Heroes Infinity Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Download for Android


Heroes Infinity Mod Apk is a role-playing adventure game with a diverse and beautiful skill system for Android devices. Let's start your legendary adventure journey through lands, cities, and valleys.
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August 30, 2021
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Are you curious about historical figures from the past? Do you want to participate in exciting wars with those gods and become a legend? Join Heroes Infinity MOD APK, fight, and become a hero. You will enter the game with a beautiful action scenario, combining RPG, strategy, and superheroes. This is a visually attractive action role-playing game with heroes, adventure, and a wide variety of creatures and fiend that you can’t ignore.

What is about Heroes Infinity Mod Apk

Heroes Infinity Mod Apk is a role-playing action mobile game by Vietnamese studio DIVMOB. This game provides a diverse and gorgeous skill system. You will have epic journey through various regions and cities and have epic clashes with the evil bosses and their henchmen. To win, assemble and construct your amazing team of heroes. All members of the squad have unique skills and powers that they can use in fight to their full potential.

Heroes Infinity Mod Apk is a role-playing action mobile game


The modes in Heroes Infinity are so varied and cover so many genres that will entice and enthrall you. You will conquer the gates that need a great deal of strength to pass through and have expeditions to harvest precious resources. You can build a guild, develop and fight together.

The gameplay is so varied and cover so many genres

You can play multiplayer battle modes with your pals. Play in PvP mode, you demonstrate your personal invincibility by fighting against each enemy with increasing power. You and your friends can fight to stand up to the top of the strongest guilds. You need to put in lots of effort to win awards.


Game modes

The game provides many special game types with the main game mode is EPIC GODS WAR. You will be able to participate in a live combat that will be counted in real time. Aside from the passage of time, you will sense the realism of their character’s skills through movements and animations. You must also take advantage of a strategic framework that is good and tight enough to suffocate opponents without leaving any gaps.

The game provides many special game types

Wars in this game

In this game, you will own gods with varied stats and equipment. Each deity will have a distinct style and set of abilities, demonstrating a distinct personality and source of strength. The gods’ power is based on the equipment they possess.

You will own gods with varied stats and equipment

Upgrading this equipment so that these warriors can go into battle with the most invincible power. When the strength of the two sides appears to be fairly equal, how you arrange the champions to play becomes the deciding element in whether you win or lose.

Build your guild

Playing this game, you can stand side by side with your colleagues to battle spectacular 5v5 battlefields with the function of meeting friends and joining a party. There are numerous incentives for you and the opportunity to form a great group.

Battle spectacular 5v5 battlefields

In addition, Heroes Infinity improves the PvP battlefield system among players that allow you to compete against other players and increase your rankings. The most powerful gods and squads will receive incredible rewards.

Graphics and sound

Heroes Infinity has beautiful 3D graphic design that is the appeal of the game. The game has the gods’ keen blows, excellent character colors, and exquisite details, the visual effects are breathtaking. In terms of the game’s sound, the super gorgeous pictures will be accompanied by highly powerful sound effects appropriate for each blow. The background music in this game will keep you entertained and comfortable when playing.

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Why download Heroes Infinity Mod Apk?

Now, Heroes Infinity is available on Google Play for you download and play for free. However, you will have to pay money to buy items in-app to have full experience of this game. If you want play this game with full of features without paying anything, we introduce this mod apk to you.

You will get infinite money function in Heroes Infinity Mod Apk, you’ll be able to completely upgrade everything to the most invincible power. It won’t take long to gather resources in order to update equipment. With infinite power in your grasp, you may totally improve or own anything, and reaching the throne is as simple as the palm of your hand.

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Gems

How to play Heroes Infinity Mod Apk

In Heroes Infinity, each stage is quite brief, but the difficulty will steadily rise over time. So, you will need to replay stages in order to complete them. As a result, the game includes a system of equipment upgrades and promotions that increase the character’s power in a precise manner. Furthermore, the cast of Greek mythology characters will be gradually unlocked throughout the game, which will fascinate players even more.

Beside single-player mode, Heroes Infinity has a variety of additional appealing game modes such as Sky Tower Mode, Star Gate Mode, Boss Group Mode, and so on. Above all, intense PvP 5v5 fights. You can connect other players around the world to compete for high positions on the rankings.

Enjoy Heroes Infinity Mod Apk, you will be struck by the beauty of the gods’ appearances. You will assemble and train a fighting force, and you will find this game so appealing. Let’s download and fight against the gods.

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