Hotel Story: Resort Simulation Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Download for Android


Hotel Story: Resort Simulation Mod Apk is a hotel management simulation game. You will grow and attract tourists, thereby helping you to grow in reality.
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May 17, 2019
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Hotel Story: Resort Simulation Mod Apk is a game that allows you to fulfill your dream of hotel management. You’ll be able to manage everything from the design of your hotel to attracting travelers and making sure they’re satisfied with their stay. The game starts out pretty easy so you can get used to it, but over time it becomes more difficult. At this point you will need some help! Lucky for you, this article has tips to make things easier.

About Hotel Story: Resort Simulation

Hotel Story: Resort Simulation is a new business simulation game from Happy Labs that may be played both online and offline. Hotel Story: Resort Simulation differs from other games in that it lets you experience the life of a tycoon of business and hotel management rather than offering you a standard tour.

You will take on the role of a hotel manager in Hotel Story: Resort Simulation, using your abilities and expertise to improve methods for the resort. Customers, rooms, and additional equipment are all things you must cope with as a manager. You may use the money to expand your resort and acquire decorations to increase the value of your room. Then, you can make more money by doing so. After your hotel has expanded considerably, get more individuals to help you finish tasks like cleaning or repairing broken appliances faster such as prompt payment.

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hotel story resort simulation mod apk download for Android

Getting Started with Hotel Management

Any business, like any game or even in life, begins from scratch. Hotel Story: Resort Simulation is similar to other games and reality; however, you will start with a modest hostel instead of nothing at all. Fast food and a few little motel rooms are the only things it contains. The first money you earn is enough for you to get started. It’s an excellent source of inspiration since it allows you to make money for the first time with your profession. You can gradually add extra services in order to expand the hotel and turn it into a 5-star property based on this little money.

The client is the most essential thing to consider when it comes to business success. You may only become wealthy if your consumers are happy and keep coming back. There are a variety of customers in Hotel Story, all with distinct hobbies. During the hotel construction process, you must deliver outstanding service to them. This will provide you more money and recognition for your establishment.

hotel story resort simulation mod apk latest version

Upgrade and invest in hotels

In addition, you cannot simply establish each resort area in order to make your facility a 5-star establishment. Furthermore, in order to satisfy clients, you must provide more services such as restaurants, cafés, pool rooms, and souvenir shops. Each of these services attracts numerous consumers and helps you earn money. However, in order to construct these facilities, you’ll need a certain quantity of gold. Furthermore, each project takes time to complete construction. As a result, evaluate each initiative carefully before making any decisions.

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Each item must be evaluated individually since it may fail at any time if not maintained. With hundreds of structures and layouts to choose from, you’ll have a tough time keeping track of them all if you don’t manage them. Customers will complain if you don’t handle them, reducing your hotel’s reputation. However, you can absolutely employ more service personnel to assist with money collection, equipment repair, and client care. It’s also one of the most frequent elements in business simulation games.

hotel story resort simulation mod apk unlimited gems

Become a 5 star resort

A 5-star resort must be spacious and offer a wider range of unique services in order to qualify. Diamonds, in addition to money, may be used to provide special services. Furthermore, you must expand the resort’s land and add more beautiful furnishings in order to increase the size. You have an infinite number of designs at your fingertips when it comes to Hotel Story: Resort Simulation.

Only after you’ve invested time, effort, and passion will your work be successful. And it’s when you own a 5-star resort with international standards of service that you become a millionaire. That’s when your facility earns a lot of money on its own, but you don’t have to do anything. It’s likely not just the players’ fantasy in Hotel Story: Resort Simulation, but also the ambition of anyone who enjoys the business.

hotel story resort simulation mod

How to Play?

Two empty hands beginning with a row of tiny inns in the center of an empty field, and popular services such as public baths, little dining establishments, and players will expand them into one region. The resort rises to the five-star international standard.


You’ll make money over time, allowing you to develop land, hire workers, construct and decorate the resort, and especially delight picky customers. We can characterize Hotel Story: Resort Simulation as straightforward, easy-to-understand yet highly addicting owing to its reality but also because of its beauty.

unlimited gems for Android

Hotel Story: Resort Simulation offers a variety of lodging options, including economy rooms for regular visitors to the President’s room, VIP suites, and several buildings ranging from $100/night to $300/night. Hotel Story: Resort Simulation will provide you the greatest experience possible, from freely decorated working hard to generate money in a business to owning your resort.

Download Hotel Story: Resort Simulation Mod Apk

Hotel Story: Resort Simulation Mod Apk is another hotel management game that allows you to create your own business in the sector. It also provides you with a more realistic experience than other business simulation and management games. The game, among other things, helps you gain expertise in the industry. More or less, they may benefit you in several ways throughout your life.


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