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Do you want to establish your own magic school? Magic School Story MOD APK will help you with that! This game is a simulation and RPG game. You can become the headmaster and go through many different adventures in this magical world, and even get many students for your school. Download now and enjoy!

Introduce Magic School Story Mod APK

There are so many entertaining simulation games to pick from these days. There are business simulations, campgrounds, basketball clubs, and other unique topics available today. These games are popular because they provide limitless gameplay, which is why people keep returning for more. As a result of this, the game will not finish when you complete quests, allowing players to enjoy it for a long time. Magic School Story is a new simulation game from Happy Labs that stands out.

magic school story game

In this game, you must establish the greatest magic school in the country for all of its students! To do so, first construct and improve classrooms, facilities, and decorate your whole institution. You are in command of what is constructed, but you only have a limited budget to work with. Rooms, dormitories, restrooms, vending machines, cafeterias are among the things that may be built here. Quests are also available to earn more money and acquire a large number of strong pupils at your institution.

Build a Magic School

A school is a location where children may learn many things while they are still young. It's also a place for instructors to share their knowledge and get along with pupils in order for them to develop properly and compassionately. This is why today there are numerous schools all around the world, with millions of them located in various locations. But what if you want to start your own type of school, such as one that teaches magic? In Magic School Story MOD APK, you'll have a lot of fun playing a unique and entertaining simulation game!

magic school story mod apk

Here, you'll be in command of building and growing your magic school from the bottom up! You'll need to build a lot of classrooms with various lessons such as potions, elements, history, basic totems, magic circles, fire spells, and so on at first. Then you can also construct dormitories where the magical students will reside. You may also create restrooms, vending machines, cafeterias, and other amenities here. Get started by creating the best magic school imaginable and competing on the leaderboards! To acquire more resources, play matching games.

Highlight Features of Magic School Story Mod APK

Today, there are many institutions all over the world. But if school has always piqued your interest, join up at Magic School Story!

download magic school story mod apk

Establish a Magic School

A school is a location for learning where many young people gather every day. If students want to learn and work in the real world, they'll go through several stages. However, at every school, there will be plenty of experiences and things to learn about. Download Magic School Story MOD APK right now if you've always wanted to establish your own school! You may do so in this game by developing your own magic school today.

magic school story unlimited money

You may encourage many pupils to enroll in your magic school today by offering as many classes as possible. You can provide a variety of distinct courses on various magic themes so that students may learn more! To improve your school while also earning additional cash, you can complete quests. You may send professors and pupils on expeditions to earn money for you. Finally, you have the option of establishing dormitories and increasing your facility!

Build classrooms

In this game, you may construct classes that will allow your kids to discover more about magic. Each classroom at the school teaches a unique topic, as well as having its own professor. You can then establish various classrooms for subjects such as elements, history, potions, fire, basic totems, magic circle, and many more. These colleges can also be enhanced to accommodate an increased number of pupils in the future!

magic school story mod apk unlimited all

Erect many facilities

There are a lot of things that need to be maintained in order to keep a school or a magic school running! In Magic School Story, you may build dormitories, restrooms, vending machines, cafeterias, and more. The more bedrooms you have, the more students you can enroll in your institution. But bear in mind that these expenses will come out of your pocket completely; therefore, you'll need to earn some money first.

Play match-3

You may also pick up coins and resources by collecting them! This means playing a matching puzzle game, in which you'll need to match symbols that are similar. Within the restricted number of moves available, you must accomplish the goals. This is a fun puzzle game that allows you to increase your coin and resource earnings!

Complete quests

You may also complete missions in this game to earn money. You can allow your pupils and instructors to go on trips so they may grow as well.


1. Can I play Magic School Story Mod APK offline?

Yes, the game allows offline play, but for the best experience and access to all features, an internet connection is recommended.

2. Is this game free?

Yes, Magic School Story Mod APK is free to download and play. There are, however, in-app purchases that can help enhance your gameplay.

3. Is it safe to install Magic School Story Mod APK?

Yes, as long as you download it from a reliable and verified source, it is safe to install.

4. Can I play this game on my PC?

Magic School Story Mod APK is primarily designed for mobile devices. However, with the use of an Android emulator, you can enjoy the game on your PC.

5. How can I get more resources in the game?

You can get more resources by playing the match-3 game, completing quests, or through in-app purchases.

6. How do I upgrade my classrooms?

You can upgrade your classrooms by using the resources you earn from gameplay. Upgrading your classrooms can increase the number of students you can accommodate.


Magic School Story Mod APK gives you the unique opportunity to establish, manage, and grow your own magic school. From building classrooms for diverse magical lessons to maintaining essential facilities, the game offers a rich and engaging experience. Its match-3 game adds an extra level of fun while helping you earn resources. It's an exciting journey filled with magic, learning, and adventure. A must-try for those who have always fancied stepping into the shoes of a school founder and experiencing the magic of education.

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magic school story game
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