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Do you have a girlfriend? Do you want to learn about girls to better understand their psychology and be ready for a romantic relationship? Experience now My Nurse Girlfriend Mod Apk on your Android phone. This is a thrilling simulation game where you will have a chance to experience different situations and meet interesting people in this game. Enjoy the game with many attractive features that we will introduce you to in detail in this post.

Introducing to My Nurse Girlfriend Mod Apk

My Nurse Girlfriend is a seemingly appealing simulation game

My Nurse Girlfriend is a seemingly appealing simulation game, developed by Genius Studio Japan. This game will give you the feeling that you have a lover while playing. The topic in this game is set in a hospital. You will encounter three stunning ladies with whom you'll form lovely bonds and scenarios. You'll get a chance to chat with girls in various situations and choose your own romantic love story.

What is special in My Nurse Girlfriend Mod Apk?

My Nurse Girlfriend Mod Apk is a modified version of the game we provide for free on our website Techtodown. This mod version will provide you with many advanced features that the original does not have. 

You will get the unlimited diamond to buy any items in-game you want. You can also get Free Premium Choices to choose your characters and stories in this game. Download this mod apk and enjoy the game with many advanced features:

  • Unlimited money
  • Free Premium Choices

Highlight features of My Nurse Girlfriend Mod Apk 


If you do not have a girlfriend and do not have many school memories, this game will bring you new and exciting experiences. In this game, you will play a handsome and extremely popular guy. You are a famous person on the school football team, but unfortunately, you got injured and broke your leg right into the hospital.

This game will bring you new and exciting experiences

The game is set in this hospital where you will meet beautiful girls and start your story. You will notice that the two nurses and the girl next to your hospital bed are both so beautiful. Will you chat with them and find your true love?


My Nurse Girlfriend belongs to the visual novel genre quite familiar in Japanese games. This game has a simple gameplay that you only need to touch the screen most of the time to develop the story, including images, text, and sound. The game will provide many different storylines, so you will choose the story you want.

This game has a simple gameplay

Characters in this game

Louisa: She is a stunning and seductive nurse. She has more experience than other nurses because she has worked at a hospital for many years. She is a lovely person with a generous heart. She's also a delicate, trusting, and easily duped young lady. However, she is older than you.

Miki: She is a Tsundere-style nurse. She appears to be a frigid girl and difficult to approach her, and even uneasy at times. However, she is also warm and shy on the inside. She also cares about everyone but doesn't know how to show it, resulting in awkward but endearing behavior.

There are three beautiful girls in this game

Rena: She is also a patient in the same room in the hospital as you. She is a strong-willed young lady who prefers to do things her way. Her personality is rather attractive, and you can learn more about her experiences when talking with her. This is most likely the love you're seeking for.

Mini games

To play the game more interesting, you can play some mini-games next to the main story to receive many attractive gifts. When you spin the wheel of fortune, you can get ruby and some other rewards if you get three of the same symbols. You can use these rubies to open the Premium Option. It will give you pretty daring choices, such as hugging Louisa affectionately or asking Miki out to lunch.


My Nurse Girlfriend has beautifully female characters that are designed anime-style. The characters are all built with impressive images and a kind demeanor. You will also hear the voices of very lovable characters. You will surely be immersed in romantic love stories created by yourself.

Characters are designed anime-style.


My Nurse Girlfriend Mod Apk will bring exciting love story experiences that you have never experienced before. You will have the opportunity to chat and get to know beautiful girls in many different situations. The game will help you get more confidence while facing the girls and getting to know them. Download the game and discover your own story.

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