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Free Download Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle MOD APK (God Mode/High Damage) lastest version for Android. Enjoy the modified version in Dokkan Battle Mod APK.

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Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle


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Free Download Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle MOD APK (God Mode/High Damage) lastest version for Android. Enjoy the modified version in Dokkan Battle Mod APK.

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Dragon Ball, an anime that has been famous for decades, is one of the most popular anime worldwide. Proving this, many countries have bought the rights to the show and have dubbed the series. It's so popular that it had to be broken up into episodes. In the anime series, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, you will be able to watch Son Goku grow up and learn many new techniques. The Dragon Ball franchise has also been popular for decades, with new titles such as Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle appearing in the market.

Make you satisfied while playing this game

Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle is a game that will blow minds. It offers gorgeous graphics and a beautifully designed world of Dragon Ball. The game is immersive, and players will love what it has to offer. The images are extraordinary for those who love this series, as well as those who are experiencing the game for the first time. I think you would like this game! In the world that this game brings, some of its most memorable characters are from the Dragon Ball Z series and Dragon Ball S. Specifically, the game gives you a chance to meet some of these characters in person. If you are a fan of the new season, then you will also enjoy this video game! The characters from the first series also appear in this new game. Son Goku and his friends will provide you with an entertaining time in this game. You can choose from diverse strategies to play, and there are many items to collect.

Attractive gameplay with diverse strategies

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE offers a compelling gameplay experience. You will find many exciting battles, with many diverse characters, as well as an adventure map. As you travel through the map, you will earn points, and this number will increase every turn. To progress the game, you must take steps to adhere to the game's number system. When you step on a certain color of the square, you will receive the corresponding reward. And when the colored boxes fight each other, you will also receive a prize.

There are two ways to fight: either you control the character and attack other players, or you are attacked and must try to defend yourself with unique skills. All in all, fighting is equally enjoyable whether you're in a fun match with opponent players or you're battling for your life. You won't be fighting battles as you imagine. You will control the character and attack other players, but you'll also have intense matches with unique skills. When you face off with someone in this new game, it won't be anything like Pokémon. Ki Spheres will spawn on the map to provide a player with the energy to activate their skill. There are many different types of Ki Spheres, and each character has its own color. For every orb the player touches, double the amount of Ki is acquired. The rainbow ball has no restrictions on the character it can be used with.

Rich characters for you to experience

In a match-three game, you will find yourself choosing directions for different colored orbs to collect. Once chosen, you will see your character attack the enemy, and you'll win when you defeat all of them. Each team has three characters with three different states, and each player gets a turn to play. Dragon Ball has a series of unique skills that you get to develop when you earn a certain number of Ki (the game's currency). Ki is also a factor that any player is waiting for, so it's exciting to see how powerful the characters in Dragon Ball really are and how these skills are all based on the Dragon Ball movies. We all know that video games bring an enjoyable experience. What we may not know is how the game will completely immerse us in its world.

Hunt for unique characters

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle offers players an enjoyable and unique experience. The driving force behind the game is the characters. There are different types of character rarities: from SR to SSR. A lot of people want to own their favorite character. It's not easy because they are so expensive. This combat system not only has a visual depiction for the character, but also a mechanism for players to consider. There are different types of characters in each genre. One type will be significantly weaker than another and more substantial than the other. You can see the strength of each character in the right-hand corner of the screen, rotating in a circle. On each turn, you can either use the color on the circle as your move or switch to any other color. The different colors on the sphere are the color of the character genre and also what makes the gameplay enjoyable.


This game is free on the play store and requires an active internet connection to start the battle. With our Dokkan Battle Dragon Ball Z MOD APK, you get Unlimited Damage Boost and health so enemies can’t attack you.

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