My Foxy Girlfriend: Sexy Anime Dating Sim Mod APK 3.0.20



My Foxy Girlfriend is one of the recent simulation games published by Genius Studio Japan. The modified version is updated regularly with more and more exciting features.

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My Foxy Girlfriend: Sexy Anime Dating Sim Mod APK 3.0.20



My Foxy Girlfriend is one of the recent simulation games published by Genius Studio Japan. The modified version is updated regularly with more and more exciting features.

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Nowadays, many developers try to reach more people by designing electronic novel (or visual novel) products. Genius Studio Japan becomes successful in this field and My Foxy Girlfriend is one of their products. In this post, I will give you some details about this interesting game and some of you may want to play it after knowing about its outstanding features.

Overview about My Foxy Girlfriend MOD Apk

My Foxy Girlfriend is a simulation game that was developed and released by Genius Studio Japan. Nowadays, reading novels is quite time-consuming and boring, so enjoying visual novels becomes more attractive, especially to young people.

Every Japanese anime game always has a beautiful story and so does this game. Once you join the game, it’s like reading a book and you are the main character.

One thing different is that the source of the story or how it ends depends on your decision. With the mod version, many features have been added to the game to help you have a better experience.

How does My Foxy Girlfriend story begin?

In this part, more details about My Foxy Girlfriend Apk mod will be shown such as the storyline, the gameplay, main characters, outstanding features,... and so on.

The plot

The storyline will happen chapter by chapter. In the first chapter, your outdoor club takes a trip to Hazushima Forest. After getting there, you decide to walk around, leaving everyone behind. As you are relaxing, suddenly there is the sound of crying deep down in the cave. Following that sound, you find 3 foxes, one of them is caught in the trap. You rescue that pity fox and continue enjoying your day.

When you go back to school, 3 girls just transferred to your class. They have become popular with the boys, including you.  Each of these 3 girls unusually approaches you. And it doesn’t just end there…

As you go home and relax,  all of a sudden, you hear noises at your window. It’s the 3 girls, what are they doing in your house? They snap their fingers and all of a sudden, they have fox ears and tails!? What’s going on?


So that’s the beginning of the story, through the storyline, you can find out the real identity of the 3 girls. And the main mission you have to do is helping three girls - village protectors. They are in danger of losing their home - Hatsushima forest. What are you going to do to save everyone?

The gameplay 

My Foxy Girlfriend Apk Mod has very simple gameplay. Just like other simulation games, there are conversations between characters. From there you can easily understand the content and see the problem.

After a long conversation, you will need to decide by choosing between 2 options. Each option will lead you to different results. So you can often enjoy various events, that’s why users can play this game over and over without being bored.

Main characters 

Who are they? Of course are the three girls that I mentioned above.

  • Mayuka: the first one approaching you, she asks what you are eating and she becomes so interested in you. Afterward, she decides to choose you as her future husband. What’s wrong with her?
  • Fuku: The second to approach you is Fuku.When she can make friends easily, these relationships are hard to maintain. Can you help develop those bonds or is it the connection you are looking for?
  • Tsukiko: Last, but not least – Tsukiko. Most oddly, she sniffs you as a way to remember your scent. Then she makes you promise not to hurt her friends because she doesn't trust humans.

With the modified version of My Foxy Girlfriend, there are several new outstanding features:

  • Multiple story endings
  • Beautiful exterior design in anime style
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Many charismatic and interesting characters

Specifications of My Foxy Girlfriend apk mod

Here are some detailed pieces of information about My Foxy Girlfriend Apk mod:

You can download this game without paying a single penny. But these are apk files, remember to change your Android device's settings to “Unknown Sources” before trying to download the game.

With the MOD version of My Foxy Girlfriend, you will have a good experience with this game. In the future, TechToDown hopes they may release more and more interesting novels, reaching more and more people.

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