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Introducing Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is an American website and mobile application that focuses almost exclusively on east-Asian culture and all the anime streaming. Along with development, multiple versions of Crunchyroll mod apk have come out to enhance user experience.

crunchyroll logo over a black background

Crunchyroll premium is currently the largest collection of anime (Japanese animation series) there is, being the principal streaming platform for the anime fan. Its main value is to bring new releases just 1 hour after they are aired in Japan and other east-Asian countries. It is the perfect end for the international Otaku public to consume this kind of content.

crunchyroll manga style illustration of a redhead lady wearing japanese traditional costumes over a letter c symbol

If you are a huge fan of the anime universe, you must have download Crunchyroll premium mod apk on your mobile phone to watch anime or premium content. The platform broadcasts high-quality video, having a very stable server to provide a nice experience for users. Each anime title is licensed and does not constitute copywriting infringement. In sum, Crunchyroll premium is the ultimate streaming platform to enjoy anime on mobile devices or smart tv for anime fan!

jujutsu kaisen anime episode list at crunchyroll mobile app
naruto shippuden anime episode list at crunchyroll mobile app
one piece anime page at crunchyroll mobile app
sailor moon anime page at crunchyroll mobile app

Crunchyroll premium mod apk gives you access to hundreds of titles, from the most popular and mainstream animes to the most specific and niched ones. Among 15 different genres, the platform delivers something for every kind of Japanese animation fan. Whether you are looking for a sports anime such as Tsubasa, or action and fantasy such as Naruto, or timeless classics like Dragon Ball Z, Crunchyroll premium got you covered. In this post, we will make a brief review of Crunchyroll and the hundreds of anime titles you can find there. Afterward, we will show you how to download Crunchyroll Mod Apk on your Android device.

Crunchyroll Library

Japanese anime is not a single genre. It is a very diversified culture. The fact that they are animated manga fans does not mean they are meant for children or teenagers. Although east-Asian animations became famous for otherworldly adventure tales and fighting themes, you can easily find romance, drama, and every regular fiction genre among them. There is something for every taste!

crunchyroll library genres
shojo animes library at crunchyroll app
shonen animes library at crunchyroll app
slice of life animes library at crunchyroll app

The 15 genres available at Crunchyroll or Crunchyroll premium are:

  • Action: This category focuses on animes filled with fights, special powers, conflict, and explosions. Popular examples are Naruto Shippuden, and Hunter X Hunter. Animes are famous for delivering intense series, filled with action and adrenaline.
  • Adventure: The animes gathered in this category have storylines organized around characters with outstanding goals. Naruto also makes this list, accompanied by newer animes like Re: Zero and Black Clover. The richness of Japanese imagination reflects on the diverse storyline, which you can not find in other genres of animation.
  • Comedy: The light mood animations have their place in this category. Some titles are 100% humorous animes, and others are just mixed genres. Japanese animation series have a very particular sense of humor. This is the best place to find it! If you want to give a break from monsters and explosions, come check them out!
  • Drama: Not every anime is about Yokais, monsters, special magical powers, and stuff like that. There are genuine drama-oriented storylines among Japanese animations, completely concerning real-life and regular human matters. Here you will find them!
  • Fantasy: Japanese pop culture is world-famous for creating incredible alternative realities and worlds, where many of our dreams are possible. Different anime explore the world's mythology and many are inspired by the rich Japanese folklore. Explore these hundreds of worlds here!
  • Music: Many series revolve around music-related storylines. If you enjoy worldly famous Japanese music, there is a lot for you here. Check out the stories of bands, singers, and people with high dreams.
  • Romance: Love stories are not strange for any culture, and this is particularly true to Japanese animes. On Crunchyroll, you will find a very diverse library full of love stories. They can mix adventure, action, special powers, monsters, East-Asian folklore, and anything between earth and sky!
  • Sci-Fi: Space travels, High-Tech, Future Dystopias, and Digital Worlds. If you enjoy stories that defy our modern limitations, you will be well served in this category.
  • Seinen: This Japanese term is not exactly a genre. The same goes for Shojo, Shonen, and Josei. They do not indicate genre (action, romance, drama, etc.), but the audience they are oriented at. Seinem means "young men", aiming at the public in the range of 15 to 24 years old boys. This orientation allows for those animes to be often more violent, or to being generally "heavier" or "darker" than the other shares. Those titles are more mature, and gather several genres, from action to drama. The most popular titles, of course, are from the action and adventure genre.
  • Shojo: It means "young girl" and they are orientated to the young feminine audience, up to the age of 12 years old. Two very famous examples are the anime Sailor Moon and Sakura Card Capture. Both are about school girls who share their times fighting evil with their special powers and thinking about their love interests. Those anime tend to be very light and superficial, as opposed to the Josei animes. Not every Shojo anime revolves around action or adventure storylines. There are many dramas and romance stories in this share.
  • Shonen: Perhaps, the vast majority of anime series that got famous in western countries belong to this share. Shonen means "few years" in Japanese and is oriented towards a young audience of boys, mostly from secondary schools. Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Naruto are among the most popular examples of Shonen anime. However, it does not mean they are all adventure and action series. What characterizes these anime are the simplicity and the young audience orientation.
  • Slice of Life: Also known as the Japanese term Josei, these anime are oriented towards a more mature female audience. Instead of telling stories of idealized characters and more superficial relationships, they go deeper into the complexity of human relations. They tend to have more psychological depth, often regarding polemic matters or even violence. Josei animes are more acknowledged for being adult romance tales, rather than action stories.
  • Sports: Anime is also famous for bringing sport-related drama to the screens. In the anime style, although inspired in real matches, the games contain a lot of similarities to the Shonen genre. Players tend to have special abilities and each game looks like an epic clash of heroes! From box, soccer, and basketball to ice skating, sumo, and baseball, there is an epic history of every kind of sport in anime series belong to this category.
  • Supernatural: Japanese folklore is inhabited by mysterious creatures. The anime universe only enriches its portfolio with other culture's fiends, especially western culture. You will find tales about vampires, ghosts, zombies, and every mystical being found in east-Asian popular tales.
  • Thriller: This selection of titles takes the most exciting ones, the animes that make you hold your breath and crave for the next episode!

