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Bidimensional fighting games will probably never get old. On mobile, this game style is especially great due to its simplicity and dynamics. Marvel Contest of Champions game is one of the best examples of games of this style available today. Released in 2014, it holds its place as one of the most popular fighting games on mobile, even gaining its wiki fandom domain.

marvel contest of champions loading screen

The combination of the Marvel universe and the intuitive fighting game was enough to build a pretty huge audience of fans. Developed by Kabam, the Marvel Contest of Champions game is available both for Android and iOS. It is free to download and play, being supported by in-app purchases. There is no need to spend money to enjoy the game unless you want exclusive perks and advantages.

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The gameplay is highly enjoyable and simple. It is suited for quick minutes of fun, or hours, with wish so. You can fulfill single-player campaigns (named quests) or you can battle other players online. However, like in many other online mobile games, the matches are not in real-time. Other players are controlled by A.I., while actual live matches require a strong and stable internet connection.

hulk taunting the player on a screenshot from marvel contest of champions

In this post, we will talk about the basic features of the game and how to download the Mod Apk version. Do not stop reading!

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Marvel Contest of Champions Mod Apk Gameplay

marvel contest of champions main screen

As any bidimensional fight, the Marvel Contest of Champions Mod APK game is played, of course, by reducing your foe’s life to zero before she or he does it with you. The difference here, because it is on mobile, is the intuitiveness of controls. There are no buttons on the screen. To command your character, you just have to tap, swipe, and press each side of the screen to fulfill a different move.

match between storm and cyclops in marvel contest of champions
match between juggernaut and drax in marvel contest of champions
match between hela and adaptoid in marvel contest of champions with the adaptoid hiting hela
champion selection window featuirng iron man and ms marvel from marvel contest of champions

Never a fighting game was so simple as this one. The gameplay is great because there are no buttons taking place from the screen. Yet, the commands are intuitive. Swipe to dash or to evade, tap to hit, and press to defend or hit even harder. Use the right side to attack, and the left side to defend. Impossible to forget. With a few fights, you will already master the commands and repeat them naturally.

quests page in marvel contest of champions mod apk
edit team screen from marvel contest of champions mod apk featuring popular marvel heros
marvel contest of champions mod apk team made by hela storm and juggernaut
quest path on marvel contest of champions mod apk

As a player, you are a summoner. The more you play, the more experience you acquire, and higher levels you reach. Some levels allow you to unblock more spaces in your pool of characters, enabling you to bring a bigger party in quests. The single-player mode of the game brings you to a path of challenges, in which you fight heroes and villains from the Marvel world.

storyline presentation on marvel contest of champions mod apk featuring the collector
summoner level up page in marvel contest of champions mod apk
quest complete screen from marvel contest of champions mod apk showing reawards earned by the player
crystal opening animation on marvel contest of champions mod apk

In each Quest, you can choose up to 5 champions to bring in your pool. You will find different items at each point of the quest, as well as different foes to fight. After each fight, your character does not recover life points automatically. You can use Life Potions to recover them, but only if you can find them during the quest.

upgrade your champions page from marvel contest of champions mod apk
my champions page from marvel contest of champions mod apk

The more you progress in the game, the more characters you unlock by acquiring crystals. Each crystal gives you a random character, like Spiderman, Ironman, or Wolverine. You can upgrade each character separately in the game. You do that by spending specific items to raise their experience bar. Characters from higher levels have longer life bars and other advantages, such as increased attack power.

