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Clickmate Pro APK

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Are you using Android smartphones, tablets? Do you want to use your device in the most efficient and optimal way? Currently, there are many useful and practical app tools that help you use smartphones easier. In which, Clickmate Pro Apk is one of the most unique and advanced Android tool apps you definitely cannot ignore.

Introduce about Clickmate Pro Apk

Clickmate Pro Apk is an application that works on the Android platform from the developer INSCODE. You can use the app for over 2000 different devices, including Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, LG, and many others. This is a recording tool app that has touch input recording function in advanced. When you install Clickmate, you'll be able to record and playback your touch input. You can even build your own touch gestures if you prefer to do it manually. The app will interact with your phone without you having to touch it, but you must first set it up.

Clickmate Pro APK Free Download

You will never forget their touch inputs or any important Android pattern or information with this software. This program was created for who frequently forget their own touch patterns, such as the pattern on their phone's lock screen.

Features of Clickmate Pro Apk

· You can use record mode You can use the built-in navigation bar to record and replay your touch input as well as system functions like back, menu, apps, and taking screenshots (available on Android 9 and newer). You can easily repeat recorded tasks as many times as you wish. Most importantly, this method does not necessitate root!

Clickmate Pro APK Free Download for Android

You also can use manual Mode

To use Clickmate Pro Apk by manual mode. You open the app, then click on the spot of your choice on the screen. You make a touch or a flick, and you can change the duration of swipes and taps, the number of repeats, and the length of time they are repeated as needed.

Clickmate Pro APK Free Download for Android 2021

The app provides multi-support

Clickmate is a program that can help you whenever you need a click. You can play games, use apps that don't have batch processing capability to manage hundreds of files, or simply go to any website.

You can create schedules and coordinates

Clickmate will provide all of the tools that you need. Many click points can be recorded and saved as scripts for subsequent use and repetition. You may modify the time between each click, or even establish a schedule if you want to stop clicking.

The app help you save your time

This Android software can assist you click areas of your phone or tablet screen quickly. To do this, you must first complete the activities to the app can remember how it was pressed. Then, it can do the same thing on the screen of your phone. Clickmate assists in fast-touch games and has many identical actions performed in the same place. It's also suitable for a variety of other hobbies, special for gamers. You can get other features in the app, such as: · You can create many click points that have varied execution interval. · You can use the timer mode to turn off the clicks. · You can create profiles, then save and run. · The app has a friendly interface, you can use easily

Clickmate Pro Free Download for Android 2021

FQAs about Clickmate Pro Apk

· What are any requirements to install Clickmate Pro Apk? The app requires Android 7.0+ and contains 6.8 MB. · Do I need to root my phone to install this app? Clickmate Pro Apk does not require rooting, unlike some other Android apps. This is a fantastic feature that many users appreciate. It is practical. · Is this app free to download? Yes, you can down the app for free from our website   Clickmate Pro Apk is a support application for Android devices that is practical and convenient. If you frequently play games that require continual participation, you should not dismiss this amazing app. When you need to click on the same area repeatedly, this app is a wonderful alternative. Clickmate will click, and you don’t have to do anything on the screen. This app can replicate your finger clicking anywhere on your phone's screen. You can spend more time doing other things or resting instead of doing repetitive jobs that need a lot of clicks. It is so convenient, let’s download and enjoy.