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MyHeritage is one of the best Books & References created for Android and it allows users to build their own family tree at their fingertips. The modded version will give you more attractive features.

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MyHeritage is one of the best Books & References created for Android and it allows users to build their own family tree at their fingertips. The modded version will give you more attractive features.

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Nowadays, there are many ways for us to research history, maybe it’s a war battle or just some historic events. But in this article, I will introduce an interesting application named MyHeritage MOD APK. This app helps you to build your family tree at your fingertips. Let’s figure out how it works and how to download.

Uncover your family history with MyHeritage MOD apk

What is MyHeritage mod apk?

MyHeritage is one of the best Books & References which are designed for Android users. This app is based on genealogy, in this, you get your family history at your fingertips. The easiest way to understand MyHeritage is that this app lets you go back to your past. With its amazing features, users can track back to their ancestors, explore their roots or find new long-lost relatives. The modded version of MyHeritage will bring you more interesting features. This app contains 12 billion historical records data. This technology is called Smart Matches, which automatically connects to the root of your family. Join our community of 80 million users and build your family tree — it’s easy and intuitive.

What can MyHeritage mod apk do?

It can be denied that MyHeritage mod apk is a great app for you to bring back the family history. Let’s see what are the most outstanding features of MyHeritage mod apk:

Go back to your past and build your family tree

Go back to your past

From past to present, the history of any family always passed down generations by telling old stories or through old pictures and videos. Sometimes, some people don’t know who their grandparents or relatives are because all the data are lost through war or accidents. So if you love your family and want to know about your root, MyHeritage mod is definitely designed for you. This application will find your ancestor in Historical Records with SuperSearch. MyHeritage apk mod checks your family history and checks your unique DNA to find your Family Roots and history.

Smart Matches and Record Matches

In MyHeritage mod apk, the developer has created a patented technology called Smart Matches. This method will compare your personal information to the database which has over 12 billion historical records. That means you can get to know your family better as long as it is in the records. Therefore, many people will have a chance to get to know their family lineage through the app easily.

MyHeritage introduces the Photo Enhancer

Besides, another feature of MyHeritage mod apk is Record Matches which allows you to find new information such as birth, marriage, and death certificates can be extracted here. Thanks to this, you can search information about military records, old newspapers, census records, adoption records, yearbooks, burial records, court records and many more.

Add photos and videos to build your family tree

This is one of the most important features of MyHeritage MOD apk. You have two options with your photos and videos. First, you can add photos and videos about your parents, grandparents or your ancestors to the album on MyHeritage mod apk and share them with your family and friends. The second choice may be more meaningful that you can build a family tree from photos and videos about your parents, grandparents or your ancestors. Moreover, you can also find your new relatives of your ancestors and add them to your tree. Obviously, these above features are not everything. It also has a feature called MyHeritage DNA. Each of us has a unique DNA that has your unique genetic makeup. With MyHeritage mod apk, you can order a DNA kit and get a swab from your cheeks and submit it. All you have to do is wait for a few minutes until the app gives you the result. You can find out about your ethnic origins and even find new relatives.

You can track all the DNA process

Download and installation MyHeritage mod apk for Android

Just like other Apk apps, you will need to change your settings before trying to download this app on your devices.

  • Open
  • In Personal section, click Security, turn on “Allow downloading apps from unknown sources”

After that, following these steps to get MyHeritage mod apk without paying a single penny:

  • Download the version of MyHeritage MOD Apk that you want.
  • Click OK if there is a notification of damage from the archive.
  • After downloading, scroll down to the notification screen and click on the MyHeritage Apk files.
  • Click on “Install” at the right bottom of the screen and MyHeritage will be installed on your devices.
  • Enjoy the app by choosing its icon on the main menu.

So, just through some simple steps, you can install and enjoy MyHeritage Apk mod on your devices. In conclusion, I hope this post will give you enough information you need about MyHeritage mod apk. Want to uncover your family history, just download and install the MyHeritage mod apk right now.

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