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The popular Sudoku puzzle game has been updated with an online option that allows you to play with your friends and family. Monopoly Sudoku APK is the best choice for you. Try this latest version right away!

Interesting facts about Monopoly Sudoku APK

Sudoku is a well-known puzzle game that has been around for quite some time, most likely since the 1980s. Many players have been “brainwashed” by the mystical numbers in this logic game but it also brings with it a drive to win. Sodoku was recreated as Monopoly Sudoku by the Marmalade Game Studio, the creators of the popular Monopoly series, after years of silence. Mr. Monopoly has created new Sodoku puzzles for you to enjoy! Marmalade Game Studio has launched an adorable, exhilarating and thrilling production that named Monopoly Sudoku. In this scenario, players are offered a unique opportunity to experience a Monopoly game that includes Sudoku crossword puzzle elements. Correct calculations and placement of numbers in the appropriate cells will enable you to make more profitable movements, acquire more experience, avoid opponents, and so on. A full-fledged multiplayer mode is available at the same time. Victories will grant access to things of interest, avatar modifications, and other changes that will significantly alter the game.

Highlight features of the Monopoly Sudoku APK

  • One of the best puzzles meets one of the best board games ever.
  • Ad-free and no in-game purchases
  • Multiplayer modes
  • Participate in tournaments and earn first place on the Monopoly Sudoku leaderboards!
  • Expert Techniques – In Sudoku School, you will learn the best tactics for moving across the board through solving problems.

Sudoku puzzles in a fresh new style

The original Sudoku game required the player to arrange the number on the grid in such a way that each row and column had all of the numbers 1 through 9. Monopoly Sudoku retained that element, but when the time restriction and clue are added, there are some extra changes. There are nine 3×3 subnets on the grid. Some cells are prefilled with values that cannot be changed. To fill in the blank cells, you will rely on these numbers and the suggestion of the system.

monopoly sudoku game

Sudoku literally translates as “placing the number in the appropriate position.” This is the game’s overall aim, which you must achieve. However, as the level progress, the struggle gets increasingly harder. Fixed cells have fewer clues, while fixed cells have fewer clues. You will have to fill a lot of blank boxes in the 3-5 minutes time limit. That is when you will need Mr. Monopoly’s assistance. He will direct you to the next stage in the puzzle’s solution. You may also use the Pencil tool to mark numbers as possible answers, removing any incorrect numbers.

Enjoy with your friends

In multiplayer mode, you may work on the puzzle with your friends and family. Everyone may either play together or compete to see who can locate the proper numbers the fastest. Monopoly Sudoku also provides a range of answers for players to practice their Sudoku skills on a complicated grid. Sudoku School is a popular site where you can receive the information, ideas, and assistance you need to develop an effective strategy.

  • Pointing Paris
  • Triplets

That is a sophisticated strategy that involves giving the system a lot of relevant information about the problem, as well as a visual illustration and a thorough explanation. If you have more time, you could come and learn at Sudoku School, where you may enhance your Monopoly Sudoku solving speed. After that, you should practice what you have learnt while unlocking new aids in practice mode. Now is the time to let your inner knowledge shine! In real-time multiplayer, take on head-to-head challenges. Seasons are also organized by Sudoku School to find winners. When you complete each challenge, you will earn experience points to help you level up, as well as bonus accomplishment points to help you climb the worldwide leaderboard. In addition, the technology will grant access to one-of-a-kind avatars. They may be used to demonstrate your development.

monopoly sudoku mod apk

Multiplayer mode is available

This is most likely the latest new feature that has yet to be included in prior Sudoku game versions. As a result, games are dull puzzles with no connection, making it impossible for players to track their progress because the system only has three levels: challenging, medium, and easy. When you play Monopoly Sudoku, though, you may compete with other players and track your progress easily. You can automatically match to challenge your opponent in an online match if you do not want to play with your friends. Mr. MONOPOLY will assist you in reawakening your inner bravery! Level up and earn accomplishment points by filling in the missing numbers on the grid.


Monopoly Sudoku is a popular online game based on the traditional Sudoku puzzle. It incorporates additional Monopoly features to provide players with a more pleasurable gaming experience while also letting them to interact and compete with one another. Furthermore, you will no longer be bothered by intrusive advertisements in Monopoly Sudoku Mod APK. The creator recognizes that to complete such difficult riddles, players must be able to concentrate.

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