Drag Battle Mod Apk - Download free for Android (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping)



Drag Battle Mod Apk is a racing game style “Drag” gearshifting and speeding with excellent 3D graphics quality for Android devices. You will become a real racer, owning supercars and conquering all races.

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Drag Battle Mod Apk - Download free for Android (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping)



Drag Battle Mod Apk is a racing game style “Drag” gearshifting and speeding with excellent 3D graphics quality for Android devices. You will become a real racer, owning supercars and conquering all races.

Ice Storm
6.0 and up
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Drag Battle MOD APK - Try something unique in this game where you will demonstrate not only your speed but also your drifting skills. The racing game "Drag Battle" has it all: great visuals, simple controls, a variety of levels, and a range of cars. Start the race by getting behind the wheel of an incredible and intelligent vehicle. Add to your car collection, which is rather large - over 50 must be tested.

Drag Battle - The best racing game with vivid effects

Get your car in order as a seasoned and professional racer, and complete its comprehensive tune. Change the body, headlights, suspension, engine, brakes, and anything else about the automobile. You must enhance your own pilot in addition to your automobile; the greater the character's talents, the better and faster you will travel. Take part in races, win prizes, and earn money. Conquer the career ladder and become the world's finest racer. Many people have a strong desire to go at high speeds. When you do not drive attentively; it may be quite hazardous. However, if you still want to feel like you are driving at high speeds, Drag Battle will help you. Drag Battle APK is a racing game in which you control a supercar in various settings. The speed of the game will be determined by the players. Drag Battle will give you a whole new perspective on speed.
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The most one-of-a-kind supercars

Drag Battle is the first game produced by Ice Storm, a web development firm that produces high-quality, entertaining games for a wide audience. Drag Battle was launched on the mobile market later that year. The game is accessible on Google Play and the App Store, so you can play it on your phone or tablet. Drag Battle is a completely free game to download. Cars are an important part of the racing game. For the players, the publisher has supplied a variety of automobiles in various colors, coloring types, and forms. From headlights to body modifications, you can customize the appearance and feel of your vehicle. Furthermore, a large selection of enhancements allows you to construct one-of-a-kind automobiles. Visual enhancements, such as body kits, wheel rims, body extensions, and many forms of payments, have an impact on vehicle technical attributes. Drag Battle also has 50 vehicles of various classes from which to pick and purchase. From basic city sedans to supercars and unique dragsters, there's something for everyone.

Outstanding features of the Drag Battle MOD APK

The 3D graphic is very realistic and beautiful

Drag Battle Mod APK is divided into four zones, each with a different set of locales. In the evening, you may see the street light or moonlight. Industrial corridors, high-rise structures in a city. You may drive your automobile across a bridge and into the suburbs in the game. Furthermore, the sound is quite dynamic. When you are warming up your tires, this is the sound you will hear. During the game, the soundtrack is constantly playing. However, you may disable the sound in the game's settings. You will be transported to realistic racing thanks to special effects. Warming up the tires produces smoke. Snow is falling from the sky. Drag Battle will become more exciting as a result of their efforts.
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Take control of your car

When the game begins, the participants must choose an authentication method. Google Play and Local Game are the two options. Your progress will be saved if you utilize Google Play, and you may play on several devices. The game will then show you how to play. It is critical to warm up the tires. Warm up the tires by keeping the RPM in the green zone. The greater the warm-up, the better the road grip and acceleration at the start. To begin the warming, push the GAS PEDAL button on the right. A solid start is half the battle in drag racing. Starting with the right RPM will give you an advantage in terms of power and clutch. Furthermore, in the race, proper shifting is crucial. There will be power losses if you shift early or late. You can utilize nitrous oxide to temporarily accelerate the engine if an opponent is overtaking you. To use, hold the left-hand button down until the nitro runs out. Because the location and usage of the GAS PEDAL button will not be visible while you participate in the fight, you must remember it. If you don't recall them, it will be quite tough.
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Build a reputation

Your character will take part in the combat that the character's friend is holding once you have been informed. You will be granted one of your friend's cars if you win that battle (Cobalt, 240 SX, M3 E30, Celica). The game includes a map. The race will be held at one of the locations shown on this map. You may now race vehicles, make money, establish a reputation, and win car components. Each level will have its own set of incentives. They will assist you in purchasing and upgrading cars. However, you can only select one of three prizes. You must have gold to obtain all prizes. Furthermore, as you achieve a new level, you will be able to learn a new skill. If you beat level 1, for example, you can raise your Shifter skill level. Players will be able to gain a few hundredths of a second by shifting quickly. There is a slew of new skills you will need to master. To see a list of talents, go to the Character menu and pick the PERKS section. Good talents will assist you in achieving better success.
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A car upgrading model

To win a lot of races, your automobile must have the most powerful engine. Your opponents will almost always update their cars so that they may run faster and win more races. As a result, the game has included a non-linear automobile upgrading concept as well as a large garage to assist you. You must acquire resources in the races to enhance your car. Money is not always the most important factor; sometimes you need to win a few races to prove that you are the greatest. You will obtain resources such as a vent, toggle switch, throttle, and so on after the races. In Drag Battle MOD APK, hundreds of replacement components are ready for your adjustments. In addition, the game will show you how to use them and speed up your automobile. Drag Battle allows you to become a true master of your vehicle. In addition, the game provides players with 13 different languages to choose from. German, English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, and Russian are the languages included. Many languages will make it easier for players from various nations to comprehend the criteria. When you first start the game, you will be given the option of selecting a language to show.
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The best racing game in the world

With a fascinating topic, namely, racing. Apart from that, amazing 3D visuals and colorful effects have also contributed to Drag Battle's success in attracting over 10 million players. Real races will be experienced by the players, who will be able to control the speed at their leisure. You may also drive in an inside view mode. Examine everything via the car's windshield. You will be able to experience 30 bosses, 10 tournaments, and 10 championships in career mode. This is a significant problem for you as well. However, it aids in the acquisition of new abilities and the enhancement of existing ones. Furthermore, the user is free to play Drag Battle MOD APK anywhere they choose. Because the game does not need the usage of the Internet. This also allows you to participate in races to enjoy yourself and relieve tension at work.

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