Champions and Classes

In the Marvel Contest of Champions game, characters have classes, which depends on what their powers come from. For instance, Doctor Strange is from the Mystic class, while Ironman is placed in the Tech class. Some characters, such as Spiderman, Captain America, and The Hulk belong to the Science class because their powers came from scientific-related accidents or experiments.

black panther leveling up page from marvel contest of champions mod apk

Some characters, like Black Widow, Black Panther, and Punisher, are simply skillful and well-equipped. They belong to the Skill class. X-men, such as Tempest and Wolverine, generally stay in the Mutant class. Otherworldly beings such as Thor, Venom, Thanos, Winter Soldier, and Captain Marvel are placed in the Cosmic class. Finally, there are exceptions when a character belongs to the Combined class. Some classes have Class Advantages over others. The Science class, for instance, has an advantage over the Mystic class. Cosmic champions have an advantage against Tech champions. This superiority is translated into more damage on each successful hit. Each character also has a signature special move, available when your chain enough combo hits. There are 176 total playable characters in the Marvel Contest of Champions Mod Apk game. The game’s portfolio is not built only with classical champions. It also features alternative versions of a few ones, including recent movie versions of champions. Some examples are Thor (Ragnarok), Deadpool (X-Force), Iron Man (Infinity War), and Spiderman (Stark Enhanced). Some champions come in a different version. Each version may have a different class and different signature moves and special hits. For instance, Spiderman has five different versions and four different classes: Spider-Man (Classic) (Science), Spider-Man (Miles Morales) (Science), Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced - Tech), Spider-Man (Stealth Suit - Skill), Spider-Man (Symbiote - Cosmic).

Marvel Contest of Champions game battlegrounds

The locations available as battle rings for the characters on the Marvel Contest of Champions game come from several storylines inside the Marvel universe. They are:

  • Avengers' Tower
  • Astral Plane (featuring the Eye of Agamotto)
  • Asteroid M
  • Asgard Throne Room
  • Asgard Vault
  • Asgard Power Station
  • Sanctum Sanctorum
  • The Kyln
  • Hell's Kitchen
  • Knowhere
  • Savage Land
  • H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Hangar
  • Sokovia
  • Grandmaster's Galactorum
  • Wakandan Necropolis
  • Oscorp Laboratory

Features mod of Marvel Contest of Champions Apk

  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Units (Updating)
  • Unlimited Money (Updating)
  • Unlimited Skills
  • Frozen enemy
  • Unlocked all the premium features (Updating)

How to download Marvel Contest of Champions Mod APK

If you are interested in taking the experience of the Marvel Contest of Champions game to a new level, you may try the Mod version Apk. The Mod Apk of Marvel Contest of Champions game allows you to apply a defense, attack, and mana gain multipliers, to have unlimited skills, unlimited money, unlimited units, and to use Anticheat Bypass. Also, depending on the Mod, it may have support for older versions of Android or iOS mobile devices. To download an Apk from a third-party source (a source that is not the standard app store like Google Play Store), there is a step you must do before. You need to allow the installation of unknown apps. This procedure is different from iOS and Android. If you are on Android device, follow this path: Settings > Biometrics and safety > Install unknown apps. Once you are there, look for your preferred browser or file explorer and switch to On the permission to install apps directly from it. After that, you are ready to install any Apk from this source. Let's install Marvel Contest of Champions Mod APK.

FAQ about Champions Marvel Contest Mod Apk

Is it safe to download and install the mod apk file?

  • It is completely safe when you download from TECHTODOWN.COM.

Does it cost anything to download and use Marvel Contest of Champions modded apk?

  • Totally 100% free, just like the original game.

Can easy win if I using Marvel Contest of Champions Mod Apk game?

  • Guaranteed! Since in the game you will have the God Mode feature, it will be impossible to fail before any Marvel superheroes!


Marvel Contest of Champions Mod Apk is a free mobile fighting game that you can download on your devices where you can fight against other players in the arena with your favorite Marvel super heroes. You will be able to fight with other players from all over the world and build up your hero by collecting different Marvel characters, power-ups, costumes, augmented reality objects and build a mighty team. How do you think playing this game has made users feel? It’s been a lot of fun! What are you waiting for? Download it now! We hope you enjoyed our post! If you have any comments, do not hold them back! See you in the next post!

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