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Storybeat Pro APK

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Download the latest version of StoryBeat Premium APK (Premium unlocked)

There are hundreds of millions, if not billions of users on social media platforms, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd. If this is the case, StoryBeat Premium APK can assist you. This is a tool that will help you stand out in a sea of similarity. It allows you to create musically accompanied stories that can be shared on Snapchat, Instagram, and other platforms, adding dynamism that other users are unlikely to have.


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Introducing to StoryBeat

When it comes to social media platforms, Stories are now a clear favorite. They're a simple way to share less-than-perfect moments with your followers, only to have them removed from the public sphere 24 hours later. But for some of us, this isn't enough. To really make your stories, photos, and videos stand out, you'll need to use third-party apps to help you design and create eye-catching, stunning stories, videos, and photos!

If you want to make your stories, videos, and photos stand out, you can use an app like StoryBeat. This app operates under the motto "unleash your creativity." It gives you easy-to-use tools for creating new videos from your own videos and photos.

And here are what this app has to offer: 

A massive library of music to work with

Storybeat's main feature is its music. The app contains the most popular tracks from a wide range of genres, including pop, rock, rap, reggaeton, trap, electronic, R&B, and country, allowing users to include music that best expresses their personality.

StoryBeat allows you to add music to your stories, videos or photos

More than that, Storybeat will astound users with its ability to directly record voice and insert it into photos and videos, in addition to taking any sound from your personal library.

Tons of interesting simulation effects

Not only can you add music to the video, but you can also add effects to make it more interesting and unique. It could be happy, sad, cry, or surprise sound effects that are simulated with precise sound to emphasize your emotions specifically for the video. Furthermore, StoryBeat adds panoramic effects to horizontal photos, and zoom effects combined with music are also popular.

Enhance your stories with eye-catching stickers, text, and animations

PIC 4: Perfect your stories with interesting stickers, text and animations

StoryBeat will feature many interesting stickers that you can choose to add to your content to make social stories more interesting and visually appealing. You can always find the right one to use among the various stickers and animations available in various categories. And the text options available will always allow you to add appropriate descriptions to the videos and photos. Feel free to use the app and its intriguing features to freely customize your social media posts.

Easily share or save your products

Easily share your products

After you've finished editing your stories, StoryBeat allows you to easily share their videos and live photos on any social platform. The app will always enable the most optimized settings for your specific platform, and the quick sharing option will be available for all networks.

If you do not want to share your video online, you can always save it to your device's storage to keep it private. Storybeat's default settings will automatically save the videos to your camera roll so you can access them whenever you want.

What is the point of StoryBeat Premium APK? 

  • Gain access to all Pro Templates and Text Styles.

StoryBeat is available in both free and paid versions. Unless you watch an ad, your creations in the free version of the app will be watermarked. You can also pay a small fee if you intend to use this tool frequently. But wait, we have a better solution for you. This is done with the StoryBeat Premium APK. Yes, you can enjoy all of these premium features without having to pay anything.

And here are what the StoryBeat Premum APK grants you: 

  • No watermark
  • Pro color settings and presets are available.
  • Add your creations to your favorites list.
  • No ads


It is safe to say that StoryBeat Premium APK is an excellent tool for unleashing your imagination by allowing you to create stories in the best way possible right on your mobile phone. It allows you to use your own photos, videos, and music to create extraordinary content to share your favorite moments. Get it right now and spice up your stories.