Empire Warriors Premium: Tower Defense Games


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Empire Warriors Premium MOD APK (Unlimited Money) latest version for Android. Free Download this game if you enjoy tower defense and strategic confrontations

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Empire Warriors Premium: Tower Defense Games


Games Strategy

Empire Warriors Premium MOD APK (Unlimited Money) latest version for Android. Free Download this game if you enjoy tower defense and strategic confrontations

5.0 and up
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Download Empire Warriors Premium MOD APK if you enjoy tower defense and strategic confrontations. The game has a compelling rhythm that is hard to put down. Empire Warriors Premium has strong heroes, distinctive towers, difficult missions, and amusing moments. In the field of amazing tower defense games, the game distinguishes itself. Prepare yourself for tower defense confrontations with Empire Warriors Premium!

About Empire Warriors Premium: Tower Defense Games

The Empire Warriors Premium game allows you to take on the burden of a kingdom of Endia people. Prince Jave ordered the troops to fight fiercely when he was under attack from the Allied army Grando. The enemy, however, had support from the dark lord Orcs, giving them strength in numbers. It appeared that the royal force could no longer endure assault after assault. The protagonist is the one described in the prophets' words. You'll assist Jave defend the castle and wipe out all of his foes. The army isn't as important with this new tower defense method. You can still keep your territory safe while eliminating evil friends .
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Discover the fantasy story of Loria

With a variety of personalities, the game Empire Warriors Premium recreates Loria. In addition to humans, there are several other characters such as goblins, trolls, orcs, and monsters... The army can no longer fight. Jave and the King have been saved by the player. Think of a strategy to keep the kingdom's people safe. It's impossible to continue watching this horrible event unfold wherever the terrible guy goes. Siege Up! is one of the most exciting RTS siege games available. Try to be a leader on many conflicts and display your leadership abilities.
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The enemy had already discovered the major routes leading to the Kingdom's heart. They proceed one after another in the invasion and use weapons to destroy all they meet. With each combat, many new landmarks are added for the player. The quantity of foes rises as you advance through the game. Troops cannot be sent out against the enemy. For the defensive fight that claims every inch of territory, Empire Warriors Premium must alter its strategy. You can swap combat systems with collapsing towers. But you are not permitted to retreat in order for the land to fall into the adversary's grasp. They usually rely on a varied army to pursue them with constant harassment.

Make your own defensive style

Empire Warriors Premium gives you a variety of defensive choices. You follow a chain of activities that includes things like as follows: Create- Fight- Defend. The game provides four unique castles, which help you develop strong tactics.
empire warriors premium tower defense games
The Barrack Tower is a new component of Empire Warriors Premium. The brave knights of Endia are in command of the tower, which trains strong soldiers. You'll have powerful fighters on your side who will block the enemy's path and smash him to bits. You construct an Archer Tower to deal physical harm to foes. Furthermore, Archer Tower may give adjacent towers beneficial bonuses. The rulers of Endia control the Magic Tower. You create a Magic Tower to cast spells. In addition, Magic Tower can also summon unique dragons. The kingdom of Endia's terrible weapon is the Golem Tower. The Golem Tower has the ability to hurl enormous boulders at targets and inflict huge damage in a large radius. There are four distinct types of defensive towers, each with its own set of combat capabilities. Lightning Dance Tower, Archer Tower, Magic Tower, and Golem Tower are the four types. You must choose how to fight effectively depending on the particular battle. The tower has a powerful attack and high damage potential, but it is more expensive to construct than the others. As a result, before choosing an approach for the future fights, it is critical to evaluate the opponent. However, in hostile areas, using everything you have is essential. It's not practical to simply utilize a few of the same type of tower to block the enemy. Step by step, it reduces the opposing force's aggressiveness and finishes them off with destructive assaults.

Control the hero and defeat the monsters

You may lead the forces of good in the Empire Warriors Premium game. You can take control of three warriors at once to complete any difficult objectives. Each hero has one active ability and three passive abilities, which you may change at will. To improve your heroes' combat effectiveness, you must upgrade them.
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The game's difficulty level is very high. The game has more than 30 distinct types of foes, according to the description. Each monster has a distinct appearance. Some unique monsters have abilities that can cause major problems, such as high health or mobility. Every round contains a large number of monsters who want to maim or kill the player, and all are vying for first place.


Daring to enter the mess has been a wonderful success for you. This location consists of a variety of powers, as well as people. Even though you have no ill feelings toward them, goblins, monsters, and dwarves appear and become your adversaries over time. To be able to fight on, upgrade defensive towers while the battle is ongoing. The only way to tell when a system needs upgrading is to examine the situation. When your towers' strength has diminished to the point that they can no longer withstand assaults, you'll need to enhance them. Use the money for a stronger defense system.

Endless mode

In Endless mode, all players can collaborate to complete as many missions as possible. With numerous other gamers striving to be on the worldwide rankings list, you'll have a lot of competition. Endless conflicts will be a test of your battle strategy's effectiveness. Show everyone that you're a brilliant strategist.

Final words

In Empire Warriors Premium, you may acquire experience as a strategist by fighting in the battles. Defend the nation from former allies using defensive towers. They have significant power and can wreak havoc throughout the world thanks to the Lord of Darkness. Download the Empire Warriors Premium MOD to plan out your entire army's attack on Endia's territory.

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