General FAQs about MOD APK

Here you will find all MOD APK FAQs and MOD APK related topics, including guide, advice, recommendation list…. Hope our knowledge provides an overview. , most importantly for users to better understand MOD APK games and apps around the world.

List of FAQs about MOD APK

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The MOD APK is definitely not an official app. And most of the time, MOD APK unlocks premium features, available in the official app are in-app purchases. This is one-way app developers make money. This is clearly not in the interest of the original creator of the app, and there are strict copyright laws against it. However, most of the laws are for distributors, not users. Therefore, this is not the case with the circulation of every MOD APK. It’s not a serious crime if it’s a MOD APK of a free app, just added fan love feature and not officially available.

Category: MOD APK

In general, you will not be able to download MOD versions of iOS games and apps. The security feature of iOS is quite good, it will be difficult to modify games and applications. So if you want to use the MOD versions please use a device with the android operating system.

Category: OBB

You need a file manager to do this. I use ES file explorer because it’s free and easy to use. Install the app first. The game will start normally after completing it correctly. Otherwise, the game will ask you to download additional content. Please close the application and reopen the application.

Category: How?

To download and install mod apps third-party applications on iOS all you need is a profile from the third-party application store, then how do you get it? of course through the website / site that provides the third application store.

Currently there are various third-party app stores that you can use, such as the famous ones:

  • TweakBox
  • iOS Ninja
  • Ignition
  • AppValley
  • AppCake
  • Panda Helper
  • TutuApp

And many others, depending on what application or game you want to find because usually the application store only provides certain applications or games, such as emulators and jailbreak applications until some contain modified applications.

Remember, not all application stores are in the form of applications that must be installed on the iPhone, usually there are several application stores that are only web-based, aka provide applications that can be installed directly through the browser.

To do this, just follow this tutorial:

  1. First, to install third-party applications, please open the Safari browser on iPhone and iPad
  2. If you have, please select the application store that you want to install (please google because the link changes sometimes)
  3. After that find and tap the Install / Download button found on the third-party application store site situs
  4. Then tap Allow (if prompted) then tap Close again
  5. Now exit and open the Settings app > General > Profile then tap on the downloaded third party app store profile then tap Install again until it’s done
  6. If so, please return to the Homescreen and see that the third-party application has been installed
  7. Finally, please open the third-party application store and select the application or game you want to install
Category: MOD APK

Apk mod is modified versions of your original apps. Modified APKs are modified to provide better features and also unlock all paid features. The term ‘MOD’ means ‘Modified. APK is the format used for Android apps.

Category: How?

You can access APKdone’s homepage at At the search bar – type APKDONE – select the app – download and install the APK file.

Category: MOD APK

Many people like MOD games or modified games because they give more freedom, right? If you get a MOD APK, you can follow these steps:

Make sure you already have the title of the game, it’s just that not all Android games have a mod version.

Normally, this mod game is taken from a game that is as of now well known with a huge number of downloads on the Playstore.

1. Go to

You could open a browser, you could use Google Chrome, Opera or other browsers. Then visit Techtodown site.

2. Find the Game Title

You can click the search field and write the title.

Then you press the search button and the game you are looking for will appear. You can also see what are the latest popular mod apk games to play.

3. Download Games

Then you just click, and the game appears.

Then finally you click download and get the apk file.

Here you can also immediately see what the size of the game is and the minimum android to play it.

4. Install and Play

Then you just have to wait for the download process, if it’s all you have to do is just install the application as usual.

It’s easy, right?

And don’t forget to check the existing coins and diamonds, there must have been many, millions more.

Category: How?

Android devices generally don’t allow users to install apps that are not available on the Google Play Store . However, there are some application developers who do not register their applications in the Play Store , so users have to download them via the official website and install them manually.

However, it is not the default setting so users can still install apps from sources other than Google Play Store .

According to Techtodown, here’s how to install apps from unknown sources on Android:

On Android, you need to grant permission to certain apps which are allowed to install APKs from unknown sources.

To set this permission, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Install unknown apps.

In the menu, select the application that you want the user to give permission to install from unknown sources. Then tap Allow from this source to enable unknown sources for the app.

APK file is a file only for devices using the android operating system. It is not for Iphone, IOS operating system. If you want to install apps with APK files, you need to buy a new android device.