Crunchyroll Premium

Crunchyroll is an ad-supported mobile application, excepting for its Premium users. By buying this membership, you acquire the right to watch anime without the interruption of ads. There are two main options for Crunchyroll premium plans/Premium paid memberships: Fan and Mega Fan.

call to action to creating an account at crunchyroll mobile app
call to action to wacth episodes offline at crunchyroll mobile app signing the mega fan premium account

The first one just waives advertisement. The Mega Fan deal also allows you to download episodes on multiple devices, enabling you to watch them offline. There is still the Annual Mega Fan membership, which saves 16% of the total cost by paying an annual fee. There are no extra features from the Mega Fan deal. If you are new to Crunchyroll, you are eligible for a free trial. That lasts 14 days and lets you enjoy the advantages of a Mega Fan premium membership.

Crunchyroll Mod Apk Download to watch anime

MOD features

Crunchyroll premium mod apk - Unlimited anime, ad-free

In the case you are not interested in paying to waive ads from the Crunchyroll mobile app, you can check out its Mod Apk. Download Crunchyroll Premium Modded Apk files are versions of the official app modified by third-party developers to be ad-free. Using Crunchyroll free apk mod, you can enjoy the perks of the premium membership for free. You will be upgraded from Crunchyroll free version to Crunchyroll premium version with unlocked premium features. Not only can you watch unlimited anime, but you can also watch your favorite anime movies offline, which is great when you go to some locations without an internet connection. You can still watch the new anime movies in video quality. So, we can see how features of Crunchyroll premium benefit anime lovers a lot!

How to download Crunchyroll Premium apk mod

To download Crunchyroll Mod Apk with premium features, you will have to find a trustworthy source online. Of course, you can not find the Mod apk version on the official stores. Download it directly on your mobile device. The installation process requires you to grant permission to install unknown apps. By standard, Android devices come from the manufacturer only permitting installations from Google Play Store or other official stores, like Samsung Store. TO allow the unknown sources, you have to modify its settings. Go to Settings and, then, to Biometrics and safety. There, look for the option Enable unknown sources or Install unknown apps. Once you are there, look for your preferred browser and switch the option to On. Afterward, you will be all set to install the Mod Apk of Crunchyroll Premium on your Android device. Go back to the Mod Apk file and open it to start the installation. Go through it normally and the app will be ready to run! So you have successfully install Crunchyroll mod apk and can use Crunchyroll modded apk with premium features unlocked to watch anime on your Android device. Do not hesitate without downloading immediately Crunchyroll Premium with mod features premium unlocked from TECHTODOWN.COM to your device, smart tv if you are an anime lover. We hope you liked our post about Crunchyroll premium app mod apk! If you have any comment please, share them with us! See you in the next post!

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