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How to install Tape Thrower Mod Apk APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Tape Thrower Mod Apk APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


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It is not difficult to save the world. Download the Tape Thrower game and discover that all you need to be a hero is a sacrifice and some ordinary duct tape! Download the Tape Thrower Mod APK and enjoy the best action of saving the city with ordinary duct tape. With the Tape Thrower Mod APK Latest Version, you will be able to earn an unlimited number of coins.

Fascinating information about Tape Thrower

Download the Tape Thrower game by HOMA GAMES today if you enjoy games in which you must save the world using exciting superpowers. With over 100,000 Google Play Store installs, it is clear that the game is awesome and has engaging gameplay.

In this game, you play as a superhero who uses a duct tape gun to take out bad guys. To stop the enemies, the gun fires pieces of duct tape.

You do not make a big deal out of a gang of villains attacking the city. You have the skills and a duct tape gun to easily overcome them. Pulling out the duct tape and hurling it at the villains is part of the gameplay in this stunning creation by HOMA GAMES.

It is the right time to show the world that you have Spiderman's abilities. Only this time, instead of webs, you will be using pieces of duct tape. Download the Tape Thrower game right now and enjoy the action.

Duct Tape's All-Mighty Power

Duct tape is all you have to get rid of the bad guys. Your imagination is the only thing that could get in your way. The game features minimalist 3D graphics that enhance your view and help you to locate villains easily. 

Because the game is in the first person, you are immersed in a game in which you are a part of the game setting. The better you are at spotting bad buys, the more coins you will earn. You can see the coins 'fly' to the top right corner of the interface and accumulate into an unlimited number of coins.

Will you become a hero in Tape Thrower?

Because you fight bad guys with duct tape, the gameplay is unique. As you throw the duct tape at the villains, you will make them immobile and ultimately take them down. You can save civilians from abductors at various levels of the game.

Be quick to throw the duct tape before the bad buys become enraged and seize control of you. You can tick the enemies against each other or against various objects in the game environment. Download the Tape Thrower, choose to assist, and you will become a hero!

Tape Thrower highlight features

Why use a knife, sword, or gun when duct tape will suffice? The gameplay is absolutely outstanding! Aside from the thrilling action provided by the game, players will also appreciate the following features.

Unique gameplay

Tape Thrower's gameplay is simple. To throw duct tape into dummy enemies, simply move your cursor across the screen. Furthermore, clowns can be attached to a Ferris wheel and robbers to a police car! You will face formidable foes who may tear the restraining duct tape in order to escape.

Join in the salvation of the world now!

Run after them, strike them with the duct tape continuously, and take them down with more powerful duct tape blows. When you miss hitting them properly, the bad guys become enraged and the angry red face emojis appear. Download Tape Thrower and become a hero ready to help in the salvation of the world.

Tape with superpowers

The fascinating thing about Tape Thrower is that you save the world using simple duct tape. You will have a duct tape gun that will throw strong and straining pieces of tape at the villains to eliminate them. After completing a number of game levels, the game rewards you with a collectible new gun. You can use larger and more powerful pieces of duct tape.

Extremely easy controls

The controls for Tape Thrower are extremely simple. A gamer is only required to hold, drag and release the duct tape to hurl it towards the enemies. You should rotate the screen so that it faces the bad guys.

The more you hold, drag, and release tape ducts, the more enemies you restrain and put down. There's no reason you cannot get rid of your enemies with the help of some strong duct tape!

Get rid of your enemies in Tape Thrower

Tape Thrower Mod APK – Why is it required?

Download the Tape Thrower Mod APK and enjoy the best action of saving the city with ordinary duct tape. With the Tape Thrower Mod APK Latest Version, you will be able to earn an unlimited number of coins.

Unlimited Coins/Money

The worse guys you defeat and takedown, the more coins you earn. You get a certain number of coins for each hit. The game's cool graphics show the coins 'flying' to the right corner of the game interface to accumulate at the coins counter. 

The player can use the coins to shop for stronger duct tapes, a bigger duct tape dispenser, etc. to get more coins, a player can watch video ads 

Realistic and eye-catching graphics

The graphics in Tape Thrower Mod APK are very realistic and appealing. For example, the bad guys' reactions after being hit with duct tape are very realistic. The game takes place in a vast area with a lifelike and beautiful environment where bad buys stay and commit crimes.

Notably, the character's movement and throwing of the duct tapes at the bad guys is very real and entertaining. Furthermore, the sound made by the bad guys and the duct tape as it hits the enemies is very stimulating.

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