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Tentacle Locker

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If you want a girlfriend, and you want to have fun with her, then this app is for you. It has beautiful girls in your locker, so download it and start playing. You are welcome to this series of hot games. You will find many different types of games, and they come with interesting gameplay. Get ready for a great experience.

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Introduce Tentacle Locker Apk

Tentacle Locker APK is a dating game in which you have to bring girls to school and lock them inside. You can hypnotize them and trap them in their water, which will eventually lead to a romantic relationship with the player. What do you do in this game? Its gameplay is very simple and has only a few steps. You have to bring girls with you to lock them in place. Once you catch one, you can look inside the room and see what's going on. You can use the arrow keys to the right, and the ESC key to leave. What would happen if you had a tent on your head and wanted to win someone? Is there a chance that this could be a future update? It sounds interesting, and it's not clear what the girls think about it, but it might be possible in the future. This way, girls who are taxed by taxers can have a toned stand. If you catch them in the future, instead of saying "Oh yeah", their mouths will move to smile. It's tough to get out of the locker. But when a girl does, if she feels that some other people are looking at her and wondering, she gets the Tankil Heart Icon. Yes, I play with the game in any way that you want, but there should be a little touch that will make the game more enjoyable for me too. Thank you! The appearance of art, sound, and pictures in this game is very enjoyable. One can enjoy it for a few hours or even an entire day. It is very easy to play and can be played by anyone. Hitting "play" on the screen will make all the girls "come alive." The pixels and animations of "activity" in the locker are also satisfying to watch.

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Discover featured features

Attractive gameplay

The game has to be fun. Really, really fun. It should have interesting and compelling gameplay that will keep you entertained and make you want to explore the world even more.

Easy control

When you are playing a game, your phone screen is small. This makes it hard to play if the controls are not simple. Fortunately, with this game, the controls are easy to use and you will not have any difficulty playing.

Global friends

This is a place where you will find things you never knew existed. There are other people from around the world here, and they too seek new entertainment. You can find anything here that you want, and we are always looking for more ways to make your stay more enjoyable.

Various challenges

It’s not all a game and easy wins. Players will face challenges, just like hurdles for your game. You have to overcome them to reach the final destination.


Tentacle Locker is a safe app for Android devices. It's an app designed for adults in the adult category. Easy and fun to interact with the girl's locker. Tentacle Locker has been tested and downloaded by many people already. All you need to do is download, play, and share it with your friends and family.