Category: How?

PUBG is a famous game on PC, if you want to play, download PUBG for mobile here and follow the instructions.

Category: How?

Downloading HappyMod is quite easy to do, but you have to follow the steps exactly as written to install the APK file to the device:

  1. Open the Android browser and go to the official HappyMod download page.
  2. Download APK file to device
  3. Then open the Settings app and tap Security (or Privacy)
  4. Look for the Allow Unknown Sources option.
  5. Go to the download location and double tap the happymod.apk file.
  6. The installation will start – follow the other on-screen installation instructions and the app will appear on the home screen once installed.
Category: How?

How to install apps from unknown sources on Android 10

  1. Access Settings;
  2. Apps and Notifications and look for Advanced;
  3. Under Special App, Access, tap Install Unknown Apps.
Category: How?

Access Settings; Apps and Notifications and look for Advanced; Under Special App, Access, tap Install Unknown Apps.

Categories: How?, XAPK

If you want to install XAPK on your PC, you need a bluestack emulator on your PC. Then download the XAPK file and install it using the Bluestacks emulator

Category: How?

How to install XAPK on your cellphone is actually quite easy, but you need a separate application to install XAPK on your cellphone called XAPK Installer. The XAPK installer file size isn’t too big, guys, so you don’t have to worry about running out of quota to download this installer. In addition to its small file size, XAPK Installer is also light when you use it to install the application or game you want.

  • To be able to install XAPK, you need the XAPK Installer application . You can download the XAPK Installer on Playstore
  • Give access permission on XAPK Installer to Save Data and Install Apps from other sources.
  • In addition, because XAPK is used to install applications outside of the Google Play Store , you also need to grant XAPK Installer access permission to install applications from other sources.
  • After that, select the application that you want to install through this application interface.
  • If you have trouble finding the XAPK you want to install, try scanning the SD Card and installing the XAPK you want.
  • After the application finishes installing the desired XAPK, the application can be used immediately without moving other files.
Category: XAPK

Download and install the XAPK Installer application on Google Play, to be able to run the XAPK file.

Category: MOD APK

We do not recommend using mod APK files due to the likelihood that Malware will be attached to them. However, if you want to play completely free games or if you want to install an app that has no paid restrictions, you can access it from the list below.

Category: How?

The first important thing we need to do is enable the Unknown Sources to feature for our Android device. This has the effect of helping the system bypass and allows users to install applications and files that are not from official sources.

Allow the device to install APK file

You click the Settings icon – Settings on the device screen, then click on Security and tick the box Unknown Sources – Unknown Sources.

However, you also need to pay attention, when performing this operation, all “unsafe” software and applications will be able to install on your device, which also means viruses, trojan, with its danger, should be very careful when installing.

After allowing the device to receive software and applications from external sources, we begin to install the apk file for android without going through the Google Play Store.

Category: OBB

Obb is not an Android installation package. It’s an application data file.

You have apk file and OBB file

1.Install apk file

2.Go to the android/OBB path in your storage and create a folder with the package name

Note: If you have installed the application in the phone memory, you must create the folder in the internal memory, otherwise you must create the \U0001f4c1 folder in the external memory card. If you don’t have any idea about storage, create a folder and put OBB in both internal and external sd cards.

If you don’t have any idea about the package name, then you can get it from the play store link.

Example: If you have Plant vs Zombies 2 game and installed in external storage go to sd card and create folder in Android/OBB folder and put OBB file there

3. Launch the application. That is all.

Note: This technique doesn’t always work

Category: Spotify FAQ

Spotify, the music and podcast streaming application, allows the language choice to be changed only on the Desktop. On smartphones and tablets, the configuration of the app follows the same as the operating system, so it is necessary to configure it. If you need to make this change for some reason, check out how to change Spotify’s language below.

You can change the language in Spotify for PC and in apps for Android and iOS

How to change Spotify’s language

On the desktop

It is possible to change the Spotify language directly through the program, following the steps below:

  1. Open Spotify Desktop;
  2. In the upper right corner, the arrow next to your name, click the profile menu.
  3. Select “Preferences”;
  4. In “Languages”, just select the language you want
  5. Log out of Spotify and log in again;

Your Spotify Desktop will have the updated language.

