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C.C.T Games
Android 4.4+
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If you want to step foot into a magical world like in a fairy tale, Merge Elves Mod Apk will take you to a magical elves garden with mighty elves. Join the game and fight fearsome demons to keep the peace in this lovely region. You will solve exciting puzzles in a fun and cute goblin world. With stunning visuals, effects, and relaxing sounds, you'll be immersed in the game.

What is Merge Elves Mod Apk about?

Merging Elves is a fun puzzle game developed by C.C.T games. The game has a plot in a land where humanity was unable to tread. In here, a witch fell in love with a human lad but she was left alone. Angry at the betrayal, she kidnapped and raised her lover's child. She had hidden the infant in the wooden home of the magical garden.

Merge Elves MOD APK

You will be a legendary hero, combat the demon dragon while protecting this pitiful and helpless infant. You will need to solve puzzles and defeat the wicked dragon to get food for the baby. Use puzzles to capture great moments and assist the witch in giving the infant a happy childhood.

What is special in Merge Elves Mod Apk?

Merge Elves Mod Apk is a modified version of Merge Elves that you can play with a limitless number of gems, gold, and energy in this game. You can also buy anything you want when enjoying the game without paying any fee. This mod provides you with many advanced features to have a full experience of the game. Join the game, you can build various buildings and town bases, as well as create your army to attack other clans and defend your base in battle. You will gain more characters and resources as your level rises. Mod features: After starting the game, follow the instructions in the game. Stay in the game for a while then restart the game!

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited energy
  • Unlimited gems, gold

Outstanding features of Merge Elves Mod Apk

Nurture your children

In the game, you will perform quests to collect food and resources. You will need to nurture your children and repair your magical garden. Continue collecting stars from the necessary missions and you can use them to swap for lovely outfits for your baby. You can capture all of these enjoyable moments and assist your child is having a happy childhood with his witch mother.

Merge Elves mod apk unlimited money

Gather and add many elves

The goblins have a high level of vitality, and a wide range of species can be found in your yard that you can meet some new elves while you're here. You can upgrade them after successfully gathering and adding them to the collection.

Merge Elves mod apk unlimited stone

Each elf goes through four stages of development during their lifetime, each of which strengthens them and transforms them into a new form. You can continue to incubate eggs to give birth and they will obediently work in your garden.

Many tasks in the game

There are many tasks in the game for you, and you can get rewards when completing them. To unlock new sources of power, create more powerful upgrades. These rewards will be stored in your garden.

Merge Elves mod apk unlimited energy

The levels will include mystical sculptures that have been destroyed, and you must do everything you can to put them back together. If you restore them to their original state, you will be the winner. Then open chests, collect cash, and combine gems from the goodies you've gotten. Remember to finish the recipes to earn additional valuable items.

Interact with many other players

You can interact with many other players and gain knowledge from the experience of more experienced players. You can keep up with the most recent information about major events and exclusive offers. Enjoy the thrill of being a great wizard while competing with others for advancement.

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That's all about Merge Elves Mod Apk. Enjoy the game, and you will explore everything in this incredible magical world. Collect many elves, explore strange secret locations and pass exciting quests. Combine diverse things by matching and combining them, and you'll receive a plethora of rewards. Download the game and have a great time relaxing in the magic world.

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