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If you are a design enthusiast, want to create architectural drawings right on your Android phone, Floor Plan Creator Mod Apk will help you construct your own models with a wide range of patterns. This app offers designs of houses with a variety of styles. There are several fully furnished rooms with stunning artwork. This app will help you have fresh ideas to design houses with a wide range of patterns. Let's find out what useful features this app brings to you.

What is Floor Plan Creator Mod Apk about?

Floor Plan Creator is an awesome mobile app that is released by developer Marcin Lewandowski. With the app, you can easily create a 3D model of their homes, flats, buildings, and other structures. You can create detailed and precise design drawings.


This app will help you plan the floor to help with the shopping to see whether there is enough room for new furniture. That will make it much easier for you to visualize your ideas for a great construction or browse for new furniture.

Highlight features of Floor Plan Creator Mod Apk

Decorate the home

With the interesting features of the application, you can easily decorate a home for it to be more appealing. You will add items to your home and arrange them with a wide choice of amenities in your home. You can arrange the furniture as you want them to be to make the house more orderly.


You can also add new furniture to your home and fill up the gaps. Create a plan for how the house will be exhibited in the best possible light. You can design details for each room, and make your dreams come true with Floor Plan Creator.

Designed for small spaces

You can easily design for small spaces by creating simulations so you can see how the room will look. You can add windows, doors, and other systems to the blueprints of your rooms. Your house will have all of the conveniences and is designed reasonably. You can size the rooms so that the furniture is the fairest and balanced, as well as placed.


You can also change the house's height, width, and the number of rooms to suit your needs. You can access a comprehensive range of tools to improve your home completed in the style you like.

Use realistic symbols

Floor Plan Creator also includes a range of different symbols and 3D models for you to work with, making it easier for you to complete your editing duties. You can use realistic symbols in the design library, such as doors, windows, furniture, electrical appliances, sceneries, and so on.


Each object can be readily added to the floor plans and customized to your liking, with many sizes and color possibilities. In general, the improved 3D models allow you to genuinely feel the house come to life, especially when using the 3D tour option.

Use an automated calculation system

The app provides an automated calculation system that you can use correct calculations of your rooms, walls, level areas, number of symbols, perimeter, and so on, making your designs easier and more accessible. You will have the best experience designing your home and rooms.


Save your design After completing your designs, you can save your files in several formats, so you can easily review them when you need to. Feel free to create virtual designs, and improve your professional qualifications. The app provides crisp pictures accompanying each design you create, that brings the most realistic look to the attention of a large number of individuals.

Why should you download Floor Plan Creator Mod Apk?

Floor Plan Creator is available for free on Google Play for you to download and enjoy. However, because it is a freemium app, you will be bothered with advertisements and in-app purchases. But with Floor Plan Creator Mod Apk on our website, you can use the free and unlocked version of the application. You can easily enjoy the full-featured mobile app while also working with the ad-free version. Make the most of your mobile app by experimenting with a variety of in-app features. You can freely use all of the features of the app to create perfect designs for your home.


That's all about Floor Plan Creator Mod Apk. You can combine your ideal home design app to further increase your interior and architectural achievements. This user-friendly floor planner app provides many features for you to make home planning a breeze. Download and enjoy!

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