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If you still like to read books, or if your reading skills need improvement then I recommend playing Keeper Of Day And Night Mod APK. This game is a fun way for people who enjoy novels with creative stories and interesting characters as well!
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In this magical world, you'll be pulled into its immersive and thrilling plot. With 390 thousand words containing action-packed scenes that will make your blood run hot as the pages turn! Magi Academy is where they teach how to control their powers through magic while interacting with other characters.

Learn the game based on the novel

The world has changed so much in recent years. We used to read books all the time, but now that we have smartphones with thousands of games and apps on the people can get distracted from reading if they want to! Luckily, there’s a game called Keeper of Day and Night where you can play in an interactive novel. Here, the story features all sorts of people - from magicians to demons! You'll meet your love interest as well which should fuel any imagination lover's wildest expectations (and hopes)!
keeper of the day and night

Outstanding features of Keeper of the Day and Night

You can travel back in time and discover secrets about your past. You have a choice of what decisions would make for the best possible future, so don't miss out on all this juicy information! This game has these great features:

The novel of the haunting game

The Magi Academy is an incredible place to be. The students and teachers are always happy, despite their differences in social class or power level! You’ll meet some interesting people on your adventures: from rich kids who can never get enough money; ambitious wizards looking forward towards graduation day because it means freedom (maybe); battle-hardened warriors with nothing left but sweat after warring against other tribes all these years!
keeper of the day and night mod

Role-playing mysterious characters

In this game, you can freely select your character. You’re given the option to play as a female or male protagonist with many other customizable options including straight relationships and same-sex partnerships! There's so much more than just choosing who they love though; players will also be able to raise pets in various forms like hellhounds puppies, phantom kittens & dragon hatchlings - it all depends on what kind of magical creature that rings your bell at heart.

Interact with many different characters

To meet interesting characters in Keeper of Day and Night, you'll be able to form romantic relationships with them or befriend a unique species. Some people have telepathy and clairvoyance like there is New Magic City for players who want their own story!
keeper of the day and night apk

Learn the depths and secrets of each character

The voice is professional and the tone makes you want to play more. X-Ray mode lets viewers get an insider's view into every nook of this school, from students' thoughts on how they feel about their roommates or what kind of mischief goes down at night in each common area; all while being able to explore for yourself if there are any other secrets hidden within these walls! The second year at the Mage Academy was going great. There were always new people to meet and talk to within classes, but one day everything changed when you realized your life, as well as its surroundings, are changing constantly towards something that's not good for him or herself anymore-out of control growth? What happens next will astound those who read this story!
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I feel like I don't know who to trust anymore or what's right. My beliefs are slowly being eaten away as the people in my life become more alien, confusing, and full of mystery with each passing day - even those closest friends may seem suspect at times too! But you find yourself coming back here again because no matter how much gold you hand over they won't stop asking for more; their demanding habits will just gnaw away at your soul until there is nothing left but hollow despair!

The end of the journey of experience

When the novel is at its final deciding stage, you are faced with a crossroads. Which way do I go? Ethics or heart? it's hard to tell and that is when your choices make themselves known or not by how they affect future events in this storyline. If all of your choices in the story plot go down path number 3 then I advise you not to play anymore because it is no longer interesting. You should have a strong mindset and courage for what’s right, as opposed to just going with whatever happens next or whichever choice seems like an easy one at first glance (Number 2). The other two options will also yield different outcomes which can be very intriguing!


There are many ways to live in this world, and ultimately it all comes down to what you think is right. If your mind does not feel ashamed then there shouldn't be any wrong or right at all; we just need to do whatever makes us happy deep down inside - isn't that like a real-life story? Download Keeper of the Day and Night (a horror novel) for free here!

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keeper of the day and night
keeper of the day and night mod
keeper of the day and night mod apk
keeper of the day and night apk
download keeper of the day and night mod apk