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WWE SuperCard Mod Apk (Unlimited Credit) Download for Android

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The WWE SuperCard Mod Apk is a sports wrestling game that combines card collection. You can collect your favorite WWE superstars and take them into battle with other players. The game features an in-depth campaign mode as well where you can make progress by completing matches, quests, and events!

Description of WWE SuperCard Mod Apk

This is a modified version of WWE SuperCard with unlimited credits, bonus mods and many more features to make your gameplay easy. WWE SuperCard Mod Apk will work on Android devices running Android OS version higher or equal to Marshmallow (API version: 23) rooted and installed in a device like Samsung Galaxy S series, Motorola Moto G series, Sony Xperia XA Ultra Series, etc The mod apk does not require any data from the original game because it has full data inside the mod so you can play freely. So just download WWE Supercard Mod Apk and start enjoying this amazing sports wrestling card collecting game today!

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WWE SuperCard for Android is a wrestling card game with collectible cards. There are many different ways to get and use the cards, and new content is released every time there's an update. When you start up the game, it shows two modes of gameplay: Playing Offline or Online mode. You can also acquire more boosters in offline mode by collecting gold coins from winning matches against AI opponents. In online mode, players battle other real-life players around the world with their own team of wrestlers that they've collected throughout the course of playing offline as well as purchasing them through microtransactions using Gems which can be bought for money but don't have to be paid for at all if you're willing and patient enough to earn them by playing offline. WWE SuperCard is a fast-paced wrestling game with more than 100 different cards to collect and upgrade for your matches in order to create the ultimate team of superstars that will be unbeatable against all competitors!

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The gameplay itself is very simple, you start off as a rookie player who has just received their first card at random from a pack that they've either opened or purchased within the store. You then have the option to play online battles where you can earn credits through victory or loot crates containing items like new packs, gold coins (in offline mode), and Gem's if you're lucky enough.

Character card

The WWE SuperCard has over 100 cards to collect. Some of these are rare, others can be obtained by opening packs with in-game currency or real money. All the characters have different styles and abilities, which is quite interesting because it’s not always just trying to get a card that does more damage than another; you also need to think about how they work together as a team. This game also contains various modes such as single-player “Career Mode” where players fight their way through the ranks from NXT Rookie all the way up to WWE Champion or multiplayer battles against other players via online play or local Wi-Fi.

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Exciting tournament

In the king-of-ring tournament, you are up against a lot of players from around the world. Fight hard to outshine them and be crowned as champion for your superiority and gain rewards in return!

Charts WWE Supercard Mod APK

The game features a Leaderboard where the top players of each season are mentioned to match their elements. So you want to get into them through the means to gain more elements and win matches. The pinnacle of a hundred gamers in a different region will take advantage of thrilling rewards in case they control to keep themselves at the top until season seven comes to an end.

Card Level Up

If you have played the game, then you will know that your cards cannot be leveled up in a normal way. You need to use power points and credits for this purpose which again requires money or real-time currency. It can end up making the gameplay pretty expensive depending on how far into it you are. If you want to save yourself from all these hassles of finding resources, using WWE SuperCard Mod Apk is your best bet as it provides unlimited credits so that every card of yours becomes powerful enough with just one tap!

wwe supercard mod apk unlimited credits


Unlimited credit to buy packs, cards, and more. Take your card collection to the next level with challenging matches against other players from all over the world in real-time. Gather new powerful cards by defeating opponents or opening rare packs. You can collect your favorite WWE superstars such as AJ Styles, Ronda Rousey, Seth Rollins and many others including The Rock, Goldberg, Stone Cold Steve Austin among guests - New events are always coming up for you! It’s easy enough for anyone to play it but still competitive so gamers will enjoy playing it too in their spare time of course apart from watching WWE.

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How to Download WWE Supercard Mod APK

If you have an android device, WWE SuperCard Mod Apk is easy to install. All you need to do is follow these steps below and your game will be ready in no time! Just download the APK file from our website onto your smartphone or tablet. Check out permissions that are required by this app and also see if it’s been installed before (if so then delete). Download WWE Supercard mod apk, as well as unknown sources, enabled at a minimum on your phone if not already turned on under Settings -> Security. Open Up File Manager App which should come pre-installed in all new smartphones; find downloaded WWE SuperCard files and click on it to install. After installation is completed, go into Settings -> Security and disable unknown sources and also turn off the ability for apps from outside of your device’s Google Play Store app store (unless you want all other items installed).