Next is how to change the language on your smartphone. The Spotify app does not allow you to change this option directly. You need to configure the operating system change for the application to keep up.

On android

Please follow the below steps to change the language on your android system.:

  1. Tap on “Settings”;
  2. Tap “General Management”;
  3. Select the option “Language and input”;
  4. Tap “Language”;
  5. Add the desired language and select;

The selected option will apply across Android and Spotify.

On iOS

To change the language on iPhone or iPad, follow the instructions:

  1. Tap on “Adjustments”;
  2. Select “General”;
  3. Tap “Language and region”;
  4. Select “iPhone (or iPad) language;
  5. Select language and confirm.

This change will reset the device and after that, Spotify will be configured in the chosen language.

It is important to note that even if your PC operating system is in Portuguese, Spotify may be downloaded in English. If this happens and you have difficulty finding the options to change the language, follow the steps I showed above, based on the images.

Category: Spotify FAQ

Spotify Match (or Blend) is a curious tool that brings together the musical tastes of two users in a single playlist. No, it has nothing to do with Tinder! In this case, you invite a friend to create a match — when they accept, Spotify will automatically create a playlist that combines songs they listen to, but not necessarily in common. This playlist is updated daily.

Use Spotify Match to create a unique playlist with another user

How to create a Match on Spotify [Playlist]

All you need is a Spotify account to make a playlist with Match. Functionality is available for Premium and Free users. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your mobile device and tap the “Search” tab in the bottom menu;
  2. Go to “Made for you”;
  3. Tap “Create a match” just below “Playlist for 2”;
  4. Tap “Invite” to select a friend. The invitation can only be used once — you’ll need to send a new link to each person you want to create a playlist with;
  5. Share the link with the person in question. Once she accepts, Spotify will create a playlist that mixes what the two of you usually listen to.

After the other person accepts the invitation, you will see a playlist titled “[person 1] + [your name]”.

The two users can identify which one was the “influence” for the music to be there — the person’s avatar appears next to the track. When a song has been pulled from their library, Spotify shows their icon.

The playlist is updated daily, which makes Match even more interesting, as the songs may change as users’ tastes change as well. It’s a curious way to get to know new music, bands and, of course, your friends’ musical preferences.

Match only works on Spotify’s mobile app for Android and iOS, so you won’t be able to find it in the Web Player or the desktop version of the app.

Category: Spotify FAQ

Using streaming applications has become common in users’ daily lives. Mainly for those who like to listen to music all the time, Spotify is one of the main services available on the web, bringing a wide variety of music styles and playlists as well. Also, the app allows you to customize playlists according to your musical taste. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create a Spotify account.


Instructions on how to create a Spotify account from a PC

Although the process is very simple and quick to be performed, some users may have questions about the procedure. Check it out below.

1: Access the official Spotify website and click on “Subscribe”;
2: Next, fill in the registration form with your data or login via Facebook;
3: Read the terms of use and the service’s privacy policy and complete the registration under “Subscribe”

Once finished, you can start using Spotify on your PC in two ways: by downloading and installing the application or via the web player, available via your browser.

In addition, you can also customize your profile by adding a photo of your choice.

How to create a Spotify account from mobile

  1. Download the Spotify app from your app store;
  2. When starting, choose the method you want to register. Tap on “Sign up for free” if you prefer to register through the app itself;
  3. Inform your personal data such as email, password, and date of birth;
  4. Complete the registration and, if you want, add your photo to the profile settings.

It’s important to remember that this profile you just created is a free account. In other words, you can only listen to your playlists if you are connected to the internet.

To be able to download, listen offline, and also not be interrupted by ads during playback, just subscribe to one of the paid plans offered by the service.

Category: Spotify FAQ

Spotify allows you to create a shortcut for easy access to what you frequently hear on the platform. You can pin up to four favorite artists, playlists, albums, or podcasts at the top of the Your Library tab. Another alternative is to make a shortcut to a folder with playlists, so you can quickly reach different playlists and still have three spaces available to pin artists, albums, or podcasts.

Spotify updates library interface on iOS and Android

How to create a shortcut in Spotify [Pin]

Users can create up to four shortcuts at the top of the Your Library tab in the app. Until then, the option is not available in the desktop version. Follow the steps below to pin an artist, playlist, album, podcast, or folder:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your mobile device;
  2. Tap the Your Library tab in the lower-left corner;
  3. Find the item you want to pin and drag it to the right;
  4. Tap the pin icon.

