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If you love reading interactive stories, then here’s your chance to indulge in a new app that lets you create your own story and publish it on the Internet. This is an amazing app. You can write your own story and find characters, locations, events, and other things that will make the story more interesting to read. A great way to pass time! The best thing is that you are not limited by anything as far as content creation is concerned because there are no such restrictions.

Episode – Choose Your Story logo
Episode – Choose Your Story logo

The episode is an interactive mobile story game

Google’s Niantic Labs has just launched a new mobile app called Episode Mod Apk. It’s designed to let you play interactive stories on your phone. You can download it now for iOS and Android. It’s a pretty cool app.

But what makes this unique from other interactive stories is the narrative. Whereas most other games involve the player merely mapping out the environment, Episode asks you to step into Jade and interact with her. How? It uses conversational text and voice prompts.

As a person who plays games and has a soft spot for interactive narratives, I was intrigued. After a few trials and an unusual amount of digging, I’ve learned how to use this app to my advantage, and how it’s not so hard to get into after you’ve played for a while. Here’s what I learned.

First, Episode requires a little bit of knowledge about the app and the game. There is a simple “how to play” video and an instruction booklet included in the app. You make it through the game by saying a few simple words and clicking on a plethora of randomly generated prompts. Each scene is a pre-determined set of dialogue options, most of which fit directly into the narrative.

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When I heard this line of dialogue as part of Jade’s personal narrative, it made me pause. While I wanted to keep playing, I knew I would have to be careful not to guess or speak out of turn, lest the game decide I didn’t fit into the story.

Episode – Choose Your Story - Make Impactful Choices
Episode – Choose Your Story – Make Impactful Choices

How does it work?

The first step is to create an account with Influenster. Once you have an account, you can create or join a community. Communities are groups of people who share a common interest like travel, food, or beauty. If there’s not a community that fits with you, you can start your own. To create a community, click the Create Community button, give some details like the purpose of the community, and choose how you’d like to be featured.

To add people to the community, you can either tap into the search bar in the app or use the community search. When you add someone, a new tab will open that lets you review their profile, followed by their bio, picture, and a link to their profile on Instagram and Linkedin. You can also leave comments on their posts and find out more about their story. The last thing you need to find people to add to an existing community is a whole lot of time.

Once you’ve added the six people to your community, you can begin the trials of the six different episodes and stage one. Before I started the first episode, I read fan articles on sites such as IGN, Rytiks.net, BoardGameGeek, Lil Bookshelf, World of Wonder, and Lookout. Other sources include websites like Inc, Zazzle, Cosplay, Booking.com, YouTube, Imgur, Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook. It’s important to write something that describes exactly what the community would be like as well as the frequency even if you’re just starting. For example; I ran across a community to rent out a Millennial-themed suite at the Four Seasons hotel in San Francisco. The event offered rooms for $53, plus tax, which made me nervous.

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Many communities have rules set by moderators. Moderators are friends and family members who help moderate the community in their spare time. You can think of moderators as life-savers since they spend a lot of their free time moderating.

Episode – Choose Your Story - Choisis Ton Histoire
Episode – Choose Your Story – Choisis Ton Histoire

Episode lets you choose your path and write your own story

The Episode is a story-telling game that lets you choose your own path and write your own story. In the Episode, the choices you make will determine how the story unfolds.

The formula reads as follows.

The report generates charts in your native canvas that can be exported as a file or displayed on any app or website.
You can now take advantage of your story possibilities. What will happen to your character’s plot after the start of the pandemic? How would you respond if you were an alien visitor and landed at the Internet’s equivalent of Times Square? What will your friend who is currently in your quarantine room say if she finds out that you are planning to quit your job? What would you hear on the news if you listened to Apple’s official podcast? Here’s your opportunity to tell the story in front of your audience.

Episode – Choose Your Story - Crea Il Tuo Personaggio
Episode – Choose Your Story – Crea Il Tuo Personaggio

Besides exploring the possibilities of publishing your interactive story online, you can also use Episode to create other kinds of the interactive content as well. For instance, you can use the feature to add text bubbles next to your images and record your voice in a new game while playing. There are many other fun things you can do, so do get creative.

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Let’s talk about playing. You can either put your characters’ actions in each scene or anywhere on the screen. By default, the story unfolds in 3×3 grid mode.

You can change that by dragging your characters’ hands at various intervals. My iPad has a feature called Snap to Grid but it’s not available on the Galaxy Tab S7. There’s an option to install a third-party app called StorySnap that enables a window to snap to another window. After you install it, use it as follows.

Write stories with Episode and share them with friends

Write good stories with Episode. The episode is an app that helps you to write and share stories with your friends. Episode helps you to write stories that people want to read. The next time you’re having a conversation with a friend, try to think of it as a story that you’re telling them and not just a conversation.

This is where you come in:

  • A new app has been launched that allows you to record and share short video clips of your experiences. The app which is available on Android and iOS lets you share videos with your friends in a more immersive way.
  • You can create your own stories using the new app which allows you to tell your own story. You can also record narrations and use them to tell others stories as well.
  • You’ll be amazed to find out that you can record and edit your own stories and make them sound better than you could ever imagine.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for some exciting new stories to read, download Episode today!

Download the full MOD version here


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