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Download My Ninja Destiny MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) latest version. My Ninja Destiny: Otome Romance Game is a game where you can make your own history.
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November 9, 2021
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My Ninja Destiny MOD APK is a game where you can make your own history. There will always be challenges waiting for you around every corner – but if you’re smart enough, strong enough, and fast enough then there’s no challenge that can keep you down!

my ninja destiny otome game


The story of My Ninja Destiny

You’re sent to your childhood home in the mountains after receiving an invite from your estranged father. There, you unearth the mysteries of your past and learn that you are the daughter of the legendary Tokugawa who has just passed away, leaving you as ruler of the three concealed ninja villages. However, becoming a ninja princess won’t be simple, since it necessitates marrying one of history’s greatest ninjas as well as learning the mysterious Ninjutsu arts written in your late father’s diary.

It’s time to go over your usual plans and get ready for anything. You may even be asked to marry a member of the Suikoden clan so his children can have access to it as well—but don’t expect them to thank you afterward. They’ll do whatever they can to obtain your father’s diary, including marriage you, but their efforts are foiled when their villages are suddenly attacked by Banished ninjas. To preserve everyone, will you fight with these legendary ninjas? Can love blossom in the midst of battle?

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In My Ninja Destiny, you can make your own history!

Characters in My Ninja Destiny

Fuma Kotaro – the Oni Ninja

Kotaro is a legendary, hot-headed ninja recognized for his fire ninjutsu. Despite his high level of expertise, he is looked down upon by his village owing to the oni blood coursing through his veins. Kotaro is even prepared to marry you if it means he may get his hands on your father’s diary and the secret skills described within. Can you assist him in recognizing that he is more than the tainted blood inside him?

Hattori Hanzo – The Skilled Swordsman

The calm and collected ninja from the Tokugawa family. This accomplished swordsman is overshadowed by his notorious father, Hattori Hanzo. He is concerned about the reputation of his family’s honor and will marry you to satisfy his father; nevertheless, he soon begins to doubt his own happiness. Can you assist Hanzo in finding his own path in life so that he may shine on his own?

Ishikawa Goemon – The Charming Thief

A flirty Ninja with a Robin Hood complex. He comes from the poorest hamlet and believes evoking your childhood friendship to sweet-talk you into marrying him is the key to his family’s fortune and rebuilding his village. Will you school him on the error of his ways? Will you assist him in rebuilding his village before the Banished ninjas totally destroy it?


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