After that, the shortcut will appear above all other content saved in your streaming service’s library.

Create shortcuts to playlists, artists, songs or podcasts on Spotify

You can pin the Your Episodes list in the Main Library view, in addition to the New Episodes list, if you want to access Your Episodes in the Library view without having to filter to “Podcasts and Shows” first.

Limited to four pins

A tip: if you’ve reached four pins and would like to have more, you can create a playlist folder via the web player or desktop app. Back to the mobile app, just fix this folder following the steps above. That way, it only takes a shortcut, but when you access it you can quickly view your playlists.

Unpin Liked Songs is another alternative to gaining a shortcut. If you choose to organize the Library by the “Custom” filter, you will still have the likes at the top, but with an extra pin.

You can also unpin New episodes and still access the session using the filter “Podcasts and shows” or searching for it.

Category: Spotify FAQ

Spotify released the offline music feature on Apple Watch in May 2021 for Premium members. It is another alternative to Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal, which already allowed to send playlists or albums to the watch to listen even without internet when the user is not with the iPhone around. Learn how to download songs to Watch for offline listening via Bluetooth headphones.

Spotify on Apple Watch

Listen to offline music from Spotify on Apple Watch

Spotify lets you upload playlists, albums, or podcasts to Apple Watch. Whichever content you choose, the process is the same. Especially for playlists, the ones that will be downloaded on the watch can have a maximum of 50 tracks.

  1. In the Spotify app on iPhone, find the playlist, album, or podcast you want to download from Apple Watch;
  2. Tap the three-dot button to open the menu;
  3. Select the “Download to Apple Watch” option.

Steps for downloading Spotify playlists or albums for offline listening on Apple Watch

During the process, it’s important to keep the iPhone and Apple Watch close together. The progress of downloads can be followed in the Spotify app on the watch.

Once the songs are downloaded, just connect your Bluetooth headset to your Apple Watch and listen without your cell phone and without an internet connection. For AirPods, the connection is automatic if they are already paired with iPhone. Other Bluetooth accessories can be paired in the Settings > Bluetooth menu from the watch itself.

The ability to download Spotify music offline on the Watch requires a Series 3 model or higher, with at least watchOS 6 (at least version 7.1 of the watch operating system is recommended). Here on TechToDown, we’ve already shown how to update the Apple Watch. The Spotify app on the iPhone must also be up to date.

Category: OBB
  1. Download the Zip File any Mod Apk.
  2. Then Unzip it.
  3. Copy the folder you got to /sdcard/android/obb -> Past them files in Folder.
  4. Then Install the Apk.
  5. Check and Open the app.
Category: Spotify FAQ

Spotify started releasing, on June 2, 2021, a new joke with usage statistics for each user. With the #OnlyYou (Only You) campaign, it is possible to check which artists define the listener’s taste, as well as to assemble a “brain map” based on what is reproduced, among other categories. Learn how to find and share your music genres, birth chart, and special moments data on Spotify.

Remembering: this campaign is not Wrapped yet. The annual retrospective is always released at the end of each year.

Spotify Astral Map

Finding the birth chart on Spotify

To find the birth chart and other combinations of tastes on Spotify, you need to do the following steps through the app, whether it’s on Android or iOS, there’s no browser-based page on the desktop.

  1. On your smartphone, access the Spotify app;
  2. Tap the magnifying glass button, which opens the “Search” screen;
  3. Below the search field, tap the “Discover what touches you” banner;
  4. A sequence of slides will appear (similar to Instagram Stories), swipe to find information about your behavior in the app and
  5. Spotify’s birth chart, with artists, set to Sun, Moon, and ascendant;
  6. Below each screen, you can share the image on social media, including Instagram Stories (don’t worry if you missed any, the compiled will be available at the end for review).

The selection of artists that are part of the birth chart on Spotify changes for each user, this is the intention, to create something unique for each listener. As you can see, in my case, he selected two extremes: Meghan Thee Stallion and The Calling. ??‍♂️

After the campaign ends, the mixed content will end up in the “Only You” section, located in the “Search” tab, along with the other categories. Spotify didn’t mention when it will stop displaying the presentation with custom images in the app.

