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So yeah, if you are someone like us who loves playing Pokemon games, then you should have known about Pocket Trend. We believe no one does a better job than guys from Pocket Trend when it comes to monster catching games. They have made the game Micromon, Hunter Island, Dragon Island which give us endless hours of fun. And their latest game which is also an improvement of monster catching game, Neo Monsters also offer us that fun.  Even better, you can enjoy its fullest with the Neo Monsters MOD APK. Reading on to explore interesting features of this game that will amaze you.

Before deeper diving into the mod version, let’s walk you through some information about the original one.

Introducing Neo Monsters

Neo Monsters – the latest catching-monster game of Pocket Trend
Neo Monsters – the latest catching-monster game of Pocket Trend

Compared to Pocket Trend’s previous games, Neo Monsters has similar gameplay to Hunter Island.  They are all about capturing and training monsters to make them the strongest. But Neo Monsters is like the upgraded, more polished version of the Hunter Island which comes with many improvements.

New 4v4 battle system

Pocket Trend doesn’t stop innovating by introducing a new 4v4 team tag battle system from previously 3v3 team tag. In Neo Monsters. With this new 4v4 battle system, now you can bring up to 16 monsters to the battle. So, if you are planning it well, there is no way your party will be wiped out by the enemies.

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A wide range of monsters to collect

Neo Monsters offers 1000 fully animated monsters
Neo Monsters offers 1000 fully animated monsters

In Neo Monsters, there are over 1000 fully animated monsters for you to collect! But there are different rarity levels to these monsters. That said, the rarer those monsters are, the stronger they would be! So, it would be best to focus your efforts on catching the rarest ones which can help you win the battle! Furthermore, you will have to feed and train your monsters so that they will evolve intro stronger animals! Especially, when your monsters move into their adulthood, you can cross between two different species to create a new species with new skills.

New training system

Also, there is a new training system being added in Neo Monsters. Now, instead of gaining experience by fighting, your monsters will be improved by attending training sessions. In this training session, you can choose a training card for your monsters by using a card-based system. With this new training system, you can choose how you want your monsters to develop.

Regularly update

If you have consistent access to the Internet, Neo Monsters also periodically gives a new content update to players. This new content might be a side story about the uncle, Hector. Also, it’s a good way to catch more monsters on the way along, and some good ways to get training sessions faster. That’s cool, right?

What is about Neo Monsters MOD APK?

As mentioned above, you can catch more monsters and train them faster by regularly updating the game. But there is a better way to get these premium features. That is using Neo Monster MOD APK.

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With this modified version, you will get:

  • Unlimited Team Cost
  • Unlimited Capture Chances
  • Can Capture Un-capturable Monsters
  • Unlimited Fruits

Neo Monsters has successfully maintained Pocket Trend’s reputation as the best monster-catcher game maker. It is a polished and better-quality product overall. If you have played the monster-catcher game or looking for another one, Neo Monsters MOD APK is no brainer and should definitely go into your pocket.


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