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EvoCreo MOD APK is a monster trainer game that's an idle monster. If you enjoy catching monsters and building an idle team in open world games with multiplayer arena combat, this role-playing game for monster trainers will be right up your alley: more than 170 monsters from an epic RPG await!

About EvoCreo - Pocket Monster Game

In ilmfinity's latest game, Zenith, you'll embark on a mission to become the world's greatest Evoker in EvoCreo as you start your quest to explore the realm of Zenith. In the game, travel across huge areas while attempting to locate all of the different Creos throughout the world.

evocreo mod apk

Train your Creo to improve their combat capabilities. Level up and evolve your Creo's abilities in order to make them more powerful. Discover the latent potential of your Creo through endless fights and intriguing challenges. With our reviews, you can learn more about this fantastic game.


The world of the fantastic creatures who have incredible powers and skills known as the Creo is introduced to gamers like with other favorite games, Pokémon. The world has learned to live in harmony with the Creo for generations. In reality, many of them grow to become the evokers, who may capture, train, and tame their own Creo. This enables numerous people to bond with the Creo and have them utilize their unique abilities for good causes.

evocreo apk

However, there are also heinous individuals who despise being associated with these magnificent creatures. Instead, all they want is access to the Creo's amazing abilities and to dominate them for their own purposes. This we cannot abide. As a result, the noble Evokers have risen up against those with unjust motives to protect nature. In the game, players will join the escapades of a daring young Evoker who has always been in love with the Creo and wants to learn everything there is to know about these magnificent creatures. As a result, he also opposes their enslavement. Start your quest and vanquish the dark forces that threaten to destroy the Creo. Learn how to control and train these powerful creatures. Make friends with them and enlist their help in combating organized crime. Go on a thrilling journey to save our planet in this game.

Features of EvoCreo

Here, you'll discover all of the game's exciting features:

In EvoCreo, take on an exciting journey

The finest part about EvoCreo MOD APK for hardcore Pokemon fans is that it will bring back some significant memories. Explore the locations, meet new friends, and join forces in your quest to become the Master Evokers. Compete against the greatest Evokers in Arenas and work your way to the Coliseum to face them. During your EvoCreo fights, you'll be completely absorbed in the action. Discover the incredible abilities of your Creo as you send them into epic battles against other players.

evocreo mod

You'll battle alongside your partner in more than 20 additional gameplay modes, including both duels and cooperative events. You'll also encounter the Shadow Hive, who want to enslave all of the Creo for their own gain. Stop each of their evil plans and bring tranquility to the Creo. With at least 40 hours of gameplay, you'll have a lot of fun with EvoCreo.

Explore the large world map

You'll get access to more of Zenith in addition to the existing features. You'll be able to explore new locations with unique atmospheres, as well as see everything that's currently available. In EvoCreo, gamers are free to follow their own stories while exploring the beautiful planet of Zenith. Discover the world and sea throughout the empire. Engage creatures like Creos in the dark woods, volcanic mountains, frozen ice, and other inhospitable terrains. A huge planet with an infinite number of possibilities awaits you.

Discover a variety of Creo kinds

Zenith has a huge open world to explore, which means you'll be spending plenty of time trekking across it. You may also encounter various Creos along the way that will challenge your abilities. Depending on where you are, certain Creos will be accessible for capturing. Each Creo has its own set of powers and capabilities, making them distinct from one another.

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With over 130 distinct Creos in the rest of the globe, you'll have your work cut out for you if you want to capture and master them all. But never give up. Keep a good attitude and continue attempting your best to photograph various species of Creos. Train them and build their affection so that they may develop rapidly.

Meet up with interesting characters

Then there are the battles, which will provide you with an opportunity to meet some of the most fascinating individuals in the world. Engage with them, establish new friendships, and take part in many narrative adventures with other characters. And who knows? Maybe you'll need their assistance one day, so don't miss out on this opportunity.

Enjoy the cross-platform gameplay

Gamers in EvoCreo may play their fantastic stories on a variety of devices from a distinct platform, including Android, iOS, Ouya, and more. Most importantly, you're permitted to play the game on several devices and have your progress synced automatically.

Enjoy the game with friends

Furthermore, the game allows gamers to participate in interesting cross-platform multiplayer gameplay, where they may play the game with their friends who are also playing it. Simply launch the game and enter the internet environment, where you may collaborate with your pals in exciting group challenges. Double the fun by tackling powerful bosses.

Take on the online Evokers in PvP fights

You'll be able to enjoy the game alongside your friends in cooperative team play, and you'll even be able to compete against them or other gamers for an exciting PvP encounter. Find yourself competing with the world's top Evokers as you strive to reach the world championship. Become the greatest players and win the title of Ultimate Evoking Master by mastering all aspects of evocation. Of course, there are plenty of lucrative goodies for you if you succeed.

Explore the in-depth tactics

To compete against the greatest Evokers in both your offline and online games, you'll need to master the craft of battling with Creo. That being said, the game includes engaging and complex tactical fights where you must apply your efforts to devise effective tactics for facing specific opponents. Pick out a compatible team composition, adjust Creo's abilities, skill moves, and attacks to make them more effective during fights. It's also suggested that you use certain methods against specific opponents.

With our mod, you may play the game for free.

The game is presently available on the Google Play Store as a paid edition, which you'll have to pay for. However, if you want to install the game on your devices without having to spend money, we recommend trying out our edit of the game. You can play the game without spending a dime with this mod. Simply visit our website and download the EvoCreo Mod APK, which will allow you to start playing the game without investing any money. You may also use the provided unlimited money fix to purchase anything you want.

Graphics and Sound

EvoCreo is a action-RPG with easy visuals, making it suitable for most gamers to play on their phones. In addition, the immersive settings and well-designed Creos will make things even more fascinating. The stunning and vivid graphics in EvoCreo will keep you captivated. As you unleash your monsters' powerful and spectacular skill attacks, engage in the thrilling Creo fights. Not to mention that the fleshed-out Creos and animated characters will add zest to each sequence in the game. EvoCreo is the game that uses dynamic sound to immerse players in its unique world. Explore the vast Creos, which are full of intrigue and adventure.

Download EvoCreo MOD APK for Android

The game is ideal for anybody who enjoys the internationally renowned Pokemon series. It has all of the franchise's trademark features, as well as some new ones. So prepare yourself for an exciting journey with EvoCreo MOD APK.

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