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List of FAQs about MOD APK

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The MOD APK is definitely not an official app. And most of the time, MOD APK unlocks premium features, available in the official app are in-app purchases. This is one-way app developers make money. This is clearly not in the interest of the original creator of the app, and there are strict copyright laws against it. However, most of the laws are for distributors, not users. Therefore, this is not the case with the circulation of every MOD APK. It’s not a serious crime if it’s a MOD APK of a free app, just added fan love feature and not officially available.

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In general, you will not be able to download MOD versions of iOS games and apps. The security feature of iOS is quite good, it will be difficult to modify games and applications. So if you want to use the MOD versions please use a device with the android operating system.

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Apk mod is modified versions of your original apps. Modified APKs are modified to provide better features and also unlock all paid features. The term ‘MOD’ means ‘Modified. APK is the format used for Android apps.

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Many people like MOD games or modified games because they give more freedom, right? If you get a MOD APK, you can follow these steps:

Make sure you already have the title of the game, it’s just that not all Android games have a mod version.

Normally, this mod game is taken from a game that is as of now well known with a huge number of downloads on the Playstore.

1. Go to

You could open a browser, you could use Google Chrome, Opera or other browsers. Then visit Techtodown site.

2. Find the Game Title

You can click the search field and write the title.

Then you press the search button and the game you are looking for will appear. You can also see what are the latest popular mod apk games to play.

3. Download Games

Then you just click, and the game appears.

Then finally you click download and get the apk file.

Here you can also immediately see what the size of the game is and the minimum android to play it.

4. Install and Play

Then you just have to wait for the download process, if it’s all you have to do is just install the application as usual.

It’s easy, right?

And don’t forget to check the existing coins and diamonds, there must have been many, millions more.

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We do not recommend using mod APK files due to the likelihood that Malware will be attached to them. However, if you want to play completely free games or if you want to install an app that has no paid restrictions, you can access it from the list below.

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Modified Apk is a modified version of Android games and apps. For example, applications need to pay to use, when developers modify the application, you can use it completely free.

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Which originally had to use the money to buy items, unlock characters, or other, in the APK MOD unlocked version players can directly buy items or use locked items. Because this mod gives the player unlimited money, unlock all items, free shopping, and more.

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MOD stands for “modification”, the MOD version is the complete modification of a game or application towards higher values than the original. MOD versions are usually named after the current version number of the original game or app.

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You can safely download apk files at the following addresses: TECHTODOWN.COM, APKMODY.IO, MODDROID.COM, TECHBIGS.COM

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I think you should use the HappyMod app to download MOD APK games and apps for free. HappyMod provides over 30000 modified files of Android games and apps.

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As of 2021. The best apk mod sites are:

  1. TechToDown
  2. APKMody
  3. Moddroid
  4. APK Done
  5. Rexdl
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If you use android, google is responsible for the safety of your device. If you want to install MOD APK for your device, please disable google play protect in the google play store. Another case is that your device is not compatible with that app, many apps need at least 3GB ram or android 4.4 or higher

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The apk mod version is the version modified by the developers. When your apk mod version is not working then please check it is the latest version. When the original app updates to a new version, the mod version needs to be updated in the same way. You can visit our Techtodown website to update the latest apk mod versions

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