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My Sweet Bully is an attractive dating simulation game that is loved and downloaded by many people. If you are also one of those who love genres like this, do not ignore this article. Meet hot girls and have relationships with bullies when you download My Sweet Bully Mod APK.

Introduce My Sweet Bully Mod APK

You can play many dating simulations games for free on the Google Play Store. But My Sweet Bully Mod APK are games that you can download and play now meanwhile. This My Sweet Bully Mod APK game is designed to give players the most sincere and fun companionship you've ever met. Games like these are ideal for today's hopeless romance. You can enjoy a fascinating story with amusing characters in My Sweet Bully right away.

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This game by Genius Studio Japan allows you to have a good time while learning about a fascinating story. You are suddenly ecstatic because your father announced that you will be returning to Japan. However, there is a catch: you must be in a relationship with the daughter of your father's boss. This is great, except for the fact that your daughter was your childhood bully! But, before you dismiss this as the worst thing ever, keep in mind that things have improved. You will also meet a lot of lovely ladies here!

Gripping storyline

You are overjoyed when your father's profession unexpectedly allows him to return to Japan, but you cannot help but feel nervous... Your father's boss wants you to sign a contract agreeing to date his daughter, who also happens to be your tormentor. She is well-known and wealthy, and she can get away with almost anything, including tormenting you. To make matters worse, your old friend confesses out of the blue, and your part-time job has a gorgeous new girl! If only you had not already handed the cruel bully control of your life. Are you able to break free from your contract and be with the person you genuinely desire while still supporting your family in Japan? Will the deal result in something utterly unexpected? You will learn all about it in My Sweet Bully Mod APK!

Characters system


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Asami has everything: beauty, wealth, and class leadership, but she is also your tormentor. Because of her family's wealth, she is the undisputed ruler of the school. This nasty girl has devised a variety of methods to punish you now that you are bound by a contract. Can you find a way to get out of her hands before you are expelled from Japan? Will you give in to your bully's demands and become her toy?


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Before you left for America, Hisa was your closest friend. She has always admired you, but she did not believe you reciprocated her feelings. She has grown in both daring and attractiveness since becoming the captain of your school's volleyball club. Your pact with Asami is now all that stands between her feelings and reality. Will you collaborate with your closest friend to discover a way to stay together?


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Emiko is a timid, low-key person who has been harmed by Asami. After working together at the same restaurant, you see Emiko's excellent personality and feel compelled to protect her. When Asami learns that you have a soft place for Emiko, she tries to make things even more difficult for her. Will you be able to stop the bullying and help Emiko break out from her shell, or will your tormentor drive you both insane?

A one-of-a-kind and hilarious dating simulation

You may play a variety of interesting dating simulation games right now, and most of them are completely free. In the dating simulation genre, there are a plethora of games to choose from, many of which are entertaining. Whatever game you choose to play, there are numerous thrilling and enjoyable components that make these games stand out. Each dating simulation that you download today has a separate plot. My Sweet Bully is one-of-a-kind and hilarious dating simulation in which you are forced to romance your bully!

Meet more gorgeous girls

Everything is well one day until your father informs you that you will be returning to Japan. However, there is a catch to all of this: you must be in a relationship with the daughter of your father's employer. But here is the thing: this daughter was your childhood bully, and you remember everything she did to you. She can now do whatever she wants with you since you are bound by a contract. You will also meet more gorgeous girls from your school in this game!

Highlight Features Of My Sweet Bully Mod APK

Intriguing dating simulation

In today's gaming industry, there are a plethora of intriguing dating simulation games that you may play and enjoy. There are so many games in this genre to choose from, and they are all fascinating. Each one tells a different story that you may start reading right now. You do not have to worry if you have run out of dating simulation games to play. We are here with My Sweet Bully, a brand-new game for you to enjoy. You will be forced to build a relationship with your childhood bully, who has matured into a stunning woman. However, she is abusing the contract you signed by continuing to do whatever she wants. You will also encounter other girls in this game, including Hisa and Emiko. You will be able to spend time with these girls and have fun doing so. As you have fun dating them, there are many things you may do in this game. In the end, which of the three will you choose?

Entertaining story

You will have a good time reading My Sweet Bully since it is a lively and entertaining story. You will be compelled to date a girl who has bullied you since you were a child. All of this is because your father's job insisted on this condition in exchange for your return to Japan. Even though things appear to be horrible at first, you will soon discover that everything is alright. After all, there are many fun aspects to this game.

Unique characters

My Sweet Bully is a game where you may have a good time with distinctive characters. Then there's Asami, your bully and the one with whom you are supposed to build a bond. This is the girl who has been using you since you were little. But now that you are bound by the contract, she may do whatever she wants with you! Hisa, on the other hand, is as brilliant as the sun but a little tomboyish. Finally, Emiko is a shy girl who has been through a lot because of Asami. You will be a part of a lot of twists and interesting scenarios in this game!

Optional freedom

What makes this game so thrilling is that you will be able to do whatever you desire. Out of the three, who will you choose to date?


Q. Is My Sweet Bully Mod APK free?

A. Yes, you may download and play this game for free!

Q. Is My Sweet Bully Mod APK safe to use?

A. Yes, it is a secure app that has been tested and approved by Google Play Store's security system. You can rest assured that you will not experience any viruses or malicious software while playing this game.

Q. Is there any way to get unlimited money in My Sweet Bully?

A. Yes, by downloading the mod version of this game, you can access an unlimited amount of coins and diamonds.


My Sweet Bully Mod APK is a fun and unique dating simulation game where you are forced into an intimate relationship with your childhood bully. There are numerous highlights of this game, including its interesting story, unique characters, and optional freedom. You may play this game for free, as it is safe to use and has been tested by Google Play Store's security system. Furthermore, you can access an unlimited amount of coins and diamonds by downloading the mod version of this game. So what are you waiting for? Download My Sweet Bully now!

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