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Idle Barber Shop Tycoon - Business Management Game

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Idle Barber Shop Tycoon MOD APK is a clicker in which you run your own barber shop. You've inherited your father's old business, and it's now up to you to master the comb and scissors so that each customer looks their best.

How to play Idle Barber Shop Tycoon?

Codigames is a well-known company that creates idle games. Previously, they had a number of titles that were well-received. You'll be going to a hair salon in its new game Idle Barber Shop Tycoon.

idle barber shop tycoon

Join the game, you have to serve as many customers as possible each day. Initially, not many people will visit your barber shop, but as word spreads about your business, you'll have an increasing number of people waiting in line to get a seat in the barber chair. To complete each action and meet your customers' needs, simply tap on the various elements on the screen. Some of your customers may only require a trim of their beard, while others will require a haircut. In any case, you'll need to strike a balance between performance and productivity by pressing the green energy button for the barber to speed up the process.

idle barber shop tycoon mod apk

Idle Barber Shop Tycoon allows you to manage this traditional barber shop and try to make the most profit each day. To optimize resources and treat all of your customers professionally, you'll need to consider every process that occurs in the salon. As the rounds progress, you'll be able to hire more barbers to help you handle a larger workload.

Tips for becoming better at Idle Barber Shop Tycoon

And now it's time to share some essential Idle Barber Shop Tycoon hints and tips. Make a note of all the tips and tricks we give you, and you'll be ready to go.

Make use of the upgrade button

There are two kinds of items in Idle Barber Shop Tycoon. The first category is decorative items that serve no purpose other than to be decorative. The other type is upgradeable items, which assist you in earning more money and reputation. As you progress through the game, your shop will become so crowded with items that it will be difficult to keep track of all the upgradeable items. This is why there is a 'Upgrade Button' in the game. When you click this button, a blue marker will be placed on all of the upgradeable items. So, make sure to use this button; it will smooth out the gameplay.

Understand types of haircuts

idle barber shop tycoon apk

In the game, all haircuts and beard trims are divided into three categories: basic, advanced, and elaborate (represented as bronze, silver, and gold, respectively). Upgrade your chairs and other items based on the various haircut and beard trim options you have. For example, if you only know basic haircuts and beard trims, it makes no sense to upgrade items that provide a bonus to advanced haircuts, right?

How to get hearts in Idle Barber Shop Tycoon

When you have 100 Diamonds, simply go to the shop and hire one new employee. Do it even if you don't have chairs or need staff in your shop because staff members can be upgraded as well. This allows you to receive a 'heart,' which can then be used to upgrade your character, giving him an insane boost.

Make use of Idle Barber Shop Tycoon MOD APK

idle barber shop tycoon apk download

Alternatively, there is an actual way for you to improve your reputation and make more money. That is through usingIdle Barber Shop Tycoon MOD APK from TechToDown. Installing this MOD will provide you with Unlimited Money that will not deplete as you use it. As a result, you'll be able to customize and change the décor, provide various hairdressing services, offer a variety of hairstyles, and use a variety of hairdressing supplies, among other things. Isn’t that your goal?


In conclusion, Idle Barber Shop Tycoon MOD APK is a simple yet addictive game in which you must make strategic decisions in order to expand your hair salon. Make your small shop the most well-known in town and become the best manager!