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If you're a big fan of action role-playing games, you're probably familiar with the Final Fantasy series. Although it has been almost eight years since its debut, the game is still loved by players. In the article, we will introduce to you Final Fantasy IV mod apk that is the 4th part of this series. Continue reading to find out what makes the game interesting compared to previous parts.

What is Final Fantasy IV mod apk?

final fantasy iv mod apk
Final Fantasy IV is an action role-playing game that is released by SQUARE ENIX. The game belongs to the 4th installment of the Final Fantasy series with excellent storytelling gameplay. The game has unique characters and a dramatic storyline that will leave you deeply impressed compared to other action RPG titles.


Final Fantasy IV combines real-time action with many other strategic elements to ensure you have a lot of fun. You will command a party of up to five individuals and must perform the game's missions. To play the game, you will use attacks, spells, and special character skills.
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In all environments, such as caves, castles, and towers, the characters can fully interact with one another. You can stop in towns on their journey to the task to restore your character's health, buy equipment, and learn more about the other quests. Besides, the characters will have to combat enemies in dungeons and random encounters across the map. If you turn on Auto-Battle mode, all characters will automatically attack the enemy without your control. You can also skip the turn of your characters and exit the fight.

Perform your tasks

In Final Fantasy IV, narrative-driven quests will guide you throughout the gameplay. Traveling between places on the map will make it easier to traverse the map and provide a lot of fresh information about the next destination.
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During the use of the ATB system, you can use each special ability with the maximum energy of a segment of the ATB bar. When you perform tasks, you can also assign special abilities to the shortcut buttons, which allows you to be entirely in real-time without pausing.

Upgrade your characters

In the game, there are many characters for you to choose from, and each character has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The characters will be able to learn new talents and increase their stats as they level up. After killing the enemy, you will receive encounter focuses, which will help to raise the level of the chosen character. You will also receive AP that has a significant impact. Upgrade your character to help them have more modern skills and abilities to participate in combat.

Special battle system

The battle system in Final Fantasy IV is inspired by Japanese role-playing games. Your heroes will face the adversary, and each character will wait patiently for their turn to attack. After the bar has been filled, you can be free to attack.
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This also means that you will have more time to assess the situation and devise strategies for defeating opponents in traditional battles. Especially, the game has the battle system called Active Time Battle, and it allowed you to transfer skills to other characters and gain an advantage in battle.

Graphics and sound

Final Fantasy IV features realistic 3D graphics. High-resolution images represent smoke and fire scenarios, which players may see. The attractive mobile battle interface makes it easy to follow thrilling matches. Besides the graphics, the sound in the game is the special background music which is written by Uematsu Nobuo, a well-known Japanese composer. The game's impressive visuals and sounds are sure to keep you immersed in the game.

What is special in Final Fantasy IV mod apk?

Final Fantasy IV mod apk is ready for you to download and enjoy for free on our website Techtodown. With this mod apk, you can buy anything to have all experience the game with unlimited money and you can enjoy all of the amazing features of Final Fantasy IV. What are you waiting for without downloading this mod apk to have fun with this famous, exciting role-playing game?

How to download Final Fantasy IV mod apk?

You can easily download Final Fantasy IV mod apk for free from our website following the simple steps below:
  • Step 1: Uninstall the original game version or previous mods
  • Step 2: Download the Apk file from our website
  • Step 3: Enable allow installation of apps from unknown sources on phone settings.
  • Step 4: Install the game and wait to it completed
  • Step 5: Open and enjoy the game


Final Fantasy IV mod apk has successfully followed the previous installments and become one of the most rewarding RPG games of all time. With a unique storyline and impressive character images, you will be immersed in the fantasy world of this game. Download and enjoy.

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