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If you love to love and want to express your creativity in music freely, download Moises Mod Apk now. This app will let you create your own mashups or remix your favorite songs your own way. You can freely express your passion for music and take advantage of the useful features of this app to express your passion and creativity in music.

What is Moises Mod Apk about?

Moises mod apk is a music application that allows you to freely compose, edit music or enjoy songs of various genres, developed by Moises Systems. With this app, you can extract songs, remove vocals from songs or rub any instrument such as bass, piano, drums, and so on. 

moises mod apk techtodown
Moises mod apk is a music application allowing you to freely compose, edit music

The application will also provide you with many other useful features such as Pitch Changer, Smart Metronome, AI Chords, Trim, and so on that make it easy for you to edit any piece of music you love.

Outstanding featurs of Moises Mod Apk

Modify and alter any audio file

The Moises app provides you with attractive features that allow you to modify and alter any audio file. You can use this app to extract and remove vocals from audio files, leaving only the sounds. You can also use this app to make karaoke songs or even background noises for use in videos. 

moises app mod apk
You can modify and alter any audio file with the Moises app

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You can remove any instrument from any sound or use a variety of creative tools such as Speed Changer, Smart Metronome, Count in, and others. You can easily remix your favorite songs, make it unique, and load them quickly.

Remove vocals and instruments

This app also allows you to remove vocals and instruments to use your favorite piece of music. You will quickly extract the vocals from any song with just a few simple steps and will get the piece you want. 

You won't have to manually alter the audio file because the software will detect the vocals. From there, you can use the sounds in any video and use them to edit and create your own videos.

Give the Pitch changer tool

This app will also give you the Pitch changer tool so you can easily change the pitch of your sound. With this feature, you will be able to adjust how loud or soft the various parts of the music are. In addition, you can also use the Speed Changer tool to slow or speed up the music when adjusting and creating catchy tracks.

moises app premium mod apk
You can easily change the pitch of your sound with the Pitch changer tool

Remix any instrument from any song

This Moises app will allow you to remix any instrument from any song you want. You can easily remix instruments such as the piano, basslines, guitars, drums, and other. You will have full control over the editing process so you can easily create great music.

moises mod apk latest version
This Moises app will allow you to remix any instrument from any song

Provides a Smart Metronome tool

This Moises app also provides you with other useful tools including a Smart Metronome tool that allows you to automatically build synced click tracks. In addition, the AI Chords identification tool will help you play these synchronized cords. These tools will greatly assist you in the process of editing and mixing music in your favorite songs.

moises ai music editor mod apk
This Moises app also provides a Smart Metronome tool

How to use Moises Mod Apk?

To use this Moise App, you can follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: You must first establish your account and you can sign up for the app using your email address or login using your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Google, or Zalo.
  • Step 2: You will see two items that will appear on your phone's screen: importing from URL and application file. You can choose from three functions: splitting the music into two tracks, four tracks, and five tracks. When you have made your selection, click the submit button, and Moises will get to work for you, and the job will be completed quickly.
  • Step 3: In the Library area, you will click the download option to save it to your PC. You can choose the volume icon at the top of the screen to modify the tempo of rhythmic sound, and two icons emerge as instruments and voices to assist you verify the sound quality. You can take advantage of this app's useful features to freely produce music or remix your favorite songs in your own unique style.

Why should you download Moises Mod Apk?

Moises Mod Apk is a modified version of this app we provide for free on our website Techtodown. Our mod version will give you the premium unlocked feature allowing you to unlock all the attractive features of this app to edit and mix any of your favorite songs. 

You won't have to worry about paying to unlock and use these advanced features because our version has unlocked them, so you can use them completely for free. and no ads disturb this app experience.


If you want to show your talent for composing and editing music, you can't miss this Moises Mod Apk app. This app gives you a tool for you to split lyrics, separate instruments, compare to get the desired piece, and remix your favorite songs. Download this app to edit your impressive music and share it with everyone right away.

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