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What is FacePlay?

FacePlay is an app that allows you to cosplay with celebrity videos and share them with friends, social networks. You can select your favorite video, then the app detects faces from videos or images then stitches them together so they can cosplay anyone!

You can be anyone you want, from Iron Man and Ryan Gosling all the way to Beyoncé! It's a revolutionary application for people who love cosplay or role-play games as much as they value social media networks like Snapchat or Instagram stories. FacePlay uses AI technology so there are no limits on what movies, music videos, etc. it will be able to generate entertainment out of in order to make them funny and interesting enough for followers. The app stitches together video with the user’s facial features implanted into them which creates new content where they get to star alongside their favorite celebrity. It's never been easier to be a celebrity - just download now for your devices.


What you need to know about FacePlay

How it works

This application is based on a technology called DeepFake. DeepFake is a technology that can produce hyper-realistic videos of people doing things they never did before. The software works by pairing and blending the similarities between two faces, then adding on differences to make them look real enough for you to believe in their authenticity - almost without flaw. You might not be able to spot any unusual points at all when looking out grafting points; even if it's been transplanted onto someone else entirely, as long as there's movement involved (say ballerinas), the person will still move smoothly with a full range of expressions so subtle that only an expert could detect them! This is completely different than previous face-on-photo applications. This application promises to bring a lot of emotions and enhance the user experience in ways that no other app has ever been able to do before!


Simple preparation

To make the most perfect face transplant videos, many people will think that there must be careful preparation and complicated tools. But with FacePlay it is completely different! You can now upload your portrait photo to get a face transplant and need to select a video of the person you want, and then FacePlay will do all the work! With a simple interface that is designed to be easy and intuitive, you can choose from your device's photo gallery or take a new one using any camera position you want before taking photos of yourself -a process which couldn't possibly get more simple than this!

Diverse templates and always up to date

FacePlay's templates are guaranteed to make you overwhelmed in quantity and variety. You can find any character or theme, from old historical movies to modern action films! What type of video do you want? A dance sequence for your wedding day? Or a hilarious cartoon that will have everyone laughing at the party all night long. If so FacePlay has them all and many other topics! Your job is to prepare your own portrait photo. But there may also be some videos where people must have pay money which has diamond icons at the corner left side; however do not worry about those yet, TECHTODOWN.COM will cover how later on in this article so keep reading!


Premium version

With the free version, you will be able to use some of the functions that this app has. But if you want more amazing features and resources? You should go for the premium version, it has all the features that are not offered in its more basic counterpart. The great features of the premium version are: no ads, unlock all templates, and export without watermark. You won't have to wait for a video render if you need it right away!

  • No Ads: You won't be interrupted by annoying ads or pop-ups when you're searching for a video template or while waiting for your render to process.
  • Unlock All Templates: You will be able to unleash your creativity with face transplant, cosplay, and share it on any social media platform.
  • No Watermark: For some people, watermarks are an annoyance that they do not want to see in their videos. But now the problem is solved!
  • Quick render: If there is any fee associated with this service, it only takes about two or three dozen seconds to complete one of these videos while when using the free version - which also requires watching an ad video - can take up nearly 3 minutes and might cause some frustration if they're interrupted by ads playing in between clips!

But what if you can't afford the premium version of FacePlay? That's why today TECHTODOWN.COM will share for users to use the free modded APK. But don't worry about being able to afford the Premium Version, because we're going to show how easy it is!

FacePlay MOD APK

Mod feature

  • Unlocked Premium (Updating)

FAQ about FacePlay MOD APK

Why should I use this mod?

  • If you use this mod version, you will be able to use premium features without paying.

Does this mod have any malware or viruses attached to it?

  • You can use it with complete peace of mind because TEHTODOWN.COM has tested it.

Will my device run smoothly with the mod installed?

  • We recommend you to have at least 1GB RAM and run Android 5.0+ to run smoothly with this mod.

FacePlay MOD APK is a free app that lets you cosplay your favorite character in augmented reality. You can download from our website to get started with this amazing new app experience! If there's anything else about FacePlay MOD APK or its features that interests you then don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. See you next article.

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