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Do you love adorable animals and find joy every day in having them around you? If you are raising your pets every day, you will be able to experience more of the feeling of nurturing and taking care of dragons in the game DRAGON VILLAGE mod apk right on your Android phone. You will have the opportunity to participate in the brand-new pet game, build a strong dragon community and join the battle to find the legendary dragon-fighting champion.

Introducing to DRAGON VILLAGE mod apk


DRAGON VILLAGE is a superb simulation game that gives players the exciting experience of dragons. The game has the 3D graphic quality and great effects that create eye-catching combat. You will become a nanny when you have to look after your pets, take care of their health, train them, and establish a house of immortal warriors.0

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With attractive gameplay, the game now has over 10 million downloads and tens of thousands of positive reviews for players. Download to experience the best tool for this gameplay to compete against other games.

Why download DRAGON VILLAGE mod apk?

You can easily download for free the game from Google Play but some items in-app you will need to buy with your real money. You can spend so much money from $0.99 to $99.99 to buy each item when experiencing this game. So, the reason why you should download DRAGON VILLAGE mod apk we introduce on our website is that you can get many advanced features in this mod. You can buy anything that doesn't need to worry pay anything to experience the full features in the game. With the mod apk, you can also get other mod features:

  • Unlimited Money/ Food/ Gems/ Coins
  • No Ads

Features of DRAGON VILLAGE mod apk

Collect as many dragons as possible

Each dragon will have a unique natural element in environments that are likewise distinct. You will need to collect as many dragon eggs as possible by completing missions, unlocking levels, and completing special hidden quests.

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You can incubate eggs, hatch dragons, and breed older dragons together. Create more dragon species with incredibly distinctive and uncommon elements. You can spend more time hatching dragons, but they can have up to five components at once and live in all of the element's habitats.

Build your dragons become strong

You will take care and nurture the dragons so that they become strong to participate in the arena, compete with other dragons. You will approach the arena with your three most powerful dragons and go up against other players or the machine system here.

dragon village mod apk

You will receive a variety of appealing rewards depending on your level and title. Those rewards can be a large sum of money, food, or even a rare dragon egg. Raise the strongest dragons and win the battles in the game.

Build many buildings

You will need to build many key buildings in the town of dragons. This is a place where you can get materials and fun game types. You will need to upgrade the incubator facility, followed by the construction of dragon-friendly conditions. And then, you need to supplement food with dragon-specific food farms. Upgrade your buildings to make them more effective. That will be extremely useful to the dragon town's territory expansion at higher levels.

Graphics and sound

The graphics of the game are so eye-catching due to the creativity of the publisher Tap Pocket. The game has sketched dragon eggs, many images of different dragon species on extremely creative 3D graphics that help you completely immerse yourself in the world with dragons. The image of dragon eggs hatching into dragons with favorite shapes and colors causes curiosity and interest for you. The graphics of the game are so eye-catching

FAQs about DRAGON VILLAGE mod apk

How many types of dragons are available in Dragon Village?

In the game, you can find over 100 different types of dragons to enjoy, and the little dragons can all turn into big dragons up to level 5 within the game.

What kind of game is Dragon Village game?

The game belongs to the role-playing simulation genre. You will take care of and raise dragons, build their houses and play as a dragon to fight like a true gladiator. You will explore the dragon village and summon super-powerful dragon warriors. That's all about DRAGON VILLAGE mod apk. You will find the game so simple and fun to enjoy. The game has a strange appeal if you are looking for a game to entertain and relax. Download this mod apk on our website to experience all features of the game.  

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