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Download Minion Rush Despicable Me MOD APK v8.0.1a (Unlimited Money/Coin) For Android. This is a game about funny yellow Minions. Running with the Minions.

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Minion Rush


Games Casual

Download Minion Rush Despicable Me MOD APK v8.0.1a (Unlimited Money/Coin) For Android. This is a game about funny yellow Minions. Running with the Minions.

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You love the Minions, am I right? Well if that’s true then you are in for a treat with Minion Rush MOD APK. This is a simple rules game where you run as far as possible to collect coins and elixirs while avoiding obstacles. The more coins and elixirs you get, the higher your score will be at the end of each level! Sounds easy enough right? Wrong. You must also avoid getting caught by any obstacles such as bees (yes they exist) or even worse – snowmen (don’t ask). If this sounds like something up your alley, download it today from our website!

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Description of Minion Rush

Minion Rush APK is based on the very famous Despicable Me movie. The game is really good and there are also many versions of this game that are marketed online. Minion Rush is considered one of the best games on Android with over 100 million downloads worldwide and millions of active players every day! This cute little yellow guy wants to steal your bananas but he needs help finding his way back home in order to do so. With an easy gameplay, this addictive app has no time limits which means there's always room for more jumps! Jumping through different platforms while avoiding obstacles going from level-to-level and collecting as many bananas as possible without falling off screen or getting hit by barrels gives you points. Reach higher levels, collect new costumes and have fun with your friends!

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There are many different ways to play Minion Rush MOD APK for Android, and the first is by tapping on the screen which makes him jump from one platform to another as he takes care of avoiding obstacles such as cars being driven by Minions or other players in this case. Another excellent option is using your fingers and stretching them out like you do when playing a guitar so that they act like springs that help make Minion fly upwards just before hitting an obstacle at high speeds such as himself coming across a stone wall blocking his way forward. Whenever it seems impossible, don’t feel bad about jumping onto something solid! This is called bouncing off and helps propel our hero even farther than he would have gone without that extra push via the added height. A Minion is able to jump off his springy fingers and bounce back up as he reaches the peak of a flight, but it’s not just all about avoiding obstacles! There are also prizes that can be obtained by crushing ice blocks or collecting bananas on each level, such as coins with which we could purchase new hats for our Minions or even other power-ups that provide an extra boost in speed or points earned during gameplay. If you feel like there is nothing left for you to do once one game has ended, simply tap the screen again so that another mission will load. This ensures that our player never gets bored because of repetition when playing this game and always receives something exciting happening around every corner.

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Many Minion Races

You can also unlock new Minion Races by completing the races on your map, which are performed in a similar way to Mario Kart where you must race against other characters from the story and win as fast as possible before time runs out or achieve maximum distance for that specific character. There is no limit to how many times you play these tracks so it’s important not to let any one challenge go unfinished otherwise they will be locked until all pending challenges have been completed first. You could always replay them later if needed but of course then there would be an increased difficulty because more Minions would start off with power-ups ready at their disposal including rockets, shields and even different vehicles such as cars, hovercrafts and planes.

Characters of Minion Rush

There are many characters in Minion Rush. Each character is categorized into three main types: The Minions, other principal characters from the movie, and villain bosses. You can either control or customize a minion of your choice to play as them during gameplay. Your default first time playing will be Dave with subsequent visits being Carl, Jerry or Mel (new character introduced for third film). You also have the option to compete against these four minions by challenging each one on their own missions and completing challenges like Paul who was recently added but not playable yet until he gets his own missions.

Game Rules

Collect bananas while jumping through different platforms in order to get on higher levels. Reach a high score by avoiding obstacles and collecting as many bananas as possible without falling off screen or getting hit by barrels which are rolling down. The game is over when you fall ofscreen or get hit by one of the objects that come your way. The more banana collect, the better! If you find yourself not doing so well at this game but still want to enjoy it, we recommend using our mod version for Android (which can be found below) where there’s no need to worry about lives because they all last forever.

Graphics and sound

The Minion Rush game has a very clean and simple design which makes it easy to learn how to play. The sound effects are not too loud or annoying but also add some fun factor into the mix, especially if you enjoy listening to them while playing.

Game modes

Adventure Mode - there’s no time limit here so players can take their time and explore each level without worrying about running out of lives (our mod for Android is perfect for this) Time Trial - beat your best score in as little time as possible by avoiding obstacles because there’s a timer that counts down from 20 seconds. This mode requires precise actions and fast reflexes!


We hope you enjoyed reading our short review of this game. If you want to try it out for yourself, click on the link above and install Minion Rush MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android!

FAQs about Minion Rush MOD APK:

What is Minion Rush? It’s a simple, yet very addictive game that you can play with your friends for hours. The goal of the player is to go through each level collecting coins and avoiding obstacles without dying as many times as possible. How do I make my own map in Minion Rush? You need to log into your account on (link provided below) by entering your email address and password then select “My Minions” from the menu bar at the top of page. From there click on “Create Map” button at the bottom of this page which will take you to another screen where you are able to draw maps using different shapes, colors and styles. How do I unlock the other Minion characters? You can earn these Minions by completing various tasks in-game, such as playing around with your friends on Facebook or iOS . For example, if you get to level five for each of the three campaigns then you will be able to unlock “Dave” who is a type of yellow creature that has pointy ears which are always sticking out from his head.

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