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June 7, 2021
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My Ninja Girlfriend Mod Apk v2.1.10 (Free Premium Choices) – the latest version on Android. You will not lose any ruby in the selection process to date 3 ninjas in this game.

What is My Ninja Girlfriend Mod Apk?

My Ninja Girlfriend Mod APK is a new visual novel developed by Genius Studio Japan. If you’re a frequent visitor to TECHTODOWN.COM, you’ve undoubtedly played games like My Nurse Girlfriend and My Rental Girlfriend before. In general, the gameplay is similar, and My Ninja Girlfriend is no exception. Genius Studio’s stories are always unique, taking you from one surprise to the next.

My Ninja Girlfriend

The highlight feature of My Ninja Girlfriend Mod Apk

MOD feature

The game will provide you with more aggressive responses in order to match the gorgeous female characters. This allows you to avoid worrying about picking the wrong answers and shortens the time it takes to win over a girl’s heart. And, as shown in our MOD APK version, Premium Choices no longer need payment by Ruby to be used.

Background story

You’re playing the primary character in My Ninja Girlfriend, which is a high school guy with a typical life. You save the life of an injured female ninja named Kasumi one day by accident. Kasumi transferred to your class as a transfer student not long after that. Despite your best efforts to avoid becoming involved with her, she has always clung to you wherever you go. She revealed that she was one of the few surviving ninjas. Because of your actions, she vowed to serve you in order to repay the debt.

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my ninja girlfriend mod apk

You also run into trouble with Kasumi’s pupil, Yui, as well as Kasumi herself. While you are unsure how to deal with the two females, Raina, Kasumi’s rival, has decided to take your attention to prove herself superior to Kasumi.

Ninja girls are often more of a nuisance than a help. However, thanks to their appearance, your life becomes more intriguing and enjoyable. You develop strong feelings for these lovely young women. However, you may only pick one, and you don’t want anyone to get injured. Is it possible to pick the love of your life or abandon them in order to free yourself from aggravating relationships?


The gameplay in My Ninja Girlfriend is similar to that of other visual novel games. You must select an answer in order to communicate with the ladies or make a decision. Each option leads the plot down a different path, resulting in a dramatically new conclusion. As a result, you must pick carefully not to get into trouble and assist the next event in the direction you desire if needed. It’s also worth noting that each of your choices has the potential to alter the ending of My Ninja Girlfriend. If you do have an unpleasant ending, though, don’t be too concerned; you may replay it from beginning to end and change it!

my ninja girlfriend mod apk unlimited tickets

List characters


A quick, purple-haired shuriken genius. She is a person who hides her shyness and has a sense of duty. Kasumi’s personality is quite serious. When she insists on payment even after you have said no many times, she becomes particularly fierce. Kasumi is the greatest fighter in the trio.

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Yui is a student of Kasumi. She’s attractive, but she’s a little goofy and uncomfortable. Yui idolizes Kasumi above all other ninjas, and she always dreams of becoming as great a ninja as her mentor. Yui’s skills, on the other hand, are quite juvenile; therefore, she must study hard.


A very conceited and hot-tempered girl. Her disposition, on the other hand, is not so terrible. Raina is a skilled ninja, but her talents are frequently under judged compared to Kasumi. It also makes Raina insanely jealous, causing her to work harder to overcome her feelings of inadequacy. Raina is recognized as being a rather aggressive person. However, since meeting you, she has been attempting to be more gentle.

my ninja girlfriend mod apk unlimited tickets and gems

The following is a summary of the major characters in the game. Getting to know a little bit about each individual’s personality will give you greater control over your choices and judgments as the story progresses. The game does, however, include other characters that appear to be unique. However, you don’t need to pay much attention to them since their job is simply to provide information and occasionally try to change your perspective.

Graphics 2D anime

The graphics of My Ninja Girlfriend are characterized by a lovely 2D anime style. This gives you the sense of reading the book with vividness. All three female ninjas have gorgeous appearances, sweet voices, eyes, and expressions. It is owing to the efforts of Genius Studio Japan’s design and voiced team that these aspects were achieved. They truly care about this game.

Final word

If you’re ready to experience interesting stories with three beautiful girls, then My Ninja Girlfriend is the game for you. The developer created an interactive story that’s easy enough to play on your lunch break at work or while waiting in line for affordable food. You’ll never look at the boring time again! Download today!

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