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NetShare Pro APK is a good Wi-Fi hotspot app that allows you to share your Wi-Fi with others by creating a hotspot. You can now create a Wi-Fi hotspot while connected to another Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing other devices such as Chromecast and smartphones to benefit from increased bandwidth. Simply put, you can now share your Wi-Fi connection with others without disclosing your router’s password or granting them access to your network.

Introducing to NetShare Pro APK

Almost everyone is familiar with Android hotspot sharing, which involves creating a WiFi network on your phone and sharing your internet connection with other devices. To the frustration of folks who Google this issue every day, it’s impossible to enable WiFi and Mobile Hotspot at the same time on 99 percent of Android phones.

But what if you wanted to share a WiFi network with which your Android is already connected? For instance, what if your Android phone can identify a WiFi signal that your PC’s USB adaptor is unable to detect? There exists a legitimate way to transform your Android device into a WiFi repeater, allowing you to share a router-based WiFi network with other devices. That is through using NetShare Pro APK!


Highlight features of NetShare Pro APK:

A simple and user-friendly interface

NetShare is a smartphone application that works in a similar way as the default Hotspot technology, with a simple UI and no customization options for users. It is designed to look like a regular listing, and it will show the user all of the app’s capabilities. It also makes it easier for the user to navigate the application’s capabilities.

Create a hotspot or tethering with other devices

Hotspot is an advanced technology that is quickly detected by other users once activated. When using “NetShare,” however, users have the option of changing their Hotspot status, such as secret or public, as well as enabling passwords. The program will generate passwords and even a basic name so that people may easily connect with you.

Tethering with easy steps

When connecting to a Hotspot, the Tethering feature will be a better option if your laptop requires Internet access. Tethering, whether wired or via USB port, concentrates the entire Internet connection and speed on a single target. Tethering also requires the user to install “NetShare” on their laptop, then enter the link and password to begin the process. Using 4G data may limit the transfer speed and capacity, but Tethering removes those restrictions, allowing users to function at their full potential.

Bypass hotspot block with a click

You don’t have 4G data yet still need to get online? Then “NetShare” will assist you in bypassing all neighboring Hotspots. Wifi modems, on the other hand, cannot be bypassed because they are more secure. Users can seek for a hotspot from the crowd, select the one with the most reliable connection, and connect. If the Hotspot has a password block, the application will bypass it while the other party is unaware of it, even if the user is hidden. In contrast, if a user connects to a public Hotspot, they may use the interface’s chart to see who is connecting and how fast the connection is.

Turn your hotspot into Wifi repeater

Do you think your Wifi connection is inconsistent because it’s too far away? Don’t worry, “NetShare” will handle everything. The program can not only enable users construct a hotspot using 4G, but it can also operate as a wifi repeater. When the user is distant from the Wifi router, the connection speed slows down. With the Wifi Repeater feature, it will improve, allowing consumers to experience a second Wifi Router. To improve transmission density, users simply need to connect to a public Wifi router and use the Hotspot option. Instead of using 4G to build a Hotspot, users can create a personal Wifi router by connecting to the public Wifi in the area.

NetShare v1.96 APK + MOD (PRO) Free Download for Android

How to set up NetShare Pro APK?

To begin, download and install the NetShare Pro APK on your Android device, then follow my steps based on the number of additional devices you’ll be sharing with.


Sharing internet connection through NetShare Pro APK

  • If you’re sharing the Wifi with another Android device
  • Install the Netshare program on both devices.
  • On the first device that will be sharing Wifi, open the Netshare app.
  • Check the box next to “Share internet connection.” It will assign a group SSID and password to you.
  • On the second device, open the Netshare app and connect to the SSID using the Netshare password.
  • If you receive a VPN pairing dialogue on the second device, accept it.
  • Surf!
  • If you’re sharing the Wifi with a desktop / laptop computer
  • Follow the same steps as before, however this time you won’t be installing NetShare on your computer. To connect to the SSID on your desktop/laptop, open the NetShare app on your Android device, press the “Share internet connection” option, and connect to the SSID.
  • Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options if you’re using Windows.
  • At the top of the Internet Options window, click the “Connections” tab, then the “LAN Settings” option at the bottom. Now select “Use a proxy server for your LAN” from the drop-down menu.
  • Assign the following address and port: The IP address is, and the port is 8282. After that, click OK, and you’re ready to go surfing.


Set the address and port

So, that’s all about NetShare Pro APK. What are you waiting for without downloading this useful application?


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