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The Nexomon: Extinction Mod APK is a role-playing game combined with classic animal catching action, which was launched in 2021 on mobile. Nexomon: Extinction is currently accessible on mobile, and its appearance is quite important for fans of Pokemon. To learn more about this fantastic game, you may download the MOD version of Nexomon: Extinction from

Introduce about Nexomon: Extinction

Nexomon: Extinction is a mobile game version of the PC game published by VEWO INTERACTIVE INC. It was first launched in August 2020, and it made quite an impact. When compared to the computer game version, this mobile game still effectively shows the appealing role-playing gameplay and classic 2D graphics quality. It may not be as good as “Pokemon GO” if compared to other games. However, Nexomon: Extinction has unique and interesting features that make it a great choice for fans.

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This game is now available for free on Google Play and has a 4.5 rating. So you may trust this app to download and play the latest world of Nexomon on your Android device. If Pokemon games are not your thing, don't miss out on this similar game. But first, let's have a look at it in greater detail.

Become a Nexomon Trainer

Players will take the role of a potential monster trainer in Nexomon: Extinction, which is similar to Pokemon's classic gameplay. You play the part of a guy who has just come out of an orphanage and is on his way to overcoming the hazards in Noxemon's lovely world. Strange new individuals with strange abilities will appear along the route, challenging you to collect and manage them as trustworthy allies. The objective of gamers is to gather and domesticate these individuals so that they can be relied upon companions.

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In addition, players will have to compete against Battle Tamers and Tyrant in battles. Put your Noxemon to the test and prove who is the boss of the battle. The game's gameplay will be turn-based, a tried-and-true Pokemon feature. As a result, players will control their characters and fight using abilities to defeat opponents. There will be a lot of skills that players must learn. Tap the "Skills" symbol on the right side of the screen for alternatives and deployment.

Unique Noxemon Collection

When it came to collecting a roster of more than 380 characters with variant capabilities, Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK was no less competitive than the Pokémon world. As a result, players are free to explore their favorite personalities and use them in battle as they see fit. The Noxemons will be present on your journey in one form or another, from dry deserts to frozen tundra. Do not hesitate to go adventuring in order to find your real friends.

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Each character in Nexomon: Extinction will have his or her own set of parameters, such as HP, ST, ATK, DEF, SPD. It corresponds to the indicators of maximum health, ability to inflict damage, defensive capability, and speed. Furthermore, each character's backstory will be revealed to players. When gamers collect a particular character, they may choose among options like "Store in Storage," "Send to party," and even customize the name "Nick Name."

Explore diverse maps

Extinction offers a lot of interesting locations to explore. Each location has a secret history that awaits to be discovered. From arid deserts to frigid tundra, they're all obstacles. The varied map also creates more intriguing stories, allowing you to meet a variety of new Nexomon.

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In this game, you are unable to jump from one map to the next at your leisure. You won't be able to unlock them if you don't have enough skill or power. As a result, please finish the current narrative strongly before releasing the portal to space, transporting you to a new realm. The quest continues till you reach Nexomon's last stronghold, where he is reigning tyrannically. It is not simple to reach the ultimate goal; numerous obstacles must be overcome throughout the journey.

Turn-based gameplay

Fight in this turn-based game to achieve your objectives. For everyone, it's not unusual to play a turn-based game. When you and the monster enter the fight, you'll be transported to an extremely eye-catching combat map. You may assess the monster's health and damage as well as your own. Make interpretations of the opponent's strength and devise reasonable strategies based on that information. Each hit will add energy, allowing you to use Nexomon' abilities. You can also choose to assist Tamer Guild during a match if you like.

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As for strategies, you may develop your own fighting style. However, if you have greater strength, you don't need to worry about tactics. As a result, before starting the fight, concentrate on increasing your strength. If you believe that you will lose because of a lack of skill or physical condition, select "Run" to leave the match immediately. This will save a lot of time and energy during other activities.

Game mode

Each map has various degree of difficulty to select from. For example, in the Desert map, you may select between easy or hell as the level of difficulty. The more difficult the degree of difficulty, the more rewards and huge Nexomons you will earn. However, overcoming hell is not simple; you'll need many times the overall strength. As a result, this challenge will make your environment more challenging as you go along. Even defeated trainers return stronger than ever before with enough strength to continue battling! You'll now require our MOD version to effortlessly overcome any obstacle.

Quest System

Immerse yourself in the world of Nexomon with a lot of challenges ready for you. Discover the hidden secret behind every item you walk on. Side activities await, along with a cast of unusual characters. Each task completed will lead you closer to the ultimate answer. The secret will be unveiled at that time, and you will receive many intriguing facts and rewards as a result. Main and minor quest branches are included in Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK, so feel free to explore them both.

Graphics and Sound

The Nexomon: Extinction video game has slightly better graphics quality than the original Pokemon game, with a 2D background instead of HD. It did not upgrade to 3D visuals because it wished to preserve the beloved classic graphic style seen in Pokemon games. However, to keep things more modern, this game has made a tremendous investment in picture quality. Both classic and contemporary designs have been used in the development of characters, settings, and special effects. In addition, the game's user interface has likewise been altered considerably with a more efficient control device. It allows for simple one-handed operation of the phone by players. Finally, the energetic music and various background music excite you so that you do not become bored when playing.

About Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK

MOD features

  • Menu MOD
  • Unlimited items
  • Experience MOD
  • Unlocked full version
  • Free in-app purchases

Final words

What do you want from a Pokemon-style RPG? The rich Noxemon world, varied gaming scene, and outstanding graphical quality will make fans of the series very happy. Furthermore, it would be remiss not to mention all of the hilarious and accomplished Noxemon characters. They'll put you in a good mood with their vivid battle scenes against enemy soldiers. As a tamer, select your favorite character. There are several obstacles ahead of you to discover and overcome.

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