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Games of Thrones Beyond the Wall is an engrossing video game developed by well-known Behaviour Interactive, and it's now available for all Android users. With its 3D graphics, interesting storyline, and user-friendly features Games of Thrones Beyond the Wall has already been crowned one of 2020's most beloved games.

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Timeline of the game

The events of Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall transpired many decades before the start of Game of Thrones. At this point, it took place after Bloodraven (also known as the Three-Eyed Crow or commander-in-chief), who was in command on the other side of the Wall, had vanished. Then there was Viserion's death, which resulted from the Night King's subsequent rage and Jon, Daenerys, and her remaining dragons heading north to discover a way to end the conflict. The dragon was destroyed when it swooped in on its own and tried to attack the Great Hall. It failed, even making Jon almost unable to return when engulfed in ice. Benjen Stark also risked his life to save his, remaining alone to combat the White Walkers after returning to Eastwatch. Daenerys vowed that the Night King would pay for his crimes. For compensating such a huge loss, her kings agreed to defer to this powerful woman's command.

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Tactical gameplay

The chronology of Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is directly linked to the game's timeline. The goal is to destroy the Night King and his army of White Walkers, which is the first objective you must achieve. An instruction has been included in the game for you at its start. You must call upon the heroes from the night team to combat those attempting to breach The Wall at night. The map in the game consists of hundreds of squares and you have battles on this map. When it is your turn, first select a skill for each hero, then move around them on the different positions and lastly pick an enemy to fight. If any readers are familiar with strategy games, they will understand this easily as it uses turn-based gameplay . Furthermore, note that during fights you can only attack items/people etc. Which are in front of you and also within your attacking range. The game is based on the original storyline of the sixth Game of Thrones series. To provide you with information, text descriptions of the storyline, NPC characters, and quest systems will appear. From there, you can capture what is happening and what needs to be done.

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Travel to Different Places Around the World

There are lots of areas to explore in Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall. When you complete a challenge in certain maps, new regions will open up. Several new perils threaten the existence of East watch Keep. Many deadly traps can also kill people on their own. Furthermore, Weirwood Forays offers haunted woodlands in which gamers must pick up vital information. For example, to extinguish the threats before they expand into your territory, you must lead the army to operate at night on the Milkwater River. Also, when exploring Expedition, players have to find a strategy to overcome any obstacles in their path and display strength.

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Creating an Effective Plan

Unlike other strategy games, Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall does not let players simply run free to win. In this game, developers have made it so that a larger number of soldiers does not equate to an automatic advantage- meaning you're going to have to use your brain power and position your army wisely if you want ensure victory. Additionally, the units are organized into distinct categories. In which, Archers can assist in the rear and assault foes from a distance; the swordsman is at the forefront, blocking enemy movement while also dealing significant damage to two adjacent fields. Each unit has additional information provided by the developer. For further information, see it.

The graphics

Behavior Interactive knows how to wow players. They created a stunning visual architecture to replicate the combats in The Wall as accurately as possible. From the smallest details to the dramatic vistas of the snow forest and battlefields, everything is meticulously planned.

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  • Choose a character and prepare to fight. Will you be fighting as Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, or Jaime Lannister?
  • As a three-eyed crow, you can explore the dark lands beyond the wall and be aware of what is happening there. Be ready to battle at all times.
  • Call for aid from 7 kingdoms to defend the Wall against the massive zombie army of corpses, as you command the Night's Watch.
  • Do not forget the help of three dragons in legend.


Game of Thrones Beyond Mod APK is a tactically rich game with plenty of action and adventure. With diverse, beautiful graphics and realistic images, it's easy to get sucked into this world. Plus, the epic effects add an extra layer of immersion. If you're looking for a new game to try out, definitely give Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall a shot! You can download it at the link below. And if you have any questions after playing, feel free to leave us a comment – we love hearing from our readers! Thanks for reading and enjoy the game!

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