How Categories Are Selected

In addition to the birth chart, Spotify has prepared other selections that can be shared on social networks, each one based on behavior:

1: Astrology chart:

  1. Sol: most listened to artist in the last six months;
  2. Lua: highlights an artist who shows his emotional or vulnerable side;
  3. Ascendant: Displays an artist you’ve recently connected to;

2: Your special dinner: propose up to nine artists to choose three for a dinner. Then Spotify creates a mix for each one, to compose the soundtrack of the moment;

3: Your Artist Pair: Shows the extremes of artists you’ve recently listened to;

4: The year of your songs: shows the year of the songs you listen to, highlighting different periods and artists;

5: Your special moment: select a song or podcast that you listen to often at a time (my case: listening to Taylor Swift’s Dorothea in the late afternoon);

6: Your Genres: This shows the mix of genres and podcasts played, not necessarily the extremes, as the third topic.

Category: How?

It is undeniable that nowadays, there are a lot of smartphone users who like to install Mod Apk applications because these applications provide more value such as being free from ads, pro or Premium frills, and also you can get features that cannot be obtained when installing a trial application or original application.

However, with those features, users will also face some risks when using MOD APK. So how to use MOD APK safely?

First, find yourself a reliable place to download the MOD APK. Here are some websites to download MOD APK that are trusted and appreciated by users:


Second, after downloading the MOD APK file to your device, do not rush to install it. Use the Metadefender or VirusTotal app to scan the APK file for viruses.

This will help you minimize the risks when using MOD APK, make sure it’s safe before installing.


Category: Safe?

An alternative app store, ACMarket offers everything the official store doesn’t and is completely free – including all apps and games. Overall ACMarket is safe.

Category: Safe?

AppValley is 100% safe. It is completely safe to download any app or edit from the AppValley app store. The developers (Twitter) are very active and constantly monitor the app’s issues. If any do arise, they will be rectified almost immediately. Plus, they check for any issues locally to make sure you’re safe to use. AppValley developers update the app regularly, add new, safe content and also add security features so you can download any app or tweak from the installer without worry Worry about any malware, spyware, viruses, or anything else that might compromise your device.

Category: Safe?

Blackmart is a tool that allows you to download any application you want absolutely free! … You can also rest assured that using Blackmart is safe as it will not ask you to provide any of your personal information. Once launched, you can quickly search and download the app of your dreams.

Category: Safe?

Minecraft MOD version is safe but finding Minecraft mods can be difficult. Some mods may be outdated and won’t work, while some mods are not compatible with your model. We only recommend that you search for the MOD version of Minecraft at reputable sources and make sure you have downloaded the latest MOD version of Minecraft.

Category: Safe?

50/50. Basically, mods do not belong to Google Play, so when downloading mods, look for websites that provide quality and safety to avoid risks on your device. Some suggestion for anyone who wants to refer:

Category: Safe?

Moddroid is a website that shares MOD APK files of games and apps. Overall, the apps and games at Moddroid are safe. We cannot guarantee that it is 100% safe, please consider before using any MOD version on the market.

Category: NetFlix MOD APK

Many people have the same question that Netflix Mod APK is safe or not. Netflix Mod APK is completely safe, the developers only modify the annoying notifications on the original app. In addition, you need to find reputable places to download the Netflix apk file safely for your devices.

Category: Safe?

So the answer can be Yes or No. TutuApp can be said to be safe because this application does not jailbreaking our IOS and Android devices. In addition, this application also does not require root access to install it. Then this application before being released on the official website has been tested by the TutuApp developer so that the application is free from harmful viruses and malware.

This application can be said to be dangerous if users download sensitive applications such as social media applications and mobile banking. Because it has the potential for fishing and hacking activities (spyware). For this reason, users are recommended to use this application only to install games or modified applications

Category: What?

APK actually stands for Android Package Kit (it can also be Android Application Package).

Android Application Package is a format used in Android. In the APK there are elements that Android needs to install an application.

Category: What?

MODs are changes to one or more aspects of a video game, such as the appearance or way of interacting that a video game player or fan makes. Mods can range from minor to complete overhauls, and can add value and interest to the game.

