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Oct 14, 2021
Android 5.0 +

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Introducing Nika TV APK

Install the Nika TV app on your Android device if you are one of the hundreds of millions of Android OS users who live in Pakistan or India. For sure, this IPTV platform delivers almost all major live TV networks for free. Sports, News, Entertainment, Music, Movies, Cartoons, and other categories of programming are available.

If you enjoy watching television on your phone all day long, this is the app for you. Above all, because of political reasons, these countries’ restricted television services are accessible through this software. As a result, it may be used together with Muskan TV, an Indian software.

Art and artists are highly respected in South Asia. They enjoy going to the movies and watching TV at home. Because film, drama, and sports are the most-watched genres in this region, everyone considers it a benefit if they can discover a free supply of video material. And we have two applications on this page that are both free. However, I’d want to clarify that both these applications contain pirated material and are not authorized. As a result, users may use them without hesitation if you don’t consider them unethical or unlawful.

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Nika TV

In any case, Nika TV is a viable option in comparison to traditional TV services. It does, after all, save you time by eliminating the need to search for video material on other apps. What if you could see everything you enjoy in one spot? You don’t have to install dozens of different programs for online television. Cricket competitions, the Olympics, current events, and a variety of other things are all just a touch away.

Aside from that, this latest version has resolved all of the problems, allowing you to have a more pleasant user experience. Now that we’ve learned about its outstanding features.

Outstanding features of Nika TV APK

It was created by an unknown person for amusement. However, it has grown to be a useful platform since we all desire excellent sources of pleasure. If you launch this software after the installation, the following things will appear:

Unlimited Live Streaming

Many television providers now provide movies and shows to subscribers. Many fantastic apps and websites, among them Nika TV APK, provide a place to stream endlessly.

nika tv apk cricket live app free download latest version

Watch for free

Today, streaming applications such as Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and others are more popular. We may watch the best movies and shows right now with these apps on our cellphones. You can currently watch a lot of films and programs for free using Nika TV APK.


Access various channels

You can now watch plenty of movies and shows on Nika TV with the channels. There are many entertaining stations to choose from all around the world. Such as HBO, Cartoon Network, Music India, BBC News, Fox News, PTV Sports…

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Many categories

There is a variety of various channels to choose from, which you can go through and enjoy. You may watch sports, news, entertainment, movies, music, local programming (subject), religion, and other things with this program. Each category has hundreds of channels from which you may select. Watch the greatest movies, TV shows, sports events, news, and other entertainment here. There are many different sports matches accessible here, such as cricket, football, basketball, and a lot more.


Free of ads

Nika TV APK is free of advertisements, so you can enjoy your favorite programs without interruption or clutter user’s screens.

Adjust brightness and volume

Nika TV has added new volume and brightness controls that are similar to those in MX Player. Now you can slide-right on the screen to control your audio level while moving left will adjust how bright or dark it looks when playing fullscreen!

UI Improvements

UI improvements and added new collapsing view animations like YouTube for a better user experience.

nika tv apk cricket live app free download latest version

Full HD quality

With a Full HD quality for Nika TV Apk, you’ll be able to enjoy the best picture possible.

Free to use

Simply download and start using this app for free! You won’t ever have to worry about paying a monthly fee because there is none.


FAQs about Nika TV APK

Is there any risk to downloading and installing Nika TV APK?

  • It’s completely safe if you download Nika TV APK at TECHTODOWN.COM.

How much space will Nika TV APK use on my device?

  • 15MB

Can you use it without a WiFi connection?

  • Impossible, because this is an IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) application
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Are there any other requirements for using Nika TV APK?

  • Android 5.0 +


Nika TV APK is the best application for watching live tv channels all over the world. It has a variety of features that are easy to use and navigate through, including its cool UI. You can watch your favorite movies on this app as well! All these great qualities have made Nika TV one of the top downloaded applications. So what are you waiting for? Download today!

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