantly kill your enemies. You’ll be thankful that you downloaded this mobile game. The iPhone users out there have finally got a killer game to look forward to. Choose from over 170+ playable characters and level them up to strengthen them. In addition, you’ll need to outwit and destroy your opponents to succeed in this addictive 3D battle RPG game. With the game being free to play, you can look forward to playing it every day. For more information on this and many more, please visit the official Brave Dungeon website here.

Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend gameplay

Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend features three main gameplay modes: story mode, free mode, and endless mode. Two players can also play co-op in story mode. In free mode, players can choose from a variety of missions, such as defeating a certain number of enemies, collecting a certain number of items, or protecting an ally.

Brave Dungeon Immortal Legend - Explore the Unknown

In endless mode, the only objective is to survive. The game is set in the fantasy world of Jurai, where humanity and magic co-exist peacefully. Once one player loses, the game is over. Not only that, but players who destroy the palace in the quest to save the princess will lose that quest. This means that if you choose to save the princess in story mode and kill her in endless mode, you would lose that quest as well. The overall story of Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend is perfectly captivating. The game reads like a novel so it's not very easy to follow. Thankfully, there are voice-acting options to help the players along in their quest to save the princess and bring back that long-lost time. Besides the usual creature tribes, there are also goblinoid tribes, evil empires, and even the goddess of death herself. The characters are nicely designed and their personalities are well reflected in their dialogue. The best part about the story is that the story never feels repetitive or boring. The three different dialogues are well illustrated in the game and really capture the attention of the players. I love playing stories like these because it keeps me on the edge of my seat. Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend’s captivating storyline is the main draw of the game. However, the characters, creatures, dungeons, and industry made the game top-notch as well. There’s so much to do in this game and the number of activities is completely customizable.