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KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key

You probably own one or more smart devices, and you may not be satisfied with the default settings of the applications on your device. If you want a unique, more convenient experience with your device, the KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key app will help you do just that. This app allows you to personalize widgets and even develop your own widgets with all of the features you desire. Download the app to find out its features that help your phone become smarter, more impressive.

What is KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key?

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker is a useful application that allows you to personalize your Android phone's lock screen and launcher. With this app, you can use the unique toolkit to construct your own forms, complete with vibrant colors, unique designs, and more. 

KWGT Kustom Widget Make allows you to personalize your phone's lock screen and launcher


So, you can easily prioritize your favorite apps by putting them on the home screen, which will appear when you open your phone. This app will help you intervene deeply into the system on your device and customize the interface, widgets, application icons, so on according to your preferences.

Why should you download KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key?

KWGT Kustom Widget is available for free on Google Play but you will need to pay to unlock some advanced features in this app. However, you can experience a fully-featured version for free with KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key on our website Techtodown. 

Our mod version has unlocked all the advanced features in the application so you can freely use them without paying any fee or subscribe to a plan to edit and create Widgets to make your device impressive, more unique.

Highligth features of KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key

3.1. The interface with simple colors and subtle designs

KWGT Kustom Widget has an interface with simple colors and subtle designs, as well as the ability for you to customize the appearance of the entire widget. You can easily find all of the application's gadgets on the home page, and the interface will be separated into several distinct categories. 

KWGT Kustom Widget has an interface with simple colors and subtle designs


You can use the title bar at the top of the screen to browse between categories and access other app features. This app is quite simple for you to use, and it will give you an optimal experience when customizing your phone.

3.2. Widgets with unlimited numbers

With KWGT Kustom Widget, you can choose from widgets with unlimited numbers. They have different sizes and will take up a section of the device's screen. You can create numerous screens at once and add all of the widgets you need to record information. After you select the extension, you can specify its location and confirm the installation. 

You can choose from widgets with unlimited numbers


You will get all information in real-time, and you can tap on widgets to receive more information. You can also adjust the color, appearance, layout, size, and other aspects of widgets that have been installed. You can freely personalize the widgets for your phone with this app.

3.3. Design your widgets from the available tools

Besides the widgets provided in KWGT Kustom Widget Maker, you can also design your widgets from the tools that the application provides. You will need to edit photos yourself, create effects, create 3D images, so on or you can also edit from the available widgets.

You can also design your widgets from the tools


You can find a lot of tools in this app such as border, background, font editing tool, font size, so on. You can also add FX effects, layers, and shortcuts to widgets with a simple drag and drop and selection of available properties.

After completing your Widget designs, you can share them with everyone, as well as you will see other people's widgets. If you like a certain template, you can also download and apply it easily and conveniently.

3.4. Chane background and experience incredibly natural music

You can choose the background image and change it in this application to create an impressive and new look for your phone. You can change a photo based on a variety of factors such as touch, weather, time, or anything else. You can also experience incredibly natural music, helping you relax after fatigue and stress.

3.5. Add many types of data

In KWGT Kustom Widget Maker, you can add many types of data to your Widget such as lines of text, time, weather, device battery life, CPU meter, and many more. This app has a very diverse data display, so you can have a unique phone screen. You will quickly update important information about the weather, financial information, politics, stocks on your device.


Download KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key to create impressive Widgets with custom data for your Android phone. With many sample widgets and tools available on the application, you will be free to create your own widgets. You will be free to use all the advanced tools and features of the app for free in our mod version.





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