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Introducing Kingdom Wars - Tower Defense Game

Kingdom Wars is one of the tower defense games that you should not miss if you are a fan of this genre, or are looking for a new game to entertain. The medieval setting makes it unique among its competition and gives players an atmosphere they can really immerse themselves in as they defend their kingdom from enemies who have nefarious plans for them.

Kingdom Wars is one of the tower defense games that will give strategy gamers something different, with more traditional military-based theme settings.

Your goal here isn't just about defeating enemy armies but also defending against waves and waves of evil empires desperate to destroy all before them by any means necessary! Assemble your troops wisely for this epic battle!


Salient features of the Kingdom Wars - Tower Defense Game

Fascinating storyline

In Kingdom Wars, a peaceful era has been swept away following years of peace and prosperity. At the behest of dark forces, monsters have awakened their armies as they crush through humanity's defenses to bring chaos throughout the lands. The age seems near its end with little that mankind can do against such evils but it is not yet over! Now all appears lost at the hands of cruel monsters seeking only havoc on land once ruled by man. All the allies in this kingdom have united and are ready to fight back against an army of darkness that has invaded. You came along, assist them on their final journey with challenging tower defense battles where you will take control by using your simple yet extremely addictive skills! Be a part ally or history maker today!

Kingdom wars mod apk all unlocked


Like tower defense games of the same genre, you just need to touch the champion you want to send troops and then wait for battle results! Victory or defeat all depends on your strategy. Each skill that each ally has can be used against enemies in different ways. Make sure when deploying armies into battles they are set up not only with their skills but also with what enemy units might come next. In this game, you will have to use your mind and strategy to calculate the best way for each of your allies. You can also upgrade your allies to the highest level possible because then they will become stronger. This ensures that you are winning more games and doing it quickly so that you have a lot of gold coins to be able to keep upgrading them as well. Alternatively, there is an easier way for those who want instant success - using real money! With towers, you can do the same thing.

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Over 300 allied units and 400 various stages

Worried about encountering only a few allied units over the course of your gameplay? Well, don't be! This is not an issue at all because in Kingdom Wars there are more than 300 different allied unit types. They have every skill, accessory, or appearance, meaning you'll never get boring playing this game because if you want to own them all then it'll take going through nearly impossible levels as well as difficult bosses or challenges before they're yours. Kingdom Wars is the perfect game for those looking to make their battlefield more diverse. Besides such a large number of allied units, the player can play even more levels. There are over 400 levels to overcome for one to call it "conquer the game," with many different maps and types of monsters as well bosses on each level that is really a challenge for players who want an experience unlike any other; whether they're beginners or seasoned tower defense gamers.

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Booster items

To aid Android players during the exciting challenges of Kingdom Wars, gamers can also receive several Booster items to help them through. For example, firing an intense hail or destructive arrows; swinging your enemies back with a whirlwind, and protecting allies with shields will make any enemy tremble when you emerge from battle victorious! However, if those powers are not enough then the "Thor hammer" is waiting for all foes that stand in your way. These booster items give players a competitive edge over their opponents; however, these can only be used up to three times before the player must purchase another one through Diamonds - a unit of in-game currency (except for rain of arrows).

Kingdom Wars Mod Apk

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Gold/Diamonds (Money will increase when you buy gold with diamonds)
  • Unlimited Food (Food will increase when you upgrade the food architecture)
  • Free Shopping

FAQ about Kingdom Wars Mod Apk

Do I need to root my phone for Kingdom Wars Mod Apk to work?

  • You absolutely do not need to root your phone.

Is it safe to download and use this mod apk for my phone?

  • 100% safe for your phone.

Is there a cost to use the mod?

  • This is a completely free mod at TECHTODOWN.COM

Kingdom Wars MOD APK is one of the best strategy games for mobile devices. If you enjoy playing a game that requires strategic thinking and quick reflexes, this might be your perfect match. It’s free to download in the Android market so there’s no reason not to give it a try today! Have you played before? Share with us what you think about this modded version of an already great game by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook page. We can't wait to hear from all of you!

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