Category: OBB

An OBB file is a file extension used by a number of Android applications. It contains data that is not stored in the main package (.apk of the application file), such as graphics, media files, and other large program assets. OBB files are usually stored in the device’s shared storage folder.

Categories: MOD APK, What?

Modified Apk is a modified version of Android games and apps. For example, applications need to pay to use, when developers modify the application, you can use it completely free.

Category: MOD APK

Which originally had to use the money to buy items, unlock characters, or other, in the APK MOD unlocked version players can directly buy items or use locked items. Because this mod gives the player unlimited money, unlock all items, free shopping, and more.

Category: What?

Apkmody is a games and apps sharing website including APK and MOD APK versions for Android devices. It can be said that Apkmody is one of the major websites about Android applications. Also you can refer to some similar websites like:

  • Moddroid
  • Techbigs
Category: What?

It is difficult to compare applications with each other. But we will list the 10 best apps with which you can modify apps and games for free:

1. Nox app

2. FtiOS app

3. Xmodgames

4. Cheat Engine

5. Lucky Patcher

6. iPAbox app

7. Leoplay Card

8. GameCih App

9. Frosty Mod Manager

10. Hacker Bot

Category: What?

HappyMod is a free MOD APK game and app store that offers thousands of patched versions of apps and games. When using the HappyMod application you will have the opportunity to use paid games and applications for free.

Category: MOD APK

MOD stands for “modification”, the MOD version is the complete modification of a game or application towards higher values than the original. MOD versions are usually named after the current version number of the original game or app.

Category: OBB

OBB is an additional data file for games and applications. Some games and apps need them to work, while some don’t.

Category: What?

Active users with Android OS mobile devices, downloading various gaming applications from different sites, it is known that they are often downloaded together with the Installation APK file, a folder containing game caches placed in the OBB directory.

As a rule, on smartphones, this folder is missing, and if the game is downloaded from Google Play, then this directory is created automatically, but in cases where the download is from a third-party site, then you need to create this folder yourself. There is nothing difficult in this, and you can carry out the procedure in two ways, which we will tell about now.

The first – use a file manager (see above), standard or install, not essence. Open the manager, select the item External/internal memory, Open the folder Android. (In it you need to catalog  obb.), In the lower left corner click + « new folder “We entered the folder name”obb.”, Press the button Save And in the lower right corner Ready

Category: MOD APK

You can safely download apk files at the following addresses: TECHTODOWN.COM, APKMODY.IO, MODDROID.COM, TECHBIGS.COM

Category: OBB

Download the PUBG game OBB file, extract the folder and place it in the Android/OBB/ folder on your Android device.

Category: Where?

Obb files on Android devices are usually in 2 locations:

  • storage/Android/obb
  • storage/Emulated/0/Android/obb
Category: MOD APK

I think you should use the HappyMod app to download MOD APK games and apps for free. HappyMod provides over 30000 modified files of Android games and apps.

Category: MOD APK

As of 2021. The best apk mod sites are:

  1. TechToDown
  2. APKMody
  3. Moddroid
  4. APK Done
  5. Rexdl
Category: MOD APK

If you use android, google is responsible for the safety of your device. If you want to install MOD APK for your device, please disable google play protect in the google play store. Another case is that your device is not compatible with that app, many apps need at least 3GB ram or android 4.4 or higher

Category: OBB

Yes, there is a fix In the Play Store download Google Files. If already installed. Hold the app and go to app info, In last allow both “modify system” And “install unknown app” and you can easily copy and move from and to OBB and data folder from Google files.

Category: Why?

When installing apps on Android, users may encounter some problems. For example, the “App not installed” warning can be caused by a number of different reasons. These include corrupted file downloads, incompatibility between Android versions and apps, lack of free memory available on the device to complete the download, or in some cases your smartphone has may prevent app installation from its protection programs, such as Google Play Protect.

Below, you can check out some of the top reasons.

1. Free up mobile phone memory space
2. Version not compatible with the system
3. Reset app preferences
4. Turn off Play Protect
5. Allow installation of apps from unknown sources

Categories: MOD APK, Why?

The apk mod version is the version modified by the developers. When your apk mod version is not working then please check it is the latest version. When the original app updates to a new version, the mod version needs to be updated in the same way. You can visit our Techtodown website to update the latest apk mod versions

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