Horrorfield MOD APK (Map/Freeze)


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Download Horrorfield MOD APK (Map/Freeze) lastest version for Android. In Horrorfield, you will go on an expedition to discover a mysterious ancient village.

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Horrorfield MOD APK (Map/Freeze)


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Download Horrorfield MOD APK (Map/Freeze) lastest version for Android. In Horrorfield, you will go on an expedition to discover a mysterious ancient village.

4.4 and up
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Let's face it: video games are a form of leisure entertainment. Hardship and difficulty are not usually associated with entertainment and leisure. Consider, however, how violent action movies seem to cathartically tickle our now-out-of-place aggressive instincts. And how dark, bloody horror fiction stimulates the vital, fight-or-flight alertness and primal fears that are now sorely lacking in comfortable, modern life. The self-sufficient, hard-fought victories of open-ended survival games appear to appeal to our nature as well. If thrilling survival games are your thing, you should check out Horrorfield MOD APK.

A general introduction about Horrified

Do you like scary movies? Do you like to stay up late watching scary movies or reading terrifying books? Do you enjoy watching horror films with a slasher element? If that's the case, you'll love Horrorfield. The Russian game firm Skytec, best known for its work on Card Heroes and Godlands, created this title. As seen by the gamers' positive feedback, they were successful this time around in creating something completely new.

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Horrorfield is a multiplayer online horror game with a strong focus on teamwork. A crazed maniac killer has entrapped up to four surviving players in this cooperative game. Essentially, the game is like an old-school game of hide and seek. Survivors must fix various damaged generators in order to open the exit gate and make their escape. Psycho's mission is straightforward: find and capture the remaining survivors before they can flee. Here are what the game has to offer:

7 different survivors

As previous stated, Horrorfield is a multiplayer game where you and 4 other players will play together either as survivors or a killer. You can be a survivor or a psycho. There are seven different survivors from which to choose. Each of these characters is well suited to a specific situation, but in order to successfully escape, all survivors must work as a team.

  • Basketball player – his specialty is fast running. In other words, the bad guys will have a much more difficult time catching up to him.
  • Doctor – she has the ability to heal herself and the other survivors, which can be extremely useful in certain situations.
  • Engineer – he can fix generators and craft specific items much faster than other survivors.
  • Thief – she has superior dexterity and stealth, allowing her to hide better than the others.
  • Mercenary – he has a high morale, so he is less likely to panic in certain situations.
  • Scientist – he possesses the ability to upgrade military equipment as well as an aura of wisdom.
  • Police – he can send the murderer into prison.

4 distinguish psyches

The psychos are significantly more powerful than the survivors because there are four of them in each game and only one psycho to balance things out. There are four different psychos from which to choose.

  • Butcher – he has the ability to break the generators, preventing players from gaining access to the escape gate.
  • Cultist – a damned monster who escaped from a mental institution and is obsessed with sacrificing the survivors.
  • Ghost – has the ability to pass through walls and can frighten its victims.
  • Beast – this hungry werewolf monster has the ability to transform into a vicious wolf and quickly catch his prey.

Level up characters to increase statistics

As you progress through the game, you will be able to level up your characters and unlock new abilities that will greatly benefit you. This progression will keep you occupied for hours because there will always be a new goal to strive for. And, because each character has their own progression, you'll always have something to keep you playing the game.

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Creepy visual graphics and user-interfere

The game appears to be visually appealing. The graphics are good and detailed, and the animations of the characters are well done. The game has been well optimized and runs smoothly on a variety of devices. The controls are easy to use, intuitive, and responsive. You'll always have the impression that you have complete control over your character, which is a neat and polished feature of the game.

Why you need Horrorfield MOD APK?

Horrorfield is a good game that will keep you entertained for a long time, whether you play as one of the survivors or as a psychotic killer hunting down his prey. But still, it concludes some annoyances that can totally ruin your mood, including advertisements and some in-app purchases. Stop struggling, we have what it takes to say goodbye to all these annoying things. That’s Horrorfield MOD APK. This is a modified version that will help you have a completely unlocked gameplay in Horrorfield without spending anything. Moreover, this MOD offers a map mod features that allows you to discover where your enemy is. That’s so great, right? So, why don’t you downloading the MOD right now and enjoy the game to its fullest.

FAQs about Horrorfield MOD APK

Can I play this game offline? This is an online game where you will play with other 4 players in real time. What is the requirement to install the MOD? Make sure your phone is running the operating system of Android 4.4 or up. So, that’s all about Horrorfield MOD APK. Don’t go ignored it if you a die-hard fan of horror genre. Download the game through the link provided and have fun.

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