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Health & Fitness

Health is the most important thing”. This is a quote that makes us think and change. Get Lifesum Premium Mod APK for free at Techtodown

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Lifesum Premium Mod APK


Health & Fitness

Health is the most important thing”. This is a quote that makes us think and change. Get Lifesum Premium Mod APK for free at Techtodown

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Lifesum is an excellent application that offers you a more productive weight loss process through diets. Lifesum Premium for Android offers you a variety of recipes for low-calorie meals that will help you improve your diet. Their peculiarity is the fact that they are quite bearable both in appearance and taste. In addition, the application allows you to keep a journal to track progress, it will give you tips and motivational tests, as well as many other things that will not allow you to feel alone throughout work.

What is Lifesum Premium for Android?

Lifesum is a health category app. If you are looking to improve your fitness and health, don't miss it. When launching Lifesum Premium for Android for the first time, choose one of the three goals to work on if you have weight issues. These include: need to lose weight (need to establish a smart diet), need to maintain current weight (more optimized), need to gain weight (plan with foods rich in protein). Lifesum apk premium for Android takes care of a specific diet for each weight problem you choose. These include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All have calculated the number of calories absorbed. You just have to go to the food list and select the dishes you want.


There are growing public health, inequality, economic and environmental challenges around the world, and everyone today is trying to invest at least an hour a day in their health. We are now living in a part of the Pandemic, where we have to support money and time for health and need to survive these challenging times. Well, nothing can beat us be it a deadly virus or a giant beast because until now, the world has advanced technologically. Nowadays, we can use any android apps like Arogya Setu, Healthline, and Lifesum to beat the pandemic, because it's all we need to take care of our health. LifeSum is an Android + iOS application that helps in maintaining our health, weight, and the number of nutrients in our body. You can download this app on Play Store and it can improve your health with the content available in it. In addition, to make this application more convenient to work with, we have developed a modified version of it and have posted it below for use on every smartphone. Below you can download Lifesum MOD APK and can improve your health more comfortably with all premium features unlocked in it. So go and download now!!!

Software that works for your health

Have you ever thought that software can take care of your entire health and can make you fat to fit, whether you are overweight or underweight? If No, then meet the Lifesum app. It is an excellent software developed for OS, Android, and iOS. First published in 2011, and till date, it has conquered more than 10 Million Android users as well as millions of iOS users. Let's get to the app, So basically Lifesum APK offers three different options listed below, and you can choose the one that suits you easily to start your journey -

  • Lose weight
  • Keeping weight off
  • Gain Weight Here you can choose one of the suitable options and can start improving your health efficiently. It allows you to set goals, work on them, and make them possible. To work on your plan you can use a Lifesum diary where you will get all daily tracked details containing components of KCAL, Protein, Fat Carbohydrates, and water. All you need is to put your daily Karma in it, and that's it. You can also add exercise details to calculate calories burned per day.

Enjoy all recipes and healthy mode

Lifesum is basically a multipurpose android app that consists of many modes for each of your Karma. While operating this app, one can add all the details of the food he consumes, and also he can know all the information about the food, including the knowledge of Calories, proteins, and Carbohydrates. In addition, Lifesum will advise you on the best foods to eat based on your condition.

In addition, you can also enter details of daily water consumption in it and can also use various recipes available in the Lifesum application. It contains more than 100 different recipes based on different food types like Vegetarian, Eggetarian, Vegan, and Non-Veg. Here you can recognize evening recipes like healthy Christmas cakes, healthy Diwali sweets, and healthy Eid. Apart from that, you can also explore various breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes and can make them for all your family members to increase the amount of nutrition in their life.


Embrace your life with premium features

For those who have never used the Lifesum app; It is a freemium app that consists of free and paid subscriptions. In the open or default subscription, you will only get the necessary food details like Protein and Carbs. On the other hand, the Premium version can tell you about all the details in your food like Vitamins, Cholesterol, Sodium, and Potassium. Well, it doesn't end here as the premium subscription contains more features than the free one. It costs 733.00 INR monthly or 3050.00 INR for an annual plan and it rains down on all those features. Elsewhere, you can download a modified version of this app below and be able to enjoy all the premium features of Lifesum at no cost without wasting any extra money and time. To know more about the features of the app with all its perks, must read the section below and also download the MOD APK to enjoy it for real.

Enjoy the convenient application interface

The UI of the app is the most important factor affecting the user's frame of mind when using it. Convenient User Interface is the most preferred UI here, and everyone can use it from any age group. Keeping that in mind, Lifesum MOD APK is developed with the most pleasant app interface. You can use any of the features available in this app comfortably, and without wasting any money. Have fun!!

Make a thorough study of your own health

Lifesum MOD APK is the only app that contains all about healthy stuff and all knowledge about human health. While exploring this app, you can learn about the calories you need to improve your health and get fit. It's not easy to be healthy, but Lifesum MOD APK is a solution that can help you make this task the most comfortable Karma. It will acquaint you with all the details of food and study the importance of different exercises in life. Download now and start investing time and money in your health, because that's all you have!

Observe the rating of the food you consume

Rating is the most recognized function of this modified app as it will help you to give a detailed rating of every globally available food. By looking at the ratings, you can easily compare, which is good or bad for your health, and can try to avoid the worst which is worst for your health. So download now and list all the best foods for you to consume every day. Healthy !!

All additional details about the food

In self-study, you can also use the Lifesum MOD APK to learn the details of the food you consume. The Lifesum app is compatible by telling you all the details about your favorite food products, such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, and everything else you eat. While browsing Lifesum MOD APK one can find out details about the Calories, Protein, Fiber, Sugar, Saturated Fat, Unsaturated Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, and Potassium you are consuming.


Lifesum news

New features of Lifesum Pro APK. July 2021 release (9.2.1) We've improved the app to make using Lifesum even easier, more enjoyable, and more fun.)

Mod description

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Ads removed
  • Supports multiple languages

Download Lifesum for Android

"Health is the most important". This is something that makes us think and change. Lifesum Premium APK (MOD Unlocked) will help you improve your health easily when you download it to your Android device You can download the Lifesum Premium APK at the download button above this article.


How to install (upgrade) Lifesum Premium

  1. Download the APK file
  2. Allows in the settings the installation of applications from unknown sources
  3. Install the APK (for example, using a file manager)
  4. Run the app

With Lifesum Premium for Android, you can easily get the body and weight as you want. The app development team has worked hard, researching over long periods of time to provide you with the right menus and training regimen.

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Lifesum Premium Mod APK 8.7.1 Unlocked Free Download
Lifesum Premium Mod APK 8.7.1 Unlocked Free
Lifesum Premium Mod APK 8.7.1 Unlocked
Lifesum Premium Mod APK 8.7.1 Free Download
Lifesum Premium Mod APK